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Worktop Hotrod Set

Worktop Hotrod Set

Our solid stainless steel worktop hotrod set contains a selection of five hotrods to be routed into a solid wood worktop to create an efficient, hygienic yet aesthetic pan stand. A perfect solution that will prevent any wooden worktops from scorching due to excessive heat.

Hotrod sets and grooves can be purchased as part of our Wood Worktop Cutting Service. If you would prefer to install hotrods yourself, please read our dedicated 'How to Install Hotrods on Your Solid Wood Kitchen Counter' guide to find out more.

Diamond set of hotrods contains :
2 X 100mm X 12mm diameter
2 X 200mm X 12mm diameter
1 X 300mm X 12mm diameter

Linear set of hotrods contains :
5 X 300mm X 12mm diameter


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Diamond - 2x100mm, 2x200mm, 1x300mm - £ 25.00

Linear - 5x300mm - £ 35.00

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