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What’s the time Mr Wood…?

Seven OAK-lock!

Wooden Watches

Image courtesy of Valerii Danevych

Ah, nothing like a bit of timber-related humour to brighten up a rainy afternoon! But it’s not all fun and games: the subject of time is actually very pertinent to this here blog…

Let us elucidate. As you know, we’re fairly obsessed with the wonderful world of solid wood; especially the weird and wacky creations it can sometimes inspire. So when we read about the work of Ukrainian craftsman Valerii Danevych, we had to learn more – and let’s just say time was of the essence!

That’s right, you’ve guessed it: Mr Danevych makes watches exclusively out of wood. Solid wood watches! Whatever will they think of next?

Mr Danevych has been a keen inventor since his schooldays, during which he constructed a tiny guitar out of wood (with human hair for guitar strings!) By 2010 he had so honed his craft that making traditional items out of wood simply didn’t thrill him anymore; so – despite having no experience as a watch-maker – he decided to turn his hand to watches instead. Danevych’s preferred timber is birch but he also experiments with exotics like that Worktop Express® favourite, bamboo, producing beautiful, intricate results.

The wooden watches have been a huge success: in fact, in 2012 and in recognition of his wonderful work, Mr Danevych was inducted into the AHCI (a famous global association of independent watch/clock makers).

Got a timber-related tale for us? Then please get in touch – and remember, the more outlandish the story, the better!

We’re delighted to announce that Worktop Express® Prime Oak worktops have been featured in this month’s Style at Home – so do pick up a copy if you haven’t already!

Style at Home is one of our favourite reads. Combining case studies, insider tips and inspiration design with affordability, there’s plenty to devour within its glossy pages.

The featured kitchens are always incredibly varied, too. This month there’s a wonderful spread on Astrid Rossington’s kitchen, which has been reinvented from a small galley kitchen with turquoise frontals into a large, airy kitchen diner complete with Worktop Express® Prime Oak worktops. Astrid proves that you can achieve your dream kitchen on a budget – and we’re chuffed to hear how Worktop Express® played an integral part in this process. Indeed, she extols the virtues of purchasing online, stating that her ‘solid oak worktop’ was her ‘best buy’.

We couldn’t agree more: Prime Oak is simply superb. Showcasing oak’s innate charms and with stunning consistency of colour to boot, this timber variant makes a truly marvellous worktop for any kitchen. Head over to the Prime Oak page for more info, or grab this month’s Style at Home and check out the worktops in situ – you’ll soon see what we mean!

Bank holiday time again! It has come around so quickly – and, more pressingly, what will we all do next month without one?!

As ever, our services are primed to be as helpful as possible over the break. Our showrooms and sales lines will remain open much of the time, so you can feel free to browse our website and make enquiries or even pop in to have a look for yourself.

Here’s some information about how things are going to work this weekend:

25th and 27th May, Showroom and Sales Lines: Open for calls and visitors between 10am-2pm.

25th -27th May Delivery Details: No 2Man deliveries on these dates. On Saturday 25th May our one-man courier will be making deliveries as normal (no deliveries on the 26th and 27th May).

28th May: Open as normal and regular delivery schedule resumes (not including areas that require a 48 hour delivery service – please check the availability of this service during checkout)

Enjoy a well-deserved Monday off!

From all the team at Worktop Express®

Greetings, worktop fans. Though we love all of our timbers equally – they’re like children to us, in fact – this month we’re feeling particularly fond of that bright stunner from the Aceraceae family. That’s right, Worktop Express® are going ape for maple!

Maple makes a uniquely warm yet delicate worktop, with wonderful durability to boot. But more of that in a minute – first, let’s get to know a bit about the tree itself:

Fun Fact # 1: There are around 128 species of Maple originating across the globe; several are native to Europe and North Africa, but species of Maple can also be found in Africa and Asia.

Fun Fact #2: Maple leaves are known for their ‘pointy’ nature – so much so that the name has stuck! Their genus ‘Acer’ is taken from the latin word for ‘sharp’.

Fun Fact #3: Maple trees vary in size, but most are impressively tall! Many grow to over 40m in height.

Fun Fact #4: Alongside its use in the construction of gorgeous kitchen furniture, maple is also used for: smoking food (using dried maple chips), as a vital component in whisky manufacture, and for making syrup, musical instruments, baseball bats and bowling pins.

Fabulous Full Stave

All information about this wonderful timber is valuable, but that last fact is particularly useful when considering maple as a worktop material – to start with, it’s fantastically strong and hardwearing! Our timbers are also blessed with a silky lustre and delicate grain pattern, creating a delightfully attractive work surface.

And if you’re thinking about introducing maple into your kitchen, we strongly suggest checking out the Worktop Express® full stave collection (this month’s top worktop recommendation). Maple’s gentle golden colour tones and subtle natural figuring are showcased through this stave formulation. Constructed from staves that run the entire length of the work surface, full stave worktops highlight the innate charms of the timber as no other composition can.

This opulent worktop allows uninterrupted and full appreciation of maple’s unique character, timbre and natural features.

Worktop Express vs Alkerton Rangers

Forgive us for all the sport-related posts of late, worktop fans, but when it became apparent that our Worktop Express® Allstars team and Alkerton Rangers would be doing battle once again, we simply had to get a match report.

Below is a commentary from our resident Brian Moore, Giovanni Sangiovanni; please read on for insight into this thrilling and rather epic rematch…

The Date: Saturday 11th of May

Venue: Farmer Brown’s Field, Eastington, Gloucester

The Match: Worktop Express® Allstars v Alkerton Rangers

Kick Off: 10.30am

The much anticipated return match between Worktop Express® Allstars and Alkerton Rangers. A David versus Goliath match-up, Strictly Amateur Vs. Semi Pro, although on paper it was mission impossible, the Worktop Express® Allstars were hungry for revenge!


- As both sides settled into their positions it became apparent that this was to be a game of strategy with neither team taking unnecessary risks, like two Russian Chess Grandmasters sizing each other up!

20 minutes in to the game a deflection breaks in to the path of the midfield maestro Dan “Wonderwall” Wilson, a shimmy, a sidestep, a shot, Goaaaaaaaaal! The crowd break into spontaneous applause (all 8 of them!) as Worktop Express edge into a 1 – 0 lead.

- This spurs Alkerton into ever increasing and desperate efforts, wave after wave of attacks are repelled by the Worktop Express® Allstar defence led by stalwart Stuart “Fortress” Faulkner and reinforced by James “Chopper” Murray and Josh “Terrier” Williams.

- As they weather the storm you can see the Allstars players grow in stature and confidence, with Team Captain Tom “The Hitman” Haines – supported by the robust Stuart “Bomber” Brown – leading by example and dominating the midfield arena.

- Half time cannot come quickly enough for the tiring Alkerton players and as the referee blows for the break they trudge wearily to the side-lines for a brief but welcome rest. This is in remarkable contrast to the Allstars who jog eagerly and easily to the group pep talk held by their manager Andy “The Cobra” Cotty.

As the whistle blows for the second half it is obvious that Alkerton Rangers, rejuvenated by the halftime refreshments, are still up for the battle! They start to string together passes leading to two incredible saves from the Allstar keeper, George “The Cat” Szuhay.

- The Allstars, bolstered by the athletic ability of their keeper, sweep the ball majestically from player to player ending with a pin point pass to Sean “Too Tall” Burford. Burford, leaping like a glorious salmon, headers past the hapless Alkerton goalkeeper.

- Encouraged with the two goal margin, “samba” style Brazilian football breaks out with nonchalant “no look” passing and step overs prevalent among the Allstars players.

- With Alkerton desperate to get on the scorecard, the game goes in to overdrive in the last 10 minutes. A certain looking penalty shout is turned down by the paternally challenged referee following a dubious challenge on Czaba “Crazy Legs” Pataki by the desperate Alkerton defence. As the game nears its finale a lightning quick interchange of passes from defence, through midfield, leaves the Alkerton striker one on one with the Allstars keeper, resulting in a well-taken and well-deserved goal for our hosts.

The referee finally blows the whistle for full time – and the Worktop Express® Allstars run out the winners! The crowd goes wild: what an effort, what a team, what a game!

So there you have it: fantastic and courageous efforts all round, lads, well done! Praise must go to the entire Allstars squad – including Adam “Roids” Smart and Daley “Linford” Lewis for their cameo performances – and of course our gracious hosts, the Alkerton Rangers.

Until next time…

Trinder's Top Try

Image courtesy of Martin Bennett / Gloucester Rugby

Okay, I know we said we weren’t going to do another rugby blog but… sometimes the rules are made to be broken!

Last week’s blog had already been published on the web when we learned that Worktop Express®-sponsored player, Henry Trinder, had been awarded the Aviva Premiership Try of the Week for Round 22.

The award-winning try was scored during the Exeter Chiefs match at Sandy Park on the 4th May. Trinder switched from defence to attack, setting off with the ball after a pass from James Scaysbrook, dodging Chiefs left right and centre in his mission toward the posts! Ducking and diving, Trinder escaped Luke Arscott’s clutches before a clever step off the left foot left winger Jack Nowell for dust and Trinder was free to score.

What an amazing try – even though the Cherry and Whites weren’t victorious in the end, Henry played a fantastic game and his award was certainly well earned. Well done Henry!

Well, it’s that time of year again…!

Some of you may remember last year’s epic battle between the Worktop Express® ‘Worktop Express® Allstars’ football team and Alkerton Rangers (a semi-pro local squad and our sponsored team).

After a tumultuous ninety minutes Alkerton Rangers ran out the winners – but only just! Worktop Express® Allstars showed some nifty footwork and scored three excellent goals to achieve a final score of 3-4. Indeed, the semi-pro side admitted that they had had a lucky escape…!

Now the conquering Rangers are back again, hungry to prove that last year was just a fluke – can they do it? Will Worktop Express® Allstars prove themselves worktop specialists by day, footballing geniuses (long lost cousins to Lionel Messi, perhaps) by night? Or will they blunder about the pitch as if they have solid wood worktop samples strapped to their feet?

Only time will tell. The rematch is to be played at a secret location this weekend and we’ll report back with all the details next week…

Sadly the rugby season for 2012-2013 is nearly at an end (several members of our rugby-mad Worktop Express® team are crying into their keyboards at this very moment…!) – but what a season it has been so far, and what a game the Cherry and Whites played on the 4th May! Though the Exeter Chiefs ran out the winners (just) the score of 40-39 indicates the tremendous effort made by both sides.

And what a match it was for the Worktop Express® sponsored player, Henry Trinder! Trinder scored a crucial and spectacular try which, along with Freddie Burns’ subsequent conversion, gave Gloucester a brief lead in the second quarter.

In the end, though, it just wasn’t enough; and therefore despite scoring a fantastic five tries away from home the Cherry and Whites couldn’t clinch the victory. Still, there’s plenty to be grateful for: Gloucester are fifth in the table and Henry Trinder, Worktop Express® player-extraordinaire, is set to end the season on top form.

This is our last rugby update for this season, so we’ll take this opportunity to say well done, lads – and we’re expecting even better things from you next time!

- And this just in: we’ve now learned that at last night’s End of Season dinner Henry Trinder won the Try of the Season award sponsored by Barclays. This award was granted in recognition of his superb effort in the home game against Worcester Warriors. Huge congratulations to Henry from the whole Worktop Express® team!

Henry Trinder try

Image courtesy of Martin Bennett / Gloucester Rugby

Happy belated May Day, Worktop Express® fans. We hope you’re enjoying this crisp May weather and even a few rays of sunshine (we’d almost forgotten what it looked like).

While we’re not dancing around the May pole, we are going to be cramming in as much Worktop Express® productivity as possible! With that in mind, here is some useful information for the upcoming bank holiday in case you fancy placing an order:

4th-6th May Delivery Details: No 2Man deliveries between these dates. Our one-man courier will be making Saturday deliveries as normal (4th May), but there will be no deliveries on the 5th & 6th May.

4th and 6th May, Showroom and Sales Lines: Open for calls and visitors between 10am-2pm.

7th May: Open as normal and regular delivery schedule resumes (except for areas that require a 48 hour delivery service, the availability of which will be clarified at checkout stage.)

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask. As ever there are plenty of great worktops and accessories for sale – why not match the fresh May weather with a fresh new worktop, or slice up your ingredients for that bank holiday BBQ (here’s hoping!) on a brand new solid wood chopping board? Should the mood take you, we’re here to help, so go ahead: use our easy online checkout and treat yourself.

Have a fantastic bank holiday!
From all the team at Worktop Express®