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Finest Quality Solid Black Oak Shelving 600mm x 200mm x 40mm
Finest Quality

Solid Black Oak Shelves 600mm x 200mm x 40mm

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Our high quality 600mm solid black oak shelving is procured from sources with established replanting programmes. This timber is extremely hard-wearing, and has the natural charm and characterful grain pattern of our standard solid oak. Having undergone a unique 'blackening' treatment process that maintains the unique qualities of oak, the wood is darkened to a rich and sumptuous hue. As well as being hard-wearing and strong, black oak shelving has a sleek surface and makes a stunning addition to any kitchen or office.

These shelves are manufactured in Europe before being transported to the UK to be hand-finished by our expert team. They are also now available with FREE next-day delivery!

Our 600mm shelves are 40mm thick, just like our solid wood worktops. Each shelf is finished with square edges and is sanded to a superb 150 grit smoothness, after which three coats of HABiol Oil are applied, to protect the wood and give a stunning finish. Constructed from 40mm staves which are finger-jointed and high-pressure glued together, our shelves possess both strength and beauty.

Our solid black oak shelves come with all the fixings required for quick and easy installation.

To save you time, every shelf comes pre-drilled and ready to be mounted onto a suitable wall using specialist shelf fixings. The floating shelves provide stylish additional storage space and an uncluttered appearance, as they are secured with the use of two 'invisible' brackets.

The premium finish of our dark wood floating shelves is unrivalled by softwood or veneer imitations. Constructed using high-quality raw materials, these shelves offer strength, durability and natural charm. Although rare, small naturally-occurring knots (or splits) can sometimes be found in the wood. This is considered a natural development in the wood, and does not affect its structural integrity.

For more guidance on the installation of solid wood shelves, please see our installation instructions. Additional information can also be sought in our helpful 'Nutshell' information guide.



Solid Black Oak Shelf Accessories

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