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Earthstone Worktops

Customer Kitchen Wooden Worktop Gallery (page 4)

Proof that our oak worktops aren't just great for kitchens, they work wonders in an office too. Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Proof that our oak worktops aren't just great for kitchens, they work wonders in an office too.

S Forster Order No: 84434
An iroko kitchen island, complete with matching iroko chopping board. County Durham

An iroko kitchen island, complete with matching iroko chopping board.

S Somerville Order No: 141658
Traditional oak worktops work perfectly in a narrow kitchen too, as shown in this canal boat's galley. Crewe, Cheshire

Traditional oak worktops work perfectly in a narrow kitchen too, as shown in this canal boat's galley.

S Cameron Order No: 165934
Prime Beech worktop Cheshire

A Prime Beech worktop complements graphice grey cabinetry with modern fixtures.

A Banks Order No: 121076
Oak worktop Merseyside

This large T-shaped kitchen island is completed with a beautiful oak worktop.

A Rattray Order No: 194638
Oak worktops Buckingham

Oak worktops are the perfect natural touch in this glossy, contemporary kitchen.

A Marshall Order No: 56339
Walnut worktops Staffordshire

Walnut worktops used alongside modern cabinetry and appliances, and to create a beautiful breakfast bar.

C Sutton Order No: 112277
Prime Oak worktops Thatcham, Berkshire

This long stretch of Prime Oak worktops makes the perfect kitchen work surface to complement a modern kitchen.

C Oughton Order No: 155989
Prime Oak worktops

Prime Oak worktops are a consistent surface in both colour and grain pattern - perfect for this sleek classic kitchen.

E Mellon
Walnut worktops

Walnut worktops beautifully lit by LED under-cabinet lighting.

V Bentley
Prime oak worktops

Prime oak worktops in a kitchen that combines the best of modern and traditional style.

V Hardman
Full Stave oak worktop

An ogee edge profile applied to a Full Stave oak worktop matches well with existing furnishings.

Zoe WA
Prime Oak worktops Hemel Hempstead

Our Prime Oak worktops can be found in many places, including the unusual setting of this extra-wide canal boat on the Thames.

D Smallridge Order No: 122563
Walnut worktops Whitley Bay

Our walnut worktops are beautifully coloured and full of character - ideal for creating an impressive kitchen island such as this.

D Fenn Order No: 131542
Prime Oak Worktops Fife

This Prime Oak-topped kitchen island is complemented by one of our matching oak chopping boards.

D Selway Order No: 147089
Walnut Worktops Ayrshire

Walnut is the perfect timber choice for this modern kitchen matched with traditional accessories.

D McGill Order No: 162740
Beech Worktops Nottinghamshire

The smooth and consistent colours of this beech worktop and matching window-sill are the perfect choice in this country kitchen.

E Rohn Order No: 92091
Beech Worktops North Yorkshire

Beech worktops sit alongside oak cabinets in this contemporary kitchen with a country feel.

E Thwaite Order No: 92787
Oak worktops Oxfordshire

Complete with linear hotrods, this oak worktop is the perfect match for Shaker cabinets with wooden handles.

F Rumsey Order No: 140816
Oak worktops Stirlingshire

Beech worktops look especially warm alongside cooler white tiling and light coloured cabinetry.

G Marshall Order No: 162815
Oak worktops Middlesex

As well as a beautiful kitchen surface, our oak worktops also make the ideal finishing end panel for a run of cabinets.

I Uzice Order No: 145726
Bespoke full stave Prime Oak worktops Worcester

Bespoke fabricated full stave Prime Oak worktops are the ideal complement for this modern, curvy kitchen.

J Kemili Order No: 160263
Oak worktops Great Yarmouth

Oak worktops sit on top of modern shaker cabinetry in this spacious kitchen.

J Colby Order No: 138737
Wenge worktops Holmfirth

Wenge worktops are perfect for a kitchen and unmistakable for their dark colour and hard-wearing qualities.

K Bland Order No: 91964
Oak worktops Devon

A close-up look of our Prime Oak worktops.

K Wells Order No: 117624
Oak worktops Pembrokeshire

Oak worktops used to great effect in this clean, modern kitchen. Matching plinths have been clevely used as a windowsurround.

L Robinson Order No: 123670
Walnut worktops North Yorkshire

Chunky solid walnut worktops are the ideal partner for timless features such as a Belfast sink.

L Forbes Order No: 158132
Oak worktops Barnsley

The warm hue of iroko worktops adds a luxurious accent to this modern white kitchen.

M Taylor Order No: 79120
Oak worktops Leatherhead

This farmhouse kitchen is overflowing with beautiful details, but our oak worktops are without doubt the centrepiece.

P Wheeler Order No: 99070
Oak worktops York

A beautiful close-up of strawberries on our oak worktops - a natural, sustainable surface that is as equally delicious.

P Moon Order No: 117440
Oak breakfast bar Crowborough, East Sussex

A double-height oak breakfast bar creates a fabulous stand-out centrepiece in this modern kitchen.

R Tewkesbury Order No: 83099
Oak breakfast bar Crowborough, East Sussex

An unusual double-height curved worktop creates a truly stunning breakfast bar.

R Tewkesbury Order No: 83099
Oak worktop Kidderminster

Routed grooves for diagonal hotrods can be fabricated by our in-house team, as shown here in an oak worktop.

R Cull Order No: 75459
Oak worktops

Oak suits almost any kitchen, but contrasts particularly well with these black units.

J Kerr
Wooden worktops in the bathroom

Why not take our wooden worktops into the bathroom for that touch of class?

J Sage
Oak worktops

Oak worktops were specially fabricated for this modern u-shaped kitchen.

J Campbell
Oak worktops in the bathroom

What better than a splash of oak in the bathroom too?

J Shorty
Prime Beech worktops

Our Prime beech worktops can finish a fantastic home entertainment unit in style.

J Oakes
Prime oak worktops

Prime oak worktops make great end panels as well as a beautiful kitchen surface.

K Hall
Oak worktops

Our oak worktops were the ideal surface to complete this hand-made kitchen.

F Catlin
Oak kitchen island

An oak worktop making for a huge kitchen island, and a comfy bed for two greyhounds!

M Shetty
Black American walnut worktops

Black American walnut is a dark and luxurious worktop that is a perfect contrast alongside white units.

J Ford
Bespoke oak worktops

Bespoke oak worktops and an oak-topped kitchen island fit perfectly in this modern take on a farmhouse kitchen.

C Lee
Zebrano worktop

This bespoke zebrano worktop has a smooth edge profile and matching shelf , making it the perfect small writing desk.

A Born
Iroko worktops

The warm hue of iroko worktops adds a luxurious accent to this modern white kitchen.

G Taylor
Walnut worktops

With both modern and traditional features, walnut worktops finish this white kitchen beautifully.

G Gold
Iroko worktops

Walnut worktops add an air of luxury to this island-style kitchen with window-side breakfast bar.

B lot
Black American walnut worktops Leeds

Black American walnut is the perfect opulent surface for displaying jewellery.

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