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All About Prime Oak Worktops: A Worktop Express® Nutshell Guide

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  1. Hi
    Would this worktop be suitable in a bathroom environment

  2. Hi Janet,

    You can indeed use our worktops in a bathroom, but due to the high-moisture environment, they may require extra-special treatment such as lacquering.

    We answered this question as a ‘Question of the Week’ back in August, so feel free to read through the answer we gave there for all the information you should need:

    All the best,

    Ben @ Worktop Express.

  3. Hi.
    Can you tell me if the oak 27mm worktop could be cut down to use as bookcase shelves?

  4. Hi Ian,

    There is no reason why our worktops cannot be re-purposed as shelves – or any other furnishing requirements.

    We do sell floating shelves in a range of timbers, but at present they are only available in 40mm thickness due to the requirements of the hidden brackets.

    You can find out more about them here:

    Kind regards,

    Ben @ Worktop Express.

  5. What do you recommend treating the oak worktops with

  6. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for getting in touch. We recommend treating all wooden worktops with Rustins Danish Oil to give the surface a low-lustre, food-safe finish.

    When you first receive our worktops you will need to apply a number of coats to ensure they are well protected, followed by a regular coating for the first few months.

    You can find the full details in our dedicated oiling worktops information guide:

    Kind regards,

    Ben @ Worktop Express.

  7. Hi,

    Is it possible to get these worktops cut to 180cm?

    I’m keen to potentially use one in a home office space but am limited somewhat by size,

  8. Hi Patrick.

    Thanks for getting in touch. We offer a full worktop cutting service and can cut prime oak worktops or any of the other wood or laminate worktops in our range to the length and width that you require.

    I would recommend you take a look at the services listed on our wood worktop cutting page:

    You can also order custom length worktops via our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool, on which cutting services are discounted by 10%!

    Kind regards,

    Ben @ Worktop Express.

  9. I am interested in either your oak or your bamboo worktops, I see you state that a moisture membrane is required on the underside of the bamboo worktops were dishwashers ,washing machines and tumble drivers are installed, is that a requirement for the oak worktops or does the oak need a different treatment?
    Regards, John Dawson

  10. Hi John,

    We would recommend using a moisture barrier with any of our timber worktops if you are placing an appliance beneath them – this will prevent any moisture from condensation from penetrating the work surfaces and potentially causing damage.

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

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