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We’re always chuffed when our customers let us know how they’ve found the Worktop Express® service, but we think it’s important to involve ourselves in review platforms that our customers can really trust.

That’s why we’ve been on Trustpilot since 2011. Trustpilot have gathered millions of reviews on a global scale; and not only are they approved by Google, they’re also a ‘one-stop-shop’ for company oversight, putting all the relevant info in one easily accessible place.

We now have over 7,000 reviews listed on Trustpilot and have attained a 9.7 out of 10 rating, an achievement we’re really proud of – our ambition is to climb even higher in the ratings this year. Please do stop by and submit a review so we can keep track of how we’re doing!

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We’re feeling a bit trendy here at Worktop Express® this month. Fashion Week hit New York and London in close succession, and now it’s the turn of Milan (for the womenswear collections); and we’ve been bowled over by the fantastic coverage of all events.

Fashion and solid wood might seem worlds apart (if only Lady Gaga would wear a dress made of timber…) but this year there were some tantalising glimpses of zebrano-like prints on the catwalk – imagine our delight! Animal prints featured highly in the works of Just Cavalli and MSGM, while Burberry featured a beautiful zebra-printed shopper, and fashionista Olivia Palermo accessorised her Fashion Week wardrobe with zebra-print sunglasses.

So if you’re looking for a counter that is truly en vogue, our zebrano worktops are top of the list for 2013. Available in full stave or 40mm stave variants and plenty of modular sizes, these striking gold and chocolate timber worktops are more than just a work surface – they make a stunning feature.

Give us a call or send an email if you’d like more information on these beautiful, exotic timbers, or click here to order a sample. Get hip, get zebrano!

Well, we don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but there’s certainly a nip in the Gloucestershire air this morning.

Aren’t we lucky, then, that it’s always warm in the Worktop Express® canteen? There’s nothing nicer than coming in from the cold to a snug, cosy kitchen (we have been known to fight for the spaces nearest to the AGA). However – particularly when there’s so much heat-induced jollity going on – it can be easy to forget that your worktop isn’t such a fan of high temperatures.

Stainless steel hotrodsWood is a wonderful natural material and only takes a little looking after to keep in tip-top condition. As you probably know, we recommend safeguarding areas closest to heat sources (range cookers, for example) with end caps. For day to day cooking and protection of the worktop’s surface, we’re a big fan of hotrods – so much so that we’re about to launch an expanded range.

Our hotrods are designed to be routed into your worktop to create a convenient panstand, protecting your worktop against any damage that might be caused by contact with heated kitchen implements. We now have two different sets on offer; one containing five stainless steel hotrods of differing lengths to set in a ‘diamond’ formation and an exciting new ‘linear’ option with five stainless steel hotrods of the same length. If you’d like something a little more tailored we offer a bespoke hotrods service, allowing you to choose the length and number of hotrods.

These products are now in stock and will be updated on the website in the near future – so if you’d like to order in the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly sales team.

Oh, solid wood. Have we told you lately that we love you? Have we told you there’s no-one above you?

Well, it’s true. Timber is the tops. It’s so darn beautiful. And durable. And hygienic. And sustainable. And versatile.

That last one is a big plus, in our opinion. After all, we all need kitchen worktops, but we also need surfaces – gorgeous, solid wood surfaces – in other areas too. Worktop Express HQ® is no exception – we’ve got solid iroko desks, solid wenge and black walnut meeting room tables, and even a fabulously jazzy two-tiered reception desk!

But we’re not the only ones doing unusual things with a timber worktop, and nothing makes us happier than hearing from customers on the subject. Recently we’ve seen some rather ingenious demonstrations of invention when it comes to solid wood – from jewellery and display cases to narrowboat furnishings – and these deserve a big round of applause. There’s some really great craftsmanship going on too which is worth a mention; check out this wonderfully wavy zebrano kitchen addition:

Simply stunning!

So if you – like us – are keen to exploit the versatility of wood, let us know! We want to know all about it (or anything else that’s on your mind when it comes to the winsome world of worktops). Give us a call or email in; we’d love to hear from you.

Beautiful Kitchens is a Worktop Express® staple – our team never miss an issue of the popular interiors magazine. Their insight into all things kitchen-esque – including trends, lifestyle and real life stories – is always entertaining and valuable.

Their ‘Ten of the Best’ features are a particular favourite, and so we couldn’t be more delighted to announce that Worktop Express® has the number one position in their current ‘Wooden kitchen worktops – 10 of the Best’ countdown!’ The piece is featured on the ‘House to Home’ website – click here to view for yourself!

Their top pick from the Worktop Express® collection is our wonderful walnut, a ‘stylish’ timber that ‘looks particularly good with pale cabinetry’. We couldn’t agree more! Walnut brightens up the room with its warm tones, inviting colour variation and unique, slightly wavy grain.

And while walnut might be a relatively small tree, it certainly has plenty to offer. Our walnut worktops are not only an affordable means by which to introduce the popular timber to your home, but the classic 40mm stave construction will also never go out of style (though if you fancy something a bit different our Deluxe option is worth considering, too.)

So check us out on Beautiful Kitchens online and click on the ‘Walnut Worktops’ page on the Worktop Express® website to see what all the fuss is about (you won’t be disappointed, promise!)

Worktop Express 2Man Service

Worktop Express® customers just can’t get enough of our nationwide 2Man delivery service! As such we’ve decided to add another van to our fleet. It’s vitally important to us to maintain quality as we expand; Worktop Express® customers expect the best, and rightly so! This new van will help us service all the delivery areas on our list to an even higher standard.

As ever, our 2Man service strives to take all the heavy lifting out of order delivery – literally! We keep you up to date every step of the way, with a three hour delivery timeslot confirmed the day before delivery and a courtesy call 30 minutes prior to arrival. When your goods arrive – in one of our fabulous Worktop Express® vans – our friendly two person team will offload the order to your chosen ground floor room.

And we don’t charge anything extra for this service: it’s a win-win situation. To try out the ever-expanding 2Man fleet for yourself, simply select 2Man delivery and required weekday during online checkout. If you’re ordering over the phone, the sales team will be happy to discuss delivery options with you.

A few weeks ago we promised an update on the exciting launch of our Deluxe Oak and Deluxe Prime Oak ranges – so here goes…

Worktop Express® Deluxe Oak and Deluxe Prime Oak are here! These products are now available for purchase and are already in high demand. We’re not surprised – the finished article is simply gorgeous (check out the pictures or try a sample if you’d like to see more!)

The deluxe formation – using extra-wide 90mm staves of varying lengths – really shows off oak’s natural charms, allowing true appreciation of the timber. But which one is right for you? Well, if it’s colour consistency and an even finish you’re interested in, we recommend Deluxe Prime Oak; for a more rustic look with plenty of tonal variation, choose Deluxe Oak.

Both versions are available in a great range of sizes and are sanded to a lovely smooth finish but otherwise untreated, so you can finish to your preference.

Start February in style – go deluxe.

Deluxe OakDeluxe Prime Oak

Here at Worktop Express® we’re always keen to support local initiatives, particularly if these are charitable; so when we heard about the great fundraising project the Year 8s at Stroud Girls High were undertaking in conjunction with Giving Nation, we had to lend a hand!

Giving Nation is a brilliant organisation dedicated to inspiring young people to give, and providing support for their charitable activities. One of their latest ‘challenges’ has been directed toward Year 7, 8 and 9 students, urging these year groups to pick a charity and raise as much money as possible. To get them started, Giving Nation has given a generous deposit and the class that raises the most money gets an exciting reward – a trip to India!

The girls of Year 8 at Stroud Girls High have launched themselves into the project with gusto, choosing Winston’s Wish as their charity and kicking off with a series of carwashes to bolster their charitable coffers. It was excellent timing for us – it had been a hard week of deliveries for our fleet and Worktop Express® vans definitely needed a good scrub! – so we decided to invite the Year 8s down to wash our vans. We provided the vans, materials (sponges galore!) and provisions (yummy hot chocolate and doughnuts) and the girls provided the elbow grease.

It was a very successful day – and we all had a lot of fun, too. Well done, girls, and keep up the good work!