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All About Earthstone Kitchen Worktops: A Worktop Express® Nutshell Guide

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  1. Hello,

    It is possible to cut Earthstone? I would need to make it less deep and to cut an aperture for a sink.


  2. Hi Nigel,

    Earthstone worktops can be cut to size, and have apertures cut. If cutting a hole for a sink, the edges will need to be re-finished using Earthstone edging strip.

    We are about to introduce an Earthstone worktop cutting service, so I would recommend that you get in touch with our fabrication team to discuss your requirements. Please either call or email to discuss this further.

    Kind regards,

    Ben @ Worktop Express.

  3. is it possible to get coffee worktop cut to required size? If i need 2100 lenght , do i have to buy 3000 lenght? overall i need one 1400, one 1500 and 2100
    many thanks mark

  4. Hi Mark,

    We can cut Earthstone worktops to size – our bespoke Earthstone worktops page has details on the services offered and the cost of these.

    You would need to purchase a 3000mm length worktop and have it cut to 2100mm to suit your requirements – for the sizes you have specified you need, we would suggest purchasing 2 x 3000mm length worktops, one of which can be cut to 1400mm and 1500mm.

    If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Kind regards,

    Stephanie @ Worktop Express.

  5. Hello – what is required to cover any joins in abutting corner edges please? Necessary to use a cover strip, or is there a filler of some sort??

  6. Hello Gail,

    One of the benefits of Earthstone worktops is that they can be installed to appear seamless. Each Earthstone worktop decor has a corresponding adhesive, which will need to be used in conjunction with the installation kit to create the appearance of seam free joints – and this can be done on corners or straight connections. Sanding once the adhesive has been applied will be required to achieve a seamless finish.

    If you have any further questions regarding our Earthstone worktops, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind regards,

    Stephanie @ Worktop Express.

  7. Hi Could you supply an earthstone worktop 3600mm long with aperture for hob and undercounter sink and if possible an island top 2000mm x 1200 mm. Please could you give a rough estimate of price.
    Thanks so much

  8. Hello Jane,

    We are able to provide apertures for hobs and overmounted sinks using our bespoke worktop cutting service, but the largest size of Earthstone worktop we have available is 1800mm x 900mm. I have passed your details to our sales team who will be in touch to discuss your requirements and will be able to provide a quote for the items you need.

    Kind regards,

    Stephanie @ Worktop Express.

  9. Hello,
    to use your earthstone cutting service to cut a hole for a sink,
    what exact information do you require to do this? … there is a sink in the old worktop – should I take it out and measure the size of the original hole? … do you require a drawn plan?

  10. how long does it take to have an earthstone worktop (cut to size) delivered from ordering?

  11. Hello Elaine,

    Thank you for your enquiries. In order for us to cut an Earthstone worktops to accommodate a sink, we will need a drawing but we are able to do this for you if you provide us with the measurements required. If the sink that you currently have is the one that you will be using in the Earthstone worktop, then measuring the hole in the current worktop will be a great way to get the measurements needed.

    From the day that we receive your confirmation that the diagram we have is correct, your worktop can be delivered from 3 – 5 working days following this. You may want to contact our fabrication team at to discuss further, as they are best placed to advise what is required and how best to take measurements.

    Kind Regards,

    Stephanie @ Worktop Express.

  12. I’m assuming that the Earthstone worktops are unsuitable for outdoor use?

  13. Hello Jeni,

    We would not recommend using Earthstone worktops outside – the core of the surface is not suitable for use in areas that will be wet or exposed to moisture for long periods of time. It is likely that if used in such a setting, an Earthstone worktop would become irreparably damaged. Our wooden worktops could be used outside but would need a suitable treatment to ensure their longevity – if you need any help in selecting a work surface to use for your outdoor space, we would be happy to discuss your options with you.

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  14. Hi, do you also sell the curved edging for Earthstone worktops and if so what is the radius ? We already have an under counter stainless steel sink we would want to fit it in the worktop. Thanks

  15. Hi Carron,

    Thank you for your enquiry. At the moment, our Earthstone worktops are only available with straight edging strips, which measure 980mm x 38mm x 6mm, and we do not provide radius corners on these. Edging strips can easily be cut to size to fit the straight edges of the sink – although we do not recommend fitting undermounted sinks in Earthstone worktops as water absorption can be very damaging to the core of the surface.

    To ensure the perfect fit for your sink, you can take advantage of our bespoke Earthstone cutting service. We use state-of-the-art machinery to cut your worktop to your exact specifications, and our talented fabrication team can incorporate any cut-out you require. Simply measure the size of the sink and confirm the diagram is correct, and our team will do the rest. You may wish to speak with our fabrication team at: to discuss your requirements.

    Kind regards,
    Ben @ Worktop Express

  16. Hi,

    Is an Earthstone worktop suitable for use with a Belfast sink?

    Thank you

  17. Hello Rosie,

    Thank you for your enquiry. We would not recommend using any undermounted sink with an Earthstone worktop as it is possible that the core of the work surface will absorb moisture and become damaged, so would advise against fitting a Belfast sink in an Earthstone work surface. Our collection of sinks does contain a number of overmounted ceramic sinks which provide a suitable alternative for an Earthstone worktop.

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  18. I have an Earthstone worktop in my utility room. I need a sink fitting to the worktop. Could the Earthstone worktop be cut in my home to accept a sink?

  19. Hello James,

    Thank you for getting in touch. Earthstone worktops can be cut to accommodate undermounted sinks (they are unsuitable for use with overmounted sinks because of the core is not moisture resistant) and we suggest that you refer to the installation guide for instructions on how best to cut your work surface. The manufacturer of this worktop has trained over a thousand Earthstone worktop fitters nationwide, so if you are not confident in making the cut yourself, you should be able to find a kitchen fitter who is able to do this for you.

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  20. What is the difference between a Corian & Earthstone worktops?

  21. Hello Lito,

    Corian and Earthstone are both types of acrylic worktop – in terms of structure, they are largely the same. Earthstone and Corian are different brands, so there may be some difference in the way they are created, or the materials used to manufacture them, and there may also be some differing styles available too.

    Many thanks,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  22. Is it possible to have a bespoke worktop size created for an island that will be 1628mm X 1045mm ?

  23. Hello Luke,

    We unfortunately do not offer additional sizes for our Earthstone worktops, only the sizes that are listed on the website. One of the benefits of Earthstone is that joins can be completed to appear seamless – whilst you may need to use more than one length to create what you need, it can be fitted to look like a single worktop.

    Alternatively, we are able to create bespoke wooden worktops to a maximum width of 1500mm and a maximum length of 3500mm (there may be size limitations based on the timber you are purchasing, and worktops between 3000mm – 3500mm in length may only be a maximum of 1240mm in width). Please contact our fabrication department at with your required worktop measurements for a quote.

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  24. Hi
    Can the worktop be cut using a circular saw abs a router? If so do they require special blades to cut the earthstone? Also is it possible to curve the breakfast bar myself using a router and jig. If so will the edging make good the curved edges and look seamless? Thanks

  25. Hello David,

    You can use a portable hand-held circular saw to cut Earthstone worktops and do not require a special blade but they will need to be cut using a new blade to ensure a smooth cut. Cut-outs for sinks and hobs can be done with a hand router and suitable jig or template, but the edging for Earthstone is solid so a radius cannot be put on corners that require a finished edge.

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  26. Hi –
    Is drilling a hole through Earthstone for an under-counter water filter to allow a drinking water tap something an amateur can do? I drill relatively confidently through tiles, and I guess same drills, everything, would do this too? Only needs a 10mm hole or thereabouts –
    I just don’t want to destroy the whole top!
    Thanks – CHRIS

  27. Hello Chris,

    Drilling into an Earthstone worktop should be a relatively straightforward task, whilst we cannot comment on your personal ability to do this, if you use the correct tools (a good quality variable speed drill with 1/2″ chuck is recommended with high speed drill bits) and follow the installation instructions (available here: a small job like this would carry minimal risk.

    You mention that you are looking to install a water filter under the counter – the worktop will need to be sufficiently sealed to ensure water is not absorbed in the event of a leak. A waterproof silicone is suggested in the installation information provided and this would just add some protection to prevent the core of the worktop from blowing due to moisture ingress.

    Kind regards,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  28. Hi
    We have an Earthstone worktop that is splitting on the join, is there anyone you can recommend to repair?

  29. Hello Liz,

    Thank you for getting in touch. We are sorry, but we are unable to recommend anybody to repair your worktop. The best way to find a reputable trades-person to carry out work in your home is through recommendations from friends and family. Checkatrade or Rated People are also a great place to find local traders and read impartial reviews of the work that they have previously carried out.

    Many thanks,
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  30. I have purchased an earthstone worktop for my kitchen but am struggling to get a gloss finish. Can you advise how I can achieve this.



  31. Hello Rac,

    Thank you for getting in touch. To achieve a gloss finish on your Earthstone worktops, they will need to be sanded and buffed smooth, then coated with Countertop Magic. In the installation instructions, it is recommended that to achieve a smooth finish, the surfaces are sanded with 180 grit sandpaper, then 240 grit sandpaper, then a Scotchbrite pad. After this, Countertop Magic can be applied across the entire surface, but care must be taken to wipe away any excess away. When dry, a second coat can be applied but it will then need to be wiped off immediately using a clean microfibre cloth.

    You can find full finishing instructions in our Earthstone installation guide – please do be aware that a matt finish is recommended as this will ensure the surface is kept looking it’s best for longer. A gloss finish is more likely to show signs of wear and tear more quickly, especially for darker colours.

    Kind regards
    Stephanie @ Worktop Express

  32. Hi, the house I’m buying has an Earthstone upstand. It is possible to fit an Earthstone splashback on top of that (currently it’s just a painted wall between top of upstand and bottom of kitchen cupboards).
    Thanks, Simon

  33. Hello Simon

    Thank you for your message. Yes, it is possible to fit an Earthstone splashback above an upstand, please view our guide to fitting splashbacks.

    Kind regards,
    Stephen @ Worktop Express

  34. Hello
    We had our worth installed a year ago and really pleased. However, where the breakfast is joined and bolted in place there is a slight join appearing, that previously was invisible when installed.
    Please can you advise how to main this/fill this to restore the finish so that you can not see the join.
    We have various products left from the installation but can’t find a guide for this.
    Many thanks

  35. Hello Louise,

    It is unfortunate to hear that the join of your worktop is appearing. To give you full support please email our customer support team at with photos of the issue.

    Kind regards,
    Ellie @ Worktop Express

  36. After sanding the area is dull how do I get it to blend in with the rest

  37. Hello Alan,

    Thank you for your message. If you have an Earthstone worktop with light damage, we would recommend sanding the entire surface to get a smooth, even finish and then re-polish after you have sanded it.

    For more information about repairing an Earthstone surface, please refer to this information guide:

    Kind regards,
    Ellie @ Worktop Express

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