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Henry Trinder - Gloucester Rugby

Here at HQ, the whole Worktop Express® team (particularly our rugby-mad directors) have been anxiously awaiting the return of Henry Trinder to the glorious game since his last appearance in October against Mont de Marsan. Injury then put the talented young player out of action for over ten weeks.

Fortunately, Trinder made a fantastic return to form in the Mont de Marsan match on January 19th. The Cherry and Whites played a great game, crushing the competition with a convincing 36-16 win – and our sponsored player’s two tries in four second half minutes helped seal the team’s place in the final eight.

We’re looking forward to seeing more great things from Henry and the rest of the Gloucester team this season – keep up the good work, lads! And if you happen to visit the Kingsholm stadium, don’t forget to check out the Worktop Express® ad in the programme and our signs pitch-side (one is adjacent to the Players’ Tunnel, so when you see the mighty team running out, have a look for us at the same time!)

If, like us, you’ve been glued to The Great Comic Relief Bake Off this week (who knew Warwick Davis was so good at cake-making?), you will also have seen TV chef Lorraine Pascale’s informative segments on Africa.

Comic Relief is a brilliant cause. It has always devoted a great deal of attention to the problems still being faced by the African population, raising awareness and sponsoring plenty of initiatives within the continent. Ms Pascale’s Ghanaian VTs were a shining example of Comic Relief’s characteristically warm, educational, and inspiring insights into these often impoverished communities, and were largely concerned with local food initiatives – local bakeries, cocoa farmers, and honey-gatherers, for example – but they also got us thinking about the indigenous trees.

Deforestation has long been an issue in Africa, with huge clumps of vegetation historically being cleared to make way for more cocoa plantations. Thankfully, the DFiD’s FRICH (Food Retail Industry Challenge Fund) initiative – the projects of which Comic Relief sponsors and was promoting on the Great Comic Relief Bake Off – works in close proximity with the Rainforest Alliance, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of tropical forests.

Sustainable iroko from Africa

Indeed, the protection of indigenous trees is as vital to several regional economies as the cocoa or coffee trade. The Eden Project, another FRICH project, is focused on supporting baobab farmers and therefore the protection and sustainable farming of baobab trees. Kate Schreckenberg’s influential DFiD paper also gives a good case for the value of Africa’s native fruit trees as a route out of poverty for the indigenous communities – but only if these trees are farmed in a sustainable way.

The answer is simple: we can enjoy the fruits of nature, but only if we also safeguard the future of its bearers. Just as the baobab tree can be harvested, our exotic timbers can be logged and given good use as a kitchen worktop – provided that sufficient measures are taken to replant, protect the species, and promote sustainability. This is why purchasing from Worktop Express® is not only an affordable choice, but also a responsible one. You can rest assured that all our timbers – wherever they originate – are only purchased from legal, sustainable sources. We insist on a transparent chain of custody so that we can monitor each and every step of the process.

So spare a thought today for sustainability and charity: these can and do go hand in hand. If we keep raising awareness and promoting good environmental practice, we can protect ourselves and the planet at the same time. And while you’re at it, have a little think about what you can do for Red Nose Day: it isn’t until the 15th March, so you have plenty of time to kick your fundraising activities into action!

As you may remember, we launched our Deluxe Walnut range in 2011. This luxurious worktop construction – utilising extra-wide, 90mm staves – proved super popular and has been flying off the shelves ever since.

We’re therefore thrilled to announce that you will soon be able to purchase the same worktop option in one of our most popular timbers, oak. The opulent, wider stave construction gives greater appreciation of the grain pattern and a smooth, seamless finish: a truly unique product, exclusive to Worktop Express®.

As the demand for oak continues to grow, we hope that this stunning collection will provide another fantastic option for you to consider. The full range will be coming soon to a webpage near you – watch this space for more details.

Snowtop Express

Dear readers,

As we write the roofs of Worktop Express® HQ are covered in a lovely blanket of white.

Unfortunately the roads are too, which can cause a bit of difficulty for our 2Man Vans!

Never fear, all the vans were loaded up this morning and set out as normal, and so far all is well; no delays reported on the 2Man routes. Our policy is always to try as hard as humanly possible to get to our customers, come rain or shine, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do today.

So if you have a 2Man Delivery booked in for today, you can rest assured that it’s still chugging its way to you. We’ll keep you posted if the snow gets in our way too much, but that will only be as a very last resort.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy walking in a winter wonderland – and that you don’t get hit by too many snowballs…

It’s not good to dwell on the past, but we always like to look over previous achievements when setting new goals for the year.

Thankfully, last year was a great one for all at Worktop Express® HQ. We enjoyed settling into our new premises, decorating our bare offices and organising our desks (made from iroko worktops, of course!) We enjoyed decorating the brand-spanking-new showroom more: 2,000 sq ft of empty space to fill with gleaming solid wood, what more could we ask! The showroom has proved a huge success, with plenty of lovely Worktop Express® customers stopping by each day to take a closer look at our 9 full kitchen displays.


And here’s a quick run-down of the important figures (we promise we’ll keep it brief!) In a single year we delivered over 25,000 worktop orders. We’ve also been delighted to read over 2,000 positive independent reviews on Trustpilot: our aim in 2013 is to achieve an even better score than our current 4.88 out of 5.

So please consider this blog a big message of thanks to our hardworking team and an even bigger thanks to you, the customer: we’re thrilled that you have chosen Worktop Express® and we’re committed to delivering even higher standards of service in 2013.

Our great fabrication offer means that the sales team are enjoying a busy January – luckily some extra help has been drafted in to swell the ranks…

We’re delighted to welcome new members of staff to the Worktop Express® family. James Murray has joined our sales team and Joanna Dimmock the administrative team; we also salute our new Customer Services Executive, Giovanni Sangiovanni.

Though we know the new starters have had to hit the ground running – there’s no time to rest here at Worktop Express® HQ! – we are confident that they will maintain the high standards of professionalism and dedication our team are known for. Thanks for coming on board guys – enjoy!

New Years Sale!

Worktop Express® HQ is a pretty cheery place to work, but we can’t lie: it’s been a little glum this week. Christmas is over. The decorations are being pulled down from the walls, the tinsel is being rolled up, the lights unplugged and the mistletoe is beginning to wilt…

No more turkey. No more Santa.

No more presents.

Unless…well, we might not be able to do anything about the other stuff, but presents – presents we can help with! Just the thought has us smiling again – and soon you will be too…

Yes, to chase away the January blues we’ve got a gift just for our dear Worktop Express® customers: discounted fabrications galore! Until the end of the month we’re offering 25% off all fabrication orders placed in January – which means you can experience all the fantastic craftsmanship our in-house team can provide with some huge savings thrown in.

Please browse our bespoke cutting page for more information on the superb customisation options available, or contact us directly to speak with a member of the fabrication department.

Happy New Year from the Worktop Express® team!