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Here at Worktop Express® we’ve come over all proud – our sister supplier, Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets, will be on the small screen this very evening! Ah, it seems like only yesterday that she was just a baby…now she’s all grown up…

Channel 4At the request of Andy Stobart – and with a little help from the Worktop Express® worktop range – Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets supplied black walnut worktops, a bespoke oven housing unit and some gorgeous shaker lacquered cabinet frontals for Andy’s canal boat. The small space has been redesigned and reincarnated as a stylish bachelor pad which truly makes the most of its size, making it the perfect feature for George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

Don’t take our word for it – check out these amazingly inventive interiors for yourself! The show airs on Channel 4 at 8pm this evening.

Here at Worktop Express®, we know what sticklers for detail our customers can be – and rightly so! Because once you’ve got the exterior portions of your kitchen looking perfect, your mind naturally turns to the interior. And let’s be honest – there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from opening a drawer and seeing the contents beautifully organised, isn’t there? Go on, you can admit it. We won’t tell anyone…

Solid Wood Cutlery Drawer Inserts - ExoticWith our solid wood cutlery trays, there’s no reason that the inside of your drawers shouldn’t be as perfect as the rest of the kitchen. Now available in solid oak as well as beech, with exotic timber cutlery inserts also in production, these trays come in three convenient widths (310mm, 410mm and 510mm). Whatever wood you opt for, the finished product is both neat and stylish – not to mention multifunctional! The tray makes not only a handy insert for a drawer but also an attractive worktop storage unit or table feature to assist with place setting.

Stop by the webpage or get in touch for more information: soon practical perfection will be yours!

We haven’t quite decked the halls and trimmed the trees here at Worktop Express® HQ, but we do like to be organised…

With this in mind the team have been working hard to iron out the details for our Christmas schedule. As ever, we’ll be laying on extra delivery vans and offering plenty of options to provide optimum festive functionality, but there are several key dates it couldn’t hurt to be aware of. Here’s a compact, handy breakdown to help you start planning:

Festive Dates of Note
  • Final Date for Placing Fabrication Orders 2012: Wednesday 12th December 2012. Diagram must be confirmed by 12 noon on Thursday 13th December.
  • Final 2Man Delivery Date 2012: Thursday 20th December 2012.
  • First 2Man Delivery Date 2013: Thursday 3rd January 2013.
Xmas Opening Hours

The Worktop Express® sales lines and showroom will close for the holidays at noon on Friday 21st December. We will re-open on 27th-29th December between the hours of 10am and 2pm.

Our normal opening hours will resume on Wednesday 2nd January at 9am.

Christmas Times

2012 has been very busy for Wally, star of the UK’s popular Where’s Wally cartoons: with both his 25th anniversary (the first book was published in 1987) and the London Olympics occurring in the same year, there have been plenty of opportunities for some prime Wally-spotting.

Wally has been up and down the country and all over the globe this year – and thus it was only a matter of time before he found his way to Worktop Express® HQ! Wally waltzed into Worktop Express® on Wednesday morning and, true to his famously curious nature, headed straight for the worktops. After that, nothing could sway him from setting his very own ‘Where’s Wally’ challenge in our showroom… the scamp!

On this occasion, Wally was visiting on behalf of Gloucester Rugby, proudly donning the signature cherry and white colours in honour of his favourite rugby team and giving away some lovely free tickets to the upcoming Fiji friendly.

So, one last time: where’s Wally? Why, he’s choosing a worktop, of course…

Where's Wally?
Remember, remember
The fifth of November,
Worktop Express® had a sale;
We see no reason
Why prime oak worktops
Should ever, ever fail!

It’s that time of the year again, folks: toffee apples and candy floss, penny for the Guy, huddling around a blazing fire, fireworks, Catherine wheels, loud banging noises throughout the evening… it’s Bonfire Night!

So if you’re planning to brighten up your garden with a few fireworks, why not brighten your kitchen with a new worktop? A prime oak worktop is a real ‘sparkler’, bringing warmth and lightness to any space with its wonderfully uniform colour and consistent grain pattern. Indeed, the Worktop Express® team are so keen for everyone to enjoy this fantastic worktop option that we’ve put it on sale – yep, I kid you not, you can now purchase a beautiful solid prime oak worktop with discounts of up to 15%.

Don’t get carried away with all this burny stuff, though – worktops don’t like fire. If you are purchasing a worktop during the firework season, keep the poor timbers safe and dry inside the house… and well away from your Guy Fawkes celebrations!

The Worktop Express® creative team have been in some top-secret meetings this week and this blogger was lucky enough to sit in on one. Lots of fantastic plans afoot; but the one I’m most excited about concerns the development of a new fabrication design tool.

This bespoke tool, designed exclusively with and for Worktop Express®, will make it possible for customers to formulate fabrication diagrams online. The innovative, interactive device will provide a straightforward method by which our customers can choose from all the bespoke options available, selecting timbers, sizes, cutouts, edge profiles etc and positioning with precision.

Obviously with such invention comes a great deal of trial and error, so the tool will need some more testing time before it can be added to the website. Still, it won’t be long before you can become a design whizz on this very website and experiment to your heart’s content – and we can’t wait to see the results.

Stay tuned for more news on the launch of the tool… coming soon to a Worktop Express® webpage near you!