Worktop Express Blog

It is with great pleasure that we are now able to offer full stave worktops in both Oak and Iroko. Following requests from our customers, these elegantly constructed worktops are blessed with a timeless class yet have a broad appeal. We stock a large range of sizes, all available from our various warehouses throughout the UK, allowing us to deliver as soon as two working days. What is the difference between our full stave oak worktops and our standard oak worktops? Full stave worktops, as the name suggests, are constructed from continuous lengths of timber that run throughout the entire length of the worktop (2M worktops have 2M long staves). Full stave worktops are edge glued and only joined along the width, with an average stave width of 90mm, instead of our 40mm stave width for standard oak worktops. For example, a 2M X 620 X 40mm worktop in full stave format will be constructed from approximately seven wide staves that will run the full length of the worktop. The exact same specification is applicable to our full stave Iroko worktops. Please see the below diagrams for clarification
Full Stave Worktops
As always, if you have any questions or are unsure about anything, our friendly staff are always happy to assist. Please email or call us on 08454 670 183 (lo-call rate throughout the UK) and we will be pleased to provide advice.