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Finest Quality Solid Walnut Shelving
Finest Quality

Walnut Shelves

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Each of our solid walnut shelves is made from high-quality walnut timber of the highest quality that is sustainably sourced and manufactured in Europe, before being transported to our UK-based workshop for fabrication and finishing by our team.

These walnut shelves are manufactured from the same beautiful timber that is used to create our kitchen worktops. It is an ideal material for constructing solid wood shelving as European walnut is elegant and very hard-wearing, and can be sanded to an incredibly smooth finish - perfect for use in either the home or an office.

Our range includes a variety of widths from 300mm up to 1500mm as standard, and measures 200mm deep and 40mm thick (just like our worktops). Each shelf is supplied with square edges, and comes sanded to a smooth 150 grit finish with 3 coats of HABiol Oil applied that enhances both the resilience and the appearance of the timber.

Our solid walnut shelves come with all the fixings required for quick and easy installation.

The shelves are constructed from a number of 40mm staves that are finger-jointed under high pressure with a small amount of specialist glue. By using this construction method, we are able to guarantee that the shelves are incredibly strong and also visually appealing.

For ease of installation, each shelf is pre-drilled and ready to mount to a suitable wall using the provided floating shelf fixings. Each walnut shelf is supplied with a suitable number of brackets to correspond with the length of the shelf: 2 brackets for shelves up to 600mm wide; 3 brackets for 900mm and 1200mm wide shelves; and 4 brackets for the 1500mm wide option. These invisible brackets are what allows the shelf to 'float' once mounted on a wall - ideal for contemporary kitchens, dining rooms or offices.

Solid hardwoods are very sturdy but are also relatively heavy, so we recommend that these shelves are mounted either to brick or concrete walls wherever possible. If mounting to a stud partition wall, ensure that the position of the brackets corresponds directly with the studs.

Our walnut shelves are totally unique and look much nicer than any softwood or veneered imitations. By choosing only the finest raw materials and finishing each shelf by hand, we can ensure that the strength, resilience and natural charm of the walnut timber does not diminish over time. Because walnut timber is a natural timber, you may occasionally find small knots or splits that does not affect the structural integrity of the product (though this is very rare and considered a natural development of the wood).

If you would like further information regarding the installation of our solid wood shelving, please refer to our installation instructions. Additional details on fitting can be found by reading our handy Nutshell information guide.

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