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Worktops for Bathrooms: An Introduction to Our Range

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  1. We’re going to be using some of the deluxe ash in our bathroom – understandable about not using Danish oil but something stronger…any suggestions on what to look for?
    Any info even if you don’t want to mention brand names. Thanks

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    Danish oil provides a water resistant finish and is suitable for worktops in bathrooms if regularly maintained. For a low-maintenance finish we recommend using a lacquer or varnish to treat solid wood worktops that are to be used in bathrooms. These treatments will fully seal the timber against water ingress, though they will dry to a glossy finish, which can look a little artificial in comparison to the low-lustre finish of Danish oil.

    We are able to offer a lacquering service for bespoke worktops on request. Please get in touch with our fabrication team to discuss your requirements and they will be happy to organise a quotation for you.

    You can read more about the finishes we recommend on worktops used in bathrooms in the following information guide:

    Kind regards,
    Ben @ Worktop Express

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