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We’re not sure what’s come over the Worktop Express® team this month – perhaps it’s those fleeting appearances the sun has been making or the lure of foreign climes – but we’re feeling that summer sizzle. We’re in the mood for something bright. Something bold. Something daring. And we need a timber worktop to match…

With that in mind, there was no other choice – it had to be zebrano. And not just any zebrano. August is a month for luxury, so we’re opting for that most luxurious of worktop constructions: full stave zebrano.

First things first, though. Full stave or no, right now you’re probably wondering what makes zebrano worthy of all this attention in the first place. Here are some little-known facts about this fabulous timber:

  • Zebrano – or microberlinia brazzavillensis – is an exotic hardwood, primarily grown in the tropical rainforests of West Africa.
  • A lover of the moist soil found on the banks of rivers and inland streams, zebrano was once plentiful in these areas. Sadly this is no longer the case, as improper harvesting has threatened the survival of this precious tree; however – thanks to the EUTR and careful sourcing by companies like Worktop Express® – reforesting schemes have now been established and this wood can be purchased responsibly. Please click here to read more about the EUTR or view our environmental policy .
  • This timber is also known as ‘zebrawood’ and is named for the layers of soft and hard material that make up its structure. These result in alternating dark and golden stripes, giving the wood a distinctive ‘animal print’ appearance.
  • Zebrano is not only blessed with a uniquely decorative appearance but also scores highly in terms of toughness and density. As such, the timber has a wide variety of uses, ranging from string instruments, skis, bowls, and even stocks for handguns!

Zebrano certainly is a versatile and striking timber; however, as wonderful as all other uses of the timber may be, we still think a zebrano worktop is the most stunning creation of all! And if you are tempted to introduce the timber into your kitchen, a full stave zebrano worktop has an extra element of sparkle. We utilise extra-wide, 90mm solid wood sections that encompass the full length of the worktop, showcasing the timber’s charms in a truly unique way.

For more information on our zebrano work surfaces or any aspect of our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We also have a lovely zebrano display in our showroom which you are warmly invited to take a look at; visitors are welcomed from 9am-5pm on weekdays or 10am-2pm on Saturday.

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