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Last week the Worktop Express® bloggers waxed lyrical about the awesomeness of autumn but got rather carried away with the science part: good for our brains, but leaving little time to expound on the elegance of fall foliage – a crying shame!

There’s not much that can top the beauty of the autumn months, in our humble opinion. John Keats famously termed it a ‘[s]eason of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ in his Ode to Autumn; and we think this description is no more apt than when looking at the stunning evolution of the forest at this time.

North American oaks are particularly breathtaking as the year draws on, arguably boasting the most diverse leaf colours of all. White oak tends toward a gentler brown, dark amber and red, whereas red oaks often boast leaves of a startling greenish yellow; even more spectacular is the elusive fiery orange leaf sometimes seen drifting from the branches of a scarlet oak. If you approach a magnificent oak in a forest you can’t help but notice the autumn rainbow of leaves crunching under your feet (and what a great sound that makes!)

Cherry also really comes into its own in autumn. Black cherry (Prunus serotina) sheds a beautiful gold leaf and the fire cherry explodes into colour with long, flame-like leaves of burnt red and orange hues.

What’s your favourite autumn tree? We’d love to hear from you! Best picture of an autumnal forest scene (or even just a pretty tree) wins a chopping board…

Beautiful autumn leaves

Fabrication orders have been coming thick and fast this month. We’ve also been trialling some exciting additions to our bespoke service, including new drainer groove and edge profile options (watch this space), so the Worktop Express® fabrication team have been working doubly hard to keep on top of everything while continuing to deliver the high standards we’ve come to expect. A big well done all round!

One of the things we love most about solid wood is its potential for customisation – and there’s no better way to individualise your worktop than with the Worktop Express® fabrication service. From pre-oiling to bespoke cutting, edge profiling, cut outs, drainage grooves and more, there’s plenty to choose from. We have a great selection of fabricated worktops on display in our trade counter and Gloucestershire showroom, but if you don’t have time to come and see us, why not take a closer look at some of our favourites from this month:

Full stave oak worktop with irregular cut out and internal and external radius corners.

A stunning full stave oak worktop with irregular cut out plus internal and external radius corners.

Zebrano worktop with tap holes, Belfast sink, and irregular cut out.

Tap holes and a Belfast sink with an irregular cut out at the end make this zebrano worktop a multifunctional work surface.

Black American Walnut worktop with Belfast sink cut out, drainer grooves, and tap holes

The classic combination of Belfast sink cut out, tap holes and drainer grooves fits beautifully into one of our black walnut worktops.

‘All the leaves are brown… and the sky is grey…’

We’re pretty keen on trees here at Worktop Express®, as you might just have guessed — and so it may not surprise you to hear that autumn is one of our favourite seasons. And who could blame us? The majesty of a forest in fall never ceases to amaze. Just as our gorgeous iroko worktops turn from golden yellow to rich bronze over time, so the trees themselves magically shift in colour as the seasons change.

We’ve all seen it happen — but who can remember why? For those of us who haven’t thought much about chlorophyll and the like since high school biology, here’s a little catch-up science lesson; a reminder of what causes the leaves to drift, red and yellow and brown, from the trees:

Plants love sunlight (British plants everywhere curse themselves for putting roots down here — pun intended). Through photosynthesis, sunlight allows plants to turn absorbed water and carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen. The leaf acts as a natural food factory, transforming sunlight, water and carbon dioxide, and delivering glucose to the rest of the plant. The green pigment, chlorophyll, acts as a catalyst for photosynthesis. Chlorophyll gives leaves their verdant colour.

How Photosynthesis Works

As the days grow shorter, the amount of light available for photosynthesis reduces. Trees know to begin getting ready for winter and shut down their food-making factories (i.e. the home of chlorophyll: their leaves). Leafy green disappears, revealing natural yellow and orange undertones that then give way to red, russet and even purple shades as autumn progresses. These warmer colours appear due to the trapped glucose still present in the leaves reacting with the dimmer light and cooler air.

Here endeth the lesson! Love it or hate it, autumn is definitely on the way: the trees already look like they are dusted with cinnamon. Fingers crossed we will soon be enjoying the fantastic fall foliage we’ve come to adore…

Solid Wood Kitchen CabinetsIf you’re looking for a worktop as part of a wider kitchen refurb, why not check out the Worktop Express® sister site? offers the same friendly service, swift delivery and high-quality products as us; we’re pretty fond of them, as you can tell.

And there’s nowhere else on the web that can match Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets for price when it comes to solid oak cabinets and solid oak frontals. There are plenty of products to choose from, too: wirework; corner solution cabinets; handles; not to mention the cabinets themselves, which cater for every size and spec, with the option of complementary solid oak frontals in two styles (shaker and traditional) and a range of finishes (handpainted, lacquered and shaker)! The mind boggles…

So what are you waiting for? Head over to now – and be sure to pass on our regards!

Though we’re crackers about all types of wood — like a parent with a cluster of timberiffic children, all beloved — the Worktop Express® team fully appreciates that some are simply more popular than others. Indeed, the choice of favourite timber can even come down to particular strains within the species: each are different in character with individual strengths.

Therefore, in response to customer feedback, we have recently changed suppliers for our full stave prime oak worktops. We will still be using the best American oak for our full stave prime option but have now switched from North American to standard American hardwood; both have their merits, but North American tends to have a rosy tint which can be less fitting with the character of oak than the smooth brown sheen of the standard American.

This timber has been installed in our new full stave prime oak set, and we hope you’ll agree with us that the effect is glorious — please cast your eye over the pictures below or visit our showroom to see what we mean!

Our new oak displayOur new oak display

Congratulations to our director, Will Rees, who is a finalist for the ‘Young Business Person of the Year’ Award at the prestigious Gloucestershire Business Awards!

Youthful leadership and innovation are more important than ever in the current economic climate and the Gloucestershire Business Awards are an admirable reflection of the sheer enterprise and commitment it takes to succeed in contemporary business. For over a decade the Awards have been dedicated to celebrating young pioneers, honouring notable entrepreneurs from a range of businesses which have previously included builders’ merchants, PR/advertising agencies, and central heating solutions.

If nothing else, Will’s success attests to the rather extraordinary journey the young businessman has been on since forming Direct Online Services Ltd (parent company to Worktop Express®) with his father, Martyn Rees, in 2008. At the tender age of 21, Will was one of two company directors and solely responsible for the ecommerce arm of the business: a mammoth enterprise which included (but was not limited to) sales, marketing, and technical support.

During the past four years of trading Will has overseen the launch of more than eight successful kitchen brands – dealing largely in ecommerce – and the company as a whole now employs close to 100 people. A massive achievement for one so young: but Will is never content to rest on his laurels! Constantly striving to improve and complexify the current operation, Will continues to push brands like Worktop Express® to the forefront of the market with an inventive online strategy and unflinching commitment to innovation, accessibility and great service.

The winner of the ‘Young Business Person of the Year’ Award will be announced at the Gloucestershire Business Awards ceremony on the 4th October. Well done, Will, and we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for you!