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easter delivery

Easter is fast approaching, and though we know that many people will be shopping for chocolate eggs rather than worktops, it’s still helpful to know what you can expect over the break!

As ever, our trusty 2Man service will be working super hard to fit in as many deliveries as possible either side of the break. Our sales lines and showroom will also be open between certain hours for calls and visitors. Here’s a quick reminder of some all-important dates:

Worktop Express® Easter Delivery Details/Opening Hours

26th-28th March Delivery and Opening Hours: Normal service.

29th March – 1st April Delivery Details: No 2Man deliveries due to Easter holidays. If your delivery needs are urgent, please telephone our sales team – our one-man courier service will be available for some deliveries to certain areas on the 30th March (please note that this option cannot be booked via the website).

29th & 30th March, Showroom and Sales Lines: Open for calls and visitors between 10am-2pm.

31st March: Closed

1st April, Showroom and Sales Lines: Open for calls and visitors between 10am-2pm.

2nd April: Open and delivering as normal (except for areas that require a 48 hour delivery service).

Hello blog readers,

Being as this is a blog, we have taken the liberty of assuming that you might be interested in writings of this kind… and with that in mind (if you’ll excuse the rhyme), we’ve got a bit of a recommendation for you.

Granted, this blog is not a hundred million miles away from our own, as we’re lucky enough to have achieved a recent mention – but mention or no mention, it’s worth checking out. The web journal in question belong to House & Garden, a publication we’re sure you’re familiar with, and it’s brilliant reading. Full of suggestions, advice, plus anything else that the expert H&G team think might be of interest to their readership, the blog is regularly updated and chock-full of interior-related goodness.

But the blog is not the only thing being recommended today – in fact, the House & Garden team have a recommendation of their own: a Worktop Express® timber! Click on to the blog and scroll down to the 19.03.2013 entry to see for yourself. There’s a picture, too.

‘What a good-looking bit of wood,’ we hear you cry (or we will do, once you’ve seen it); for that handsome devil zebrano – hot on the heels of its recent appearance in the magazine – is under the spotlight again! And the comments prove that zebrano is more than just a pretty face; as the blog puts it, this timber ‘oozes character while providing a beautiful and durable work surface’. We’ve always thought that Worktop Express® zebrano is something special, so it’s fantastic to know that House & Garden agree!

So there you have it: two recommendations, one blog, 337 words! And if all this talk of zebrano has whetted your appetite, there’s plenty more information on our dedicated timber page – feel free to give us a call if you have any questions – plus you can always see for yourself by ordering a zebrano timber sample (a steal at £5 and fully refundable if you go on to order).

Style at Home - April 2013

If you’re near a newsagent or supermarket, grab a copy of Style at Home – your favourite worktop supplier, Worktop Express®, has received a mention, and we’re pretty chuffed.

Style at Home is a great magazine which combines fab design with affordability (a bit like Worktop Express®!), with plenty of case studies for inspiration and expert tips. One of the ‘stylish homes’ on show this month is a lovely modern kitchen with green and black accents, and Style at Home’s own style gurus have suggested that Worktop Express iroko worktops would fit in perfectly.

Solid wood worktops are just so versatile – not that our learned readers need reminding! The kitchen in Style at Home successfully incorporates bold colours and modern appliances with some traditional elements: a superb background for the rich bronze tones of an iroko worktop, as the feature notes.

For more information on our solid wood iroko worktops or any other product from the Worktop Express® collection, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team – and look for our name in the April edition of Style at Home!

The Worktop Express® team have been delighted to see the Worktop Express® car zooming around the Autograss track recently – and we’re even more delighted to announce some sterling results for our sponsored driver, Stuart Deacon.

The Autograss league is the cream of the crop for amateur British motor racing, with races held at 50 venues across the country. The Northern Super Saloon Championship was recently held at Nottingham, and Stuart performed brilliantly, coming 2nd in the first heat, 4th in the second heat, and ultimately taking 1st place in the final!

Aside from the cracking races – which are thrilling to watch – what sets the Autograss league apart is the sense of true community spirit. The dirt racing tracks are constructed by the club members themselves and spectators and members alike work together on the day to help things run as scheduled. Put that together with a spectacular win for Stuart and the Worktop Express® team, and you’ve got a fantastic day out – well done to all concerned, and we look forward to seeing more great things from Stuart this season.

How time flies when you’re having fun – it seems only yesterday that we started scribbling in this blog and yet we’ve recently passed the 100 post mark!

To post 100 blogs in just a few years is quite an achievement; most of all, we feel proud and privileged to be able to share our news with you all. It’s also got us thinking back on the past – not just in terms of our own history and past blogging experiences, but how the humble blog began in the first place. Here’s a little run-down to commemorate a ‘century’ of Worktop Express® Blogging!

  • A form of ‘serial’ e-publishing has been around since the web was first created; however, Justin Hall is generally accredited with writing the first real ‘blog’ on, which was created by Hall when he was at Swarthmore College in 1994.
  • In actual fact, the term ‘blog’ was not coined until 1997. It’s an abbreviation of ‘weblog’ and was first used by Jorn Barger in his epochal blog Robot Wisdom.
  • Blogging platforms such as LiveJournal began to appear in the mid-late nineties. In 1999 the operation that would develop into Blogger was launched – a platform which is largely responsible for the mainstream integration of blogging.
  • The popularity of blogging grew hugely in the 2000s. In 1999 there were an estimated 23 blogs on the internet – by the middle of 2006 there were 50 million!
  • This growth was helped hugely by the development of some major blogging platforms such as WordPress (2003) and TypePad (2003).
  • With this growth came mainstream recognition; by 2005 more than 32 million Americans claimed to read blogs regularly (10% of the population at that time). By 2010 more than 152 million blogs were active.
  • By now nearly every mainstream news source has one blog (at least) as do most major corporations. Blogtastic!

It might be a huge week for racing (the Cheltenham Festival has arrived!), but if you’re looking for an alternative cause for celebration we’ve got one right here. Best of all, it’s a sure thing…

Full stave prime oak worktops have long been a Worktop Express® favourite. Composed from staves that are selected for their remarkably even colour, the oak’s stunning grain pattern is shown off to its fullest through the use of super wide, long timber sections – and as if that wasn’t tempting enough, we’re now expanding the range so that there are even more variations to choose from.

That’s right: full stave prime oak is set to get even fuller. By the end of the week we’ll have added three new standard sizes to the collection (all 2.5m long with widths of 620mm, 720mm and 960mm), accommodating demand and reducing the need for bespoke cutting if 2.5m lengths are required.

These worktops really are an exquisite addition to any space, whether you need a counter for preparation, dining or entertaining, and will be available to purchase on the website soon. In the meantime you can place an order or discuss any of our products by calling our sales team. So go on, bet on prime oak this week – you won’t be disappointed!

Easter may still be a few weeks away but orders are already being placed for the end of the month, so we thought it was time for a little delivery update!

We always plan ahead to make sure our 2Man fleet can complete as many deliveries as possible in anticipation of the holidays, ensuring a smooth and swift service for Worktop Express® customers.

Please find a quick run-down below, with explanations of how our delivery service will operate over the Easter break.

Easter Delivery Service

25th- 28th March: 2Man delivery service operating as normal.

29th March – 1st April: 2Man service suspended over the Easter period. Our courier service will be available for urgent one-man deliveries to certain areas on 30th March – delivery for this date cannot be booked online, so please telephone to confirm whether your area is serviceable.

2nd April: Normal service resumes excepting those areas that require a 48hour delivery.

Easter Opening Hours

Sales telephone lines and showroom only.

Friday 29th March: 10am / 2pm
Saturday 30th March: 10am / 2pm
Monday 1st April: 10m / 2pm

We’re sure you’ll all be too busy seeking out the Easter Bunny and munching chocolate (send any leftover Easter Eggs our way, please!) to be installing worktops – but should you need a worktop over this period, please simply proceed through checkout as normal and our website software will calculate the best available delivery option for you. For more information or to discuss delivery options over Easter, please get in touch with our friendly sales team.

Ah, rugby. As you know, all at Worktop Express® HQ are keen supporters of our local club, GRFC. Last Friday’s clash against Bath didn’t end well for the Cherry and Whites – Gloucester ran out the losers at 31-25 – but our team played a thrilling game.

Better still, our sponsored player Henry Trinder had a fantastic match, scoring Gloucester’s opening try and setting up some crucial plays – a real silver lining to a somewhat cloudy finish. Manager Nigel Davies was understandably disappointed in the overall score but praised the side’s teamwork and admitted that Gloucester had ‘still had [their] moments’. To our mind, Henry Trinder’s moments were the best of all, but then we are slightly biased…

The Cherry and Whites are still fourth in the Aviva Premiership table, so keep rooting for our boys. And if you’re in attendance at the Kingsholm stadium, be sure to look for Worktop Express® ad in the programme and our signs pitch-side. We’ve even got a banner next to the Players’ Tunnel – we like to think we’re ‘one of the team’ (wishful thinking, perhaps!)

Our blog spotlight fell on zebrano last week as we noted the seasonal interest in zebra-print: for while our zebrano worktops have continued to fly off the shelves, zebra-prints have also been making a big splash recently on the international catwalks at various fashion weeks.

Well, we’re talking about zebrano again this week! Because, as it turns out, it’s not only the fashion world who are loving zebra this month – popular interiors magazine House & Garden are taking an interest, too. More than an interest, actually; they’re putting it in writing. Happily for us, Worktop Express® zebrano features proudly in the fabulous article ‘Surface Structure’ which appears in the current edition.

The article puts together an ‘array of glamorous kitchen worktops in wood, stone and glass’, and there’s a fantastic range of materials for every taste and budget. Naturally, we’re pleased to note that Worktop Express® compare admirably in terms of quality, style and price; proving that it is possible to buy high-calibre, striking solid wood without pulling at those purse strings too much.

Pick up your copy of House & Garden today and have a sneak peek at page 60 for a glimpse of our truly trendy zebrano!

House and Garden April 13