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Wood Worktop Plinths: A Worktop Express® Nutshell Guide

4 Responses to “Wood Worktop Plinths: A Worktop Express® Nutshell Guide”

  1. Do we need to oil bamboo plinths or treat in other way for that matter

  2. Hi Angela,

    All wooden plinths will need oiling before installation – and although technically a grass – this does include bamboo. If you would prefer not to oil, there are other treatments available, which you can find out more about in our guide to treating wooden worktops – all of the options detailed would be suitable for use on plinths too.

    Kind regards,

    Stephanie @ Worktop Express.

  3. I want to replace my Black and Decker Workmate jaws with bamboo ones. Each measures 735mm x 125mm x 25mm. Can you supply in that thickness?

  4. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your enquiry – as this isn’t a standard size in Bamboo you’d need to email our fabrication team with this request

    Alternatively, we stock Oak and Beech in 27mm thickness and these timbers are less expensive than Bamboo.

    Many Thanks,
    Adrian @ Worktop Express

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