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bamboo worktops Worktop Express are delighted to announce that our stocks of natural bamboo and caramel bamboo have been replenished. To celebrate the arrival of our new stock, we have reduced the prices of these worktops for a limited time only. You can now buy a wonderful bamboo worktop for as little as £150. The exceptional value means that these are selling fast, so order yours today!

As a worktop material, bamboo is extremely durable: constructed from layers of compressed individual sections (rather than solid staves), the timber is naturally water resistant and hardwearing. Both strains of bamboo are equally sturdy and share a delicately characterful, straight grain pattern broken up with the occasional node. As their names suggest, only a difference in colour separates natural from caramel bamboo: natural bamboo initially appears as a pale yellow shade that matures to deep gold, whereas caramel bamboo is a rich honey colour.

caramel bamboo worktopsWith Worktop Express, superior quality and affordability are guaranteed. Whether your choice is natural or caramel bamboo, the finished product is a warmly attractive, uniquely figured and durable worktop that is sure to brighten up any kitchen. Furthermore, with our easy ordering process you can enjoy your bamboo worktop in a matter of days: we stock an exceptional selection of worktop sizes, and – due to our large physical stock holding and delivery network – delivery is extremely prompt.

If you have any questions relating to any of our products, please do contact us. You can get in touch by telephone on 0845 22 22 644 or send us an email here. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sponsored car - stuart deacon

Worktop Express are pleased to announce our sponsorship of local sportsman Stuart Deacon. Stuart Deacon is a great talent and has already had an excellent start to the season in the Men’s Autograss National Championships, with an outstanding performance in the Class 5 race.

The Class 5 race is the smallest class and one of the most popular heats, allowing Worktop Express to both support a local, burgeoning talent and continue to broaden our own presence in the national market. As a leading online supplier of solid wood worktops throughout the UK, we are proud to actively support our roots by sponsoring Stuart Deacon for the rest of the season (Stuart is a Gloucestershire sportsman, which is where the Worktop Express headquarters are based) while forging an even stronger relationship with our new customers throughout the UK.

Look out for Stuart Deacon and the Worktop Express car at future competitions!

Sponsored car - stuart deacon

deluxe walnut worktop

We are delighted to introduce a new and exciting product range: deluxe walnut worktops.

As the UK’s leading online worktop specialist, we pride ourselves in prioritising the natural beauty of our materials, offering real variety in our expanding range of wood worktops. The ever popular walnut has brought warmth to many a kitchen, with the naturally wavy grain adding a real sense of decorative style. Now, not only can you purchase a traditional European walnut worktop, but also a deluxe version. The innovative construction of our deluxe walnut worktop accentuates this small timber’s characterful grain pattern through extra-wide, 90mm staves. The end result is a product that is truly unique, and exclusive to Worktop Express.

Stand out from the crowd with a deluxe European walnut worktop, and enjoy the durability and elegance provided by this luxurious new design. You will find a worktop to fit any space – from standard widths to breakfast bars, we stock an exceptional selection of sizes. The process is quick and easy from start to finish. Delivery is extremely prompt, thanks to our large physical stock holding and delivery network.

With Worktop Express, you can be sure to purchase a worktop of the highest quality for affordable prices. Our range is the most comprehensive in the UK, and we are the only company to manufacture fuller stave worktops in such a variety of species from stock. We are pleased to introduce a deluxe walnut range to the UK.

If you have any questions relating to any of our products, please do contact us. You can get in touch by telephone on 0845 22 22 644 or send us an email here. We look forward to hearing from you.