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Joseph Joseph Nest 3-Piece Chopping Board Set - Green

Joseph Joseph Nest 3-Piece Chopping Board Set - Green

For ease and convenience, having chopping boards on a worktop can be a practical option — though this can take up too much space to be an option for many. The Nest™ three-piece chopping board set from Joseph Joseph combats the issue with curved edges that allow the boards to stand upright, providing a way for you to keep them close to hand whilst avoiding clutter. Each board is a different size, and they fit together to minimise the space taken up whilst not in use. The curved edge provides a practical funnel that can be used to transfer chopped ingredients from the board to a pan, thus reducing spillages.

The green set is dishwasher safe and features three different colours, and each board has non-slip feet to ensure it does not move whilst in use. A textured, knife-friendly surface prevents the knife from slipping. When stacked together, the set measures 25.5 (W) x 5.7 (D) x 34.3cm (H).


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