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As the UK’s leading online wooden worktop specialist, we are committed to ensuring that the timber we use is sourced and harvested responsibly. We regularly conduct thorough checks to certify that our wood is sustainable, and – as part of our pledge to consider the environment in everything we do – we also support the work of the International Tree Foundation (ITF) in Africa and the UK.

Worktop Express is proud to support ITF and Community Assistance in Development (COMAID), in their Dom Community Food project in Cameroon’s Bamenda Highlands. Home to several hundred people and many unique animal species, the Highlands are part of an outstanding area of biodiversity but were badly neglected until recently.

Deforestation and other unsustainable exploitation led to a 50% decrease in the region’s tree count in just half a century, and this has introduced other problems such as soil erosion and a scarcity of food sources for the local population.

In 2017, the project allowed many community members to be taught about different planting techniques, conservation and tree species. More than 13,000 tree seedlings were planted, in addition to the 20,000 that were planted in the previous year, and forest rangers were given fire prevention training and equipment. Now, sensitive issues such as gender are also starting to be discussed, as a result of the project.

These achievements have gone some way to providing nutrition and income for the Dom community and, since residents have been trained in fire prevention there have been no reported fires.

The partnership between the ITF and COMAID is going from strength to strength, and will continue to offer support and guidance for the Bamenda residents. For this upcoming year, one of the focuses is to empower the community’s women by improving their farming techniques and reduce inequality.

We look forward to seeing the fantastic work achieved by this project in the coming year!

If you would like to learn more about our long-term sustainability commitments, read our environmental policy page.

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