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Okay, truth time – we’ve got a thing for lifestyle TV, and Channel 4’s Superscrimpers has always been a bit of a guilty pleasure. Still, in these times of economic austerity, we now feel we can hold our heads high: it’s not only fun to watch such programmes, but also downright educational . Yes. One might even say that to miss a single episode would be irresponsible …

So, at 8.30pm on 22nd April – like every Monday – we were glued to Channel 4 for the latest show. And just imagine our delighted surprise when talk turned to solid wood worktops… and Worktop Express®!

That’s right, readers, your favourite online solid wood worktop specialist was endorsed by the Superscrimpers! Every week, the learned Mrs Moneypenny (an entrepreneur, financial expert and working mother) guides viewers on how to make the most out of their money – and according to her, if you’re looking for an affordable worktop, Worktop Express® is the place to go. Imagine that! A recommendation from Mrs Moneypenny herself: we couldn’t be more chuffed.

You can still catch the episode on 4OD so do have a watch if you get the chance; or simply browse our worktop pages to see what all the fuss is about. One thing we can guarantee is that our worktops will always be ‘scrimp-worthy': our combination of great prices and great quality simply can’t be beaten, and it’s here to stay.

Here at Worktop Express®, we’re equally proud of all of our solid wood worktops, but today there’s one that stands out amongst the rest: end grain butchers blocks.

End grain butchers blocks are the perfect addition to any busy kitchen boasting both a distinct, hardwearing style as well as natural antibacterial properties contained within the wood. Being constructed in a manner that makes the most of wood’s superior end grain strength, butchers blocks are ideal for that kitchen centrepiece you’ve been planning without any of the risks that come with cutting and chopping on ‘face’ worktops.

Our butchers blocks are available in four types, ranging from the traditional oak to sandy maple and bold European walnut. We even offer a bespoke service for different sizes to ensure that everybody’s left with a smile!

So why not add a little something special to your kitchen. Click here to go to the end grain butchers block worktops page and browse away!

2013 started with a bang for Worktop Express® and the past few months have been such a blur we’ve been hard-pressed to find the time to take in everything we’ve achieved. Lucky for us our wonderful customers haven’t forgotten and we’ve seen no end to the usual flurry of grateful reviews on our Trustpilot page!

Here are just a few of our top picks:

Mostin Jones
5 stars

Things of beauty, no hassle service.

We ordered from Worktop Express at the recommendation of a professional kitchen fitter. Selecting what we needed was pretty straightforward from the site, but we went a step further and got them to custom manufacture some of the worktops.

Communication over the phone (or email) has been prompt and friendly, any amendments I had to make to the specifications of our order was dealt with very efficiently.

The tops arrived exactly between the hours specified on the day. The worktops are really beautiful; we selected the standard Oak (quite like the odd wood imperfection/characteristic). The tops need a few coats of oil, to seal them – but that’s no real hardship. The manufacture is very pleasing. The small chamfer we chose is subtle but shows off a radius very nicely. The butt joint they cut is very accurate and well finished.

I buy a lot online, but not usually materials and services that amount to spending this much, it is of course a risk. The chap who recommended this company has used them a good few times I believe, he’s got a great reputation as a craftsman. I’m not in his league but would certainly recommend them to friends and family. As long as you get your measurements and requirements correct, I think they’ll deliver.

Overall the colour and finish is stunning, we can’t stop going into the kitchen to have look. We had options, we could of possibly got thinner (Swedish made) a little cheaper or spent one whole load more money at your usual retail outlets.

Karen Rees
5 stars

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

We are so impressed with our first oak worktop; the quality is beautiful, the price is great and the service is just fantastic! In fact we bought the Company…. :0)) Oops, not really, I should have said we decided to do the whole kitchen. Our next delivery is due tomorrow and I can’t wait! Thanks Worktop Express. I would highly recommend this Company…

Louise Bowles
5 stars

Top work from worktop express!

From looking at website to delivery, worktop express service was excellent! And great prices too! I found them polite, helpful, and they delivered exactly when they said they would. The worktops are of excellent quality, and I would definitely recommend their service. Thank you!

Here at Worktop Express® we’re dedicated to providing solid wood worktops through a tried and tested method of dedicated customer service, and with 9.7 out of 10 average and over 7,000 reviews online alone we really think it shows. If you’ve purchased a solid wood worktop from us recently and want to tell us about it, we’d love to hear it! Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured next time?

The Worktop Express® team are delighted to announce that director Will Rees has been named as one of South West Business Insider’s prestigious ’42 under 42’.

South West Business Insider's 42 under 42

Hot on the heels of his win at the Gloucestershire Business Awards (Will won the coveted Young Business Person of the Year award), Will’s profile sits among several under leading business men and women, all doing their bit for the South West Region. These profiles give a good overview of each person’s success story thus far – and of course Worktop Express® gets a good mention – and in particular Will has been praised for his expert handling of the company’s ecommerce strategy.

As editor Neil Tague puts it, the number 42 ‘wasn’t a number picked at random… Forty two is the age that, back when the 42 under 42 programme was launched, was ten years younger than the average age of the Rich List. So this was something that, if not a set of predictions as such, was intended to give some hints as to who were the rising stars of the business scene were; the men and women who might make the senior list in future years.’

Does that mean it’s the Rich List next for Will?! A notion our humble director would surely shrug off, but who knows what lies ahead. But whatever happens, we know our director will remain true to his roots and that means worktops, his enthusiasm for which will never die.

So well done Will – and well done worktops!

We’re feeling especially fond of Prime Oak this month, so we thought it deserved a bit of special attention. Don’t tell the other worktops though, they’ll only be jealous…

Oak is one of the most popular worktop materials ever – and it’s been utilised for lots of other things, too, from ship-building to furniture to drums! Its natural qualities make it incredibly useful: with an average density of 0.75 g/cm3, it’s both durable and strong, and the timber’s high tannin content provides fierce protection against environmental factors (fungus or woodworm, for example).

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, oak is simply gorgeous to look at. And we mean that in all forms – the timber is blessed with a uniformly attractive grain pattern so whether you go for an oak worktop or our Prime Oak variant is a matter of taste. That said, Prime Oak offers something special in terms of wonderfully even tone and elegant patterning: these worktops are made from solid wood staves chosen for their particularly delicate, subtle natural figuring and colour consistency. The result is a beautifully golden, warm, hard-wearing worktop – natural without being rustic, varied without losing its subtlety: a worktop to be proud of.

For more information, give our friendly sales team a call – they will be more than happy to answer your questions or simply wax lyrical about Prime Oak! And if you’d like to see Prime Oak in the ‘flesh’ as it were, give our full sample service a go: we supply samples of all timbers on our next-day delivery service for only £5 including VAT (and you can claim the cost of your sample back if you go on to place a worktop order).

worktop of the month - april

The kitchen is often referred to as ‘the heart of the home’ and here at Worktop Express® that’s a motto we hold very dear.

We’re therefore thrilled to hear when our products have been incorporated into that all-important room; either as part of a complete overhaul or just a small change to an existing design. Ultimately, we just like hearing from you: where you’ve used your worktops (be it in an L-shaped kitchen, galley kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, shaker kitchen, painted kitchen, big, small, or teeny tiny kitchen! ); how you’ve used your worktops (as work surfaces, prep surfaces, breakfast bars, tables or even desks!); and most importantly how your worktops have brightened up the space.

Many of you have been kind enough to get in touch and let us know how you’ve found your solid timber worktops, and we’re very pleased to say that a brand new case studies page is taking shape and will be posted on the website in the near future. But we’re always on the lookout for more case studies, so if you have a story to tell or some pictures to share, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Is this the way to Armadilla?
Need a worktop but not made of willow,
Dreaming dreams of Armadilla
And the beech peach that waits for me!

Apologies for the serenade – but as soon as we heard that design company Armadilla Ltd had made use of some Worktop Express® beech we couldn’t resist breaking into song…

Armadilla is not only the name of the company but also their flagship product: a ‘portable timber framed accommodation “pod” constructed with an integrated steel frame’ which can be used outdoors for a number of uses including a guest bedroom, garden room or even an office. Eschewing conventionally ‘dreary’ outdoor design models, the team behind the Armadilla have striven to create a truly innovative, versatile structure – and best of all it’s made from solid wood.

The Armadilla and Worktop Express® crews share the belief that timber is a first-class material, perfect for hard-wearing, faithful and highly enjoyable products; and we’re therefore delighted to report that our very own beech worktops have been used as an integral part of the Armadilla ‘Garden Office’ concept, ensuring that timber reigns supreme inside and out – check out the snaps to see how it looks!

Worktop drainage grooves

We’re pleased to report that since our drainer groove range was expanded, these funky worktop additions have been flying off the shelves!

Furthermore, these fabricated items have now been updated fully on the website, so you can customise your worktop more easily than ever before. Head over to our bespoke cutting page and take a look; the classic ‘straight’ drainer groove option sits alongside our recent additions, the stylish fountain and fan options.

The difference between the grooves is merely stylistic; fountain grooves curl delicately on the worktop surface, fan grooves expand subtly from a central point, and the classic arrangement is linear, neat and geometrically satisfying – but all are equally effective. Our skilled craftsmen rout the grooves directly into the solid wood surface – an ideal addition for the accommodation of an undermounted or Belfast sink – and thus there is no need for separate draining units: a brilliant money-saving bonus.

So why not get groovy today and give the Worktop Express® bespoke cutting service a whirl? We offer plenty of options for worktop customisation, from edge profiles to radius corners and much more! Our friendly fabrication department are also on hand to answer your questions, so do get in touch – our phone lines are open on weekdays from 9am-5.30pm or 10am-2pm on Saturdays.

we take pride in the quality and sustainability of our timbers; and furthermore, we know how important it is to our customers to feel certain that they are purchasing responsibly.

As such, we take all legislation extremely seriously – and the recently introduced EU Timber Regulation is no exception.

This regulation came into effect on 3rd March 2013 and has been designed to crack down on the illegal timber trade by placing responsibility on the companies that market wood products within the EU. For the first time companies are now required to keep stringent records regarding the sourcing and supply of their wood products.

Fortunately a transparent and well-documented chain of custody has been a top priority for Worktop Express® since inception, and we keep in close contact with our suppliers – visiting regularly and performing site checks – to ensure that our standards are met and the relevant proofs supplied.

For us it is more than toeing the line: we feel passionately about the timber trade and the protection solid wood. Commercial logging is both sustainable and economically beneficial but must be carried out correctly and legally. The environment and local community must be attended with due care. Furthermore, every step of the process should be monitored and all parties held accountable. We’re thrilled that the EUTR will now ensure that the timber trade as a whole adheres to the practices that have been a lynchpin of our business model since day one.

So please feel safe in the knowledge that you can count on Worktop Express® to deliver on every level: quite simply, the quality of our worktops speaks for itself and can always be trusted. Thanks for reading!