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Solid Oak Stair Cladding Kits

Solid Oak Stair Cladding Kits

Bring the luxurious feeling of solid wood to another part of the home with our solid oak stair cladding kit. Made from the same high-quality timber that is used to create our wooden worktops, our oak cladding for stairs is available with FREE next day delivery.

Thanks to the knowledgeable staff and specialist equipment used at our Gloucestershire fabrication facility, each stair tread and riser is manufactured with great precision from sustainable European timber, and — thanks to the inherent quality of solid wood — can be adapted easily to fit any existing staircase.

Our 995mm wide staircase refurbishment kit can be purchased individually (one 995mm x 300mm x 27mm tread and one 995mm x 195mm x 18mm riser), or in packs of 12, 14 or 15 steps (each containing the relevant number of treads and risers). Each timber piece is sanded to a smooth 180 grit finish, ready for any treatment you wish. We recommend using a quality wooden floor oil to give it a hard-wearing finish and bring out the natural elegance of the timber.

Your existing staircase will dictate how the stair cladding system is best attached. We either recommend using a suitable polymer adhesive or a number of heavy-duty screws. Please seek professional assistance when fitting these items, as incorrect fitting could lead to unforeseen accidents.

Solid Oak Stair Cladding Kits

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