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Worktop Express are delighted to have been recognised for delivering consistently outstanding service with a Feefo Gold Trusted Service award. Based on feedback from thousands of happy customers, a gold award acknowledges our ongoing commitment to delivering outstanding products at industry-leading prices and with consistently brilliant customer service.

CEO Jon Shepherd stated:

“Everyone at Worktop Express wants to make sure that our customers receive great worktops and that the process is as easy as possible. Innovations like our in-house two-person Home Delivery Service and telephone and email updates prior to delivery have enabled Worktop Express customers to keep track of their order and take delivery of a quality product with minimum disruption.

Feefo’s Gold Service Award is a celebration of all of these efforts. It not only showcases what makes Worktop Express great, but recognises the value and appreciation that our customers place on our ongoing commitment to quality and innovation.”

Feefo is an independent review platform that gathers customer feedback on everything from item quality to satisfaction with customer service, delivery and price. To achieve a Gold Trusted Service award, a company must achieve a Feefo service rating of at least 4.5.

Should you go for traditional or modern styling?

It’s a never-ending style battle between the classic look of traditional kitchens and the sleek, modern design of contemporary spaces—and with our new laminate worktops, we’ve given you a choice of both. In this blog post, we’ll explore our new décors and take a closer look at how and when to use naturally inspired materials compared to modern styles.

Classic and Traditional – Nature-inspired Surfaces

Natural materials are a timeless aesthetic for worktops as they effortlessly add beauty and wonderment to a kitchen and fit into a variety of colour schemes, either as a centrepiece or a muted background tone. With our new range of laminate worktops, this nature–inspired style is more attainable than ever thanks to their stunning wood and stone décors.

Perfect for those looking to create a rugged, earthy look inspired by Scandinavian kitchens or an organic appearance accented with greenery, these laminates beautifully replicate the natural world.

Rab Oak

Featuring a weathered and characterful grain pattern, our Rab Oak décor features a cool brown and grey planked wood effect for a rugged and classic aesthetic with a 22mm square edge profile. Combined with a wooden heart texture, this surface looks and feels like real wood combined with the practicality of laminate.

Pokhara Marble

With thin light-brown veins trickling through the stone effect surface, our new Pokhara Marble laminate worktop features a mix of beige and white to beautifully replicate the intricacies of natural marble. Complete with a smooth matt finish, this surface serves as a statement addition to your kitchen by adding a touch of luxury.

Minos Stone

The Minos Stone décor has been designed to look like cut mineral deposits of real stone with nude–toned veining snaking across the surface. These smooth matt grey stone effect worktops are a luxurious addition to any kitchen, fitting well with homes that feature plenty of natural materials.

Sleek and Modern — Sparkling Glamour

On the flipside of traditional comes sleek and lustrous modern colours, reserved enough to remain in the background yet still able to make a statement. Sparkling laminates are incredibly popular and with our new collection of Andromeda laminate worktops, we’ve added even more luxury to these already opulent surfaces.

Luxe Andromeda

Available in three colours–an elegant White, a stylish Black and a muted Grey–our new slimline 22mm Luxe Andromeda collection come with a contemporary square edge profile and a smooth matt finish. Aimed at those striving for a modern aesthetic, these laminate worktops feature large iridescent metallic flakes and sprinkled glitter to catch the light and make your kitchen sparkle.

Pair these surfaces with colour-contrasting handleless cabinetry and minimalist accessories for a clean and sleek design. Try matching the Luxe Black Andromeda worktops with light and bright cabinets and Luxe White Andromeda can be done with the reverse, charcoal cabinets and a black sink. Luxe Grey Andromeda opens up the options for you to experiment with a large range of cabinets and perhaps even add a pop of colour elsewhere in your kitchen.

For more styling tips, check out our Top 3 Colour Schemes to Complement a Black Sparkle Kitchen Worktop and How to Style White Kitchen Worktops style guides.

Grey Haze Andromeda

These worktops feature a white and grey mottled décor, embellished with the same light-catching metallic flakes as the Luxe collection. With their high-gloss finish, square edge profile and neutral tones, these worktops make the perfect centrepiece for any modern kitchen, allowing you to add a burst of colour via your kitchen cupboards and accessories.

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White kitchen worktops are a popular choice thanks to their timeless appeal and clean look. They’re known for reflecting natural light, making your kitchen feel brighter and look more spacious. When looking to add one to your kitchen, there are various style options available, and it can be challenging to choose a look that you’ll love for years to come. In this blog, we take you through some of our top tips and style suggestions for making white worktops work in your home.

White on White

For the ultimate modern aesthetic, combine a stunning surface like our White Glass Effect worktop with pure white units and gold handles to create a contemporary kitchen. Alternatively, for a sleek look, combine white kitchen worktops with white handless units.


If the all-white look is too bright for you, why not try a two-tone kitchen? Combine light grey cabinets with a glistening white surface, like our Pure White worktops, and matching splashbacks for a minimalistic look that will last for years to come.

Add a Splash of Colour

A white worktop can sometimes be seen as a dull and cold option. To combat this, incorporate some colour into your kitchen to bring it to life. Start with coloured accessories, such as small appliances and decorative items like bowls and fruit — this will add depth and layers to your kitchen. Alternatively, if you have a kitchen island, try painting the cabinets a bright colour to break up the room and add some character to your cooking space.

Add Patterns

Patterns are a great way to add character and complement white kitchen worktops. Splashbacks in particular are a stylish and practical way to do this. Our Marble Veneto Zenith splashbacks are a beautiful choice that gives your kitchen a luxurious and modern look. If you want to enhance your white worktop with a pattern, make sure you browse our range of patterned kitchen splashbacks for a wide variety of styles.

Warm Up With Wood

If an all-over white kitchen isn’t for you, try adding wooden features to the room for a warmer feeling. You can do this easily by adding wooden shelving, stools and accessories. Alternatively, if you are planning a larger update to your kitchen, consider adding a wooden worktop on a breakfast bar or kitchen island for a contemporary mixed-material look.

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Over the last three weeks, we asked our customers to send in photos of their kitchen worktops for a chance to win a KitchenAid Mixer worth £400! With over 150 entries of your stunning kitchens, our expert panel of Worktop Express judges had their work cut out for them as they looked through our customers’ amazing kitchen transformations.

Two of our favourites were James, who combined Oak and Earthstone worktops in his kitchen with patterned splashbacks to create a modern feeling with mixed materials, and Sandra, who paired our Brazilia Quartz Laminate Worktops with white units to create a stunning monochrome kitchen.

Narrowing it down to the final two before our Facebook fans would crown the ultimate winner was difficult, but the judges finally decided on Joanna and Rosie’s kitchens. Joanna’s striking kitchen mixes our sustainable Bamboo worktop with contrasting black cabinet doors and stainless-steel accessories, and Rosie, our second finalist, achieved her look by using our opulent White Marble solid laminate worktops paired with turquoise cabinet doors to add a pop of colour to her kitchen.

With only one winner, our Facebook fans decided Rosie’s kitchen would be worthy of the KitchenAid Mixer. Congratulations Rosie! We love Rosie’s open-plan kitchen, and how well she has blended the kitchen and dining area with a bold contrast of colours. The pendant lights, plants and artwork bring this open-plan kitchen to life.

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When our quest for a new kitchen begins, our instincts tell us to look for investment – a kitchen that will last for years to come. Worktops made from materials such as marble, granite, and quartz are classic investment pieces for kitchens, however, come at a high price. Thankfully, our new solid laminate worktops provide the same level of longevity and timeless style as these surfaces at a much more affordable price, allowing you to invest in your kitchen without breaking the bank.

In this blog post, we get to know the seven new solid laminate worktops we’ve just added to our collection and give you some inspiration to help you style them in your kitchen.

Zenith Cloudy Cement

These worktops are an excellent addition to any contemporary kitchen thanks to their versatile design, featuring neutral hues and unusual markings that complement a variety of kitchen styles. Tones of light grey and beige entwine to create this stunning, industrial-inspired countertop. Combine this worktop with matching splashbacks, dark wood cabinets, and a stainless-steel sink to create a minimalistic feel in your cooking space. Alternatively, style with white shaker cabinets, bow handles, and open storage for a stunning classical-contemporary kitchen with a more lived-in feel.

Zenith Cloudy Nova

These dramatic worktops feature a stark contrast of their dark grey stone effect with white-veined markings to create a striking, modern aesthetic. For a stunning focal point in your kitchen, use these worktops on a central island and style the room with pure white handleless cabinets to create a truly contemporary feel.

Zenith Marble Veneto

Marble Veneto Solid laminate worktops are an excellent alternative to solid marble at a fraction of the cost. These smooth white surfaces feature prominent grey markings that perfectly replicate real marble. Combine with a Belfast sink, navy cabinets and mixer tap to create a kitchen with plenty of classic charm. Alternatively, traditional grey cabinets and mushroom knobs can complement these surfaces for a sleek, modern design.

Zenith Trieste

These stylish surfaces feature a beautiful limestone finish that complements a wide range of kitchen designs. Use our Zenith Trieste worktops with off-white shaker cabinet doors and dark grey walls, to create a contrasting contemporary aesthetic. Alternatively, for a more seamless look between your worktops and walls, choose our stunning matching splashbacks.

Grey Marble

Available exclusively at Worktop Express, these worktops feature multiple shades of grey and white broken by beautiful streaks of rose gold. These luxurious surfaces imitate the beauty of natural marble perfectly, offering a surprisingly affordable alternative to solid marble. Style these worktops in a modern way with pure white cabinet doors and silver accents such as sinks and handles. You could even choose to inject more metallic tones into your cooking space with rose gold or silver appliances to enhance the contemporary aesthetic.

White Quartz

A timeless design that will be on-trend for years to come, our White Quartz solid laminate worktops are an affordable alternative to solid quartz. These worktops feature small, subtle flecks of grey and brown throughout for a versatile option that can be used with just about any kitchen design. Style our quartz effect countertops with a variety of pastel tones for a soft look. Alternatively, combine these surfaces with our solid wood worktops as a breakfast bar for an extremely popular mixed-material kitchen.

White Terrazzo

These unique surfaces feature a white base covered in prominent flecks of grey and brown. Our White Terrazzo worktops are an elegant, sophisticated choice for any kitchen design, with enhanced durability thanks to their solid core. Style our terrazzo-effect countertops with traditional wood cabinets and floating wooden shelves for a conventional spin on contemporary design.

Our new solid laminate worktops are now available to buy online and in our nationwide showrooms. We also sell solid laminate worktop samples to allow you to experience the quality of these worktops from the comfort of your own home.

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As the heart of the home, kitchens have been evolving alongside our tastes in design. As a nation, once we discovered the benefits of a kitchen island, this feature became one of the most popular and sought-after additions to our cooking spaces. Let’s take a look at six great reasons to include an island in your home.

Inject Style into Your Kitchen

Nowadays, people are looking for sleek and professional kitchen that not only looks the part but also has lots of storage space. A kitchen island gives you this, and is also particularly helpful if you do a lot of cooking and want a space to use for other activities. Of course, an island worktop needs to be durable as well as stylish, and you are sure to find the right kitchen island worktop for you in our extensive collection.

Create a Versatile Living Spaces

If you are looking to zone your kitchen and dining areas, kitchen islands are an excellent idea. They can be various shapes including curved or L-shaped depending on how you want to separate your space. By introducing an island you can make a space feel like a dining room, family room or living room depending on your kitchen layout and island shape.

Add Value

Kitchen islands can add monetary value to your home by attracting the interest of buyers – particularly those paying attention to kitchens. Islands add a “wow” factor and improve the desirability of your cooking space. People may also be more willing to pay your asking price.

Maximise Space

If storage is at a premium in your home, a kitchen island can be a life-saver. Aside from adding extra worktop space, cabinets give you significantly more storage, plus, adding seating can create a stylish dining area.

Improve Family Time

As the heart of the home a kitchen makes a great place for children to feel engaged. A kitchen island is a great place to get kids baking and cooking, or they could always do their homework there whilst you’re preparing dinner.

Enhance functionality

A kitchen island can be used to add sinks and hobs to as well as other great kitchen features such as book shelves and wine racks. There are limitless ideas to explore with kitchen islands that allow you to inject your personality into your kitchen.

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A common material used to make worktops is granite, however, this can be very expensive. Granite worktop alternatives exist to provide you with a cost-effective yet realistic emulation of the authentic material. In this blog post, we take a look at some of the characteristics of granite and suggest some alternative worktops that demonstrate comparable, if not superior qualities.

Advantages of Granite

Resilience and Durability

Granite is a very resilient material that is cut and polished to create a smooth surface. It is an igneous rock that forms naturally through the process of extremely high pressure and temperature followed by a period of cooling – resulting in a hard, dense and incredibly durable rock. Similarly, our black granite solid laminate worktops (pictured below) are constructed using high pressure and temperature to produce a highly durable work surface. This results in a worktop that is resistant to impact, wear and heat (to 180° for up to 10 minutes). Another quality that granite and black granite solid laminate worktops have in common is that they are completely waterproof – making them suitable for installing undermount sinks.

Aesthetic Appeal

Granite has a microstructure that is made up of numerous different large crystals such as potassium feldspar, quartz and biotite. This not only gives it an attractive granular appearance but also makes each piece unique – varying greatly in colour from black and white to pink and terracotta. When polished granite exhibits a gloss surface, which when combined with the intricate microstructure makes it perfect for using as a focal point in a kitchen.

Our selection of granite effect laminate worktops also demonstrates complex patination alongside a gloss finish. For example, the grey granite worktops (pictured above) emulate the popular speckled pattern and pale colouration of light grey granite whilst our black granite laminate worktops (pictured below) are predominantly black in colour with a more uniform pattern.

Disadvantages of Granite


Standard 3m granite worktops start from around £500 even before alterations or bespoke features are added. There are also additional costs of installation and delivery which when factored in greatly inflate the price of a kitchen makeover. Our granite effect laminate worktops start from £60 for a 3m worktop, saving you money to invest in other areas of your kitchen.


Granite worktop installation is a difficult task that not only requires specialist equipment but also highly skilled tradespeople. There is also a time factor involved when manufacturing granite worktops and if you require bespoke features, delivery can take several weeks. Granite effect laminate and solid laminate worktops do not require the same level of expertise during installation and can be fitted using a standard worktop router and cheap, easily accessible and installation accessories. We also offer speedy next day delivery on all of our worktops with a lead time for bespoke orders in as little as 5 working days, depending on the features you would like.

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As the trend for contemporary style kitchens continues to grow in popularity, so do worktops with a thinner profile. Thin kitchen worktops are becoming the go-to choice for contemporary cooking spaces and with that in mind, we discuss our latest decors in this blog post.

22mm Worktops

Our range of slimline 22mm worktops offers a contemporary option for your kitchen. We have a selection of laminate and solid wood surfaces to choose from meaning you can easily find the countertop to suit your style.

Super Matt Thin Worktops

Our range of super matt worktops offers a luxuriously smooth finish surface. The most attractive feature of these super matt surfaces is the anti-fingerprint coating – guaranteeing a countertop that remains free from marks and smudges.

Available in pure white and anthracite grey, super matt worktops are not only highly durable and practical, they also have a luxurious aesthetic – an ideal choice if you are looking to inject a touch of opulence into your kitchen.

Grey Quartz Laminate Worktops – Brasilia

Grey Quartz laminate worktops feature an eye-catching polished stone effect The combination of gloss finish and marled grey colouring creates a luxurious look, which is accentuated by the iridescent flakes.

Solid Oak Worktops

With plenty of classic charm, oak is an enduringly popular timber to use as a worktop and we offer these surfaces at just 22mm thick. This gives a more contemporary feel compared to the standard 40mm oak worktops. Oak is also naturally robust and durable, so is ideal for installing in a busy kitchen.

Solid Laminate Worktops

Ultra-thin Solid laminate worktops measure just 12mm thick and are constructed from numerous layers of laminate. As a result, they are an incredibly practical option as they are completely waterproof, resistant to a high level of heat and are durable against abrasion and impact. Combined with their stylish slimline appearance this makes them perfect for busy households looking to achieve a contemporary aesthetic in their kitchen. See some of our most popular solid laminate worktops below.

Concrete Solid Laminate Worktops

Concrete Solid Laminate Worktops

An excellent option for a contemporary kitchen, concrete effect solid laminate worktops have the effect of a gently worn concrete.

Caldeira Zenith Worktops

Caldeira Zenith Worktops

Feature a selection of grey tones, Caldeira Zenith solid laminate worktops are mottled with a warm, earthy terracotta shade and have a textured matt finish.

White Marble Solid Laminate Worktops

White Marble Solid Laminate Worktops

Offering the benefits of a stone surface with the practicalities of solid laminate, this marble effect worktop is the best of both worlds.

Magma Zenith Worktops

Magma Zenith Worktops

Magma Zenith solid laminateworktops combines the beauty of stone with the practicality of a modern solid surface.

View the full range of solid laminate worktops.

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Here at Worktop Express, we love seeing our customers’ new countertops in their kitchens. In this blog post, we explore a kitchen case study from Dot and Charlie who live in Glasgow. Let’s take a closer look at how they have used their new worktop.

When Dot and Charlie wanted a new worktop for their kitchen, they decided to visit our Glasgow showroom for inspiration and to see first-hand the quality they could expect. With a mixture of traditional and contemporary features, such as traditional cabinet frontals and stainless-steel appliances, their L-shaped kitchen is a prime example of the mixed materials trend that is very popular.

This kitchen includes a central island which presented the perfect opportunity to utilise two different worktop styles. The countertop they chose was a full stave oak worktop. When compared to the solid black granite worktop, the effect is completely different in terms of colour and material.

The black granite worktops contrast beautifully with the pale wall cabinets but also complement the dark blue base cabinets. The oak worktop on the island mirrors the material choice of the solid wood cabinets and also helps to lighten the kitchen while softening the highly reflective surface of the granite worktop. The chopping board and black shiny domino induction hob on the island reflect the materials used in the work surfaces, adding continuity to the kitchen. To help create a flow throughout the space, radius corners have also been added to the island worktop.

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If you are looking to update your kitchen you might be considering replacing your current countertop with an oak effect or veneer worktop. But which should you choose? In this blog post, we explore these worksurfaces in detail and explain the benefits of each.

Oak Veneer Worktops

Our 635mm oak veneer worktops have been constructed from a core of robust composite wooden particle board. Atop this is a 3mm think veneer of prime grade solid European oak which covers all visible sides. The result is a worktop with the appearance and feel of solid oak. With the perfect combination of beauty, durability and affordability, oak veneer worktops enhance any traditional or contemporary cooking area with a timeless appeal.

Benefits of Oak Veneer Worktops

  • Requiring less care than solid timber, our oak veneer worktops are a low maintenance choice and are ideal for even the busiest household.
  • An oak veneer worktop measuring 3m x 635mm x 38mm costs £155.00 whereas a solid oak worktop of comparable dimensions costs £175.00.
  • Measuring 635mm wide, they are fully compatible with Ikea kitchen cabinets without the need for cutting.

Oak Effect Worktops

Oak effect worktops are constructed in much the same way as oak veneer worktops, however, instead of a layer of real oak veneer these surfaces have been wrapped in laminate overlays, before being sealed with heat under high pressure. The appeal of these countertops is that they replicate various styles of real oak but do not require the regular maintenance associated with timber.

Benefits of Oak Effect Worktops

  • With decors that replicate the authentic grain pattern and colours of natural solid wood, oak effect worktops are visually appealing.
  • An oak block laminate worktop that measures 3M x 600 x 38mm cost just £60 making them a highly affordable choice.
  • No other worktop is as low maintenance as a laminate work surface.
  • Our oak effect worktops are available in a wide variety of décors for traditional or contemporary kitchens.

Shop the Range of Oak Effect Worktops

Have you decided to choose an oak effect or veneer worktop for your kitchen? Let us know which one and why in the comments below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for even more stories like this or subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information about new products, special offers and competitions.