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Kitchen worktops have to put up with a lot of use, which is why they are built to last – especially those from Worktops Express. However, there will inevitably come a time when you need to replace kitchen worktops. What signs should you look out for to suggest you need to upgrade them? We explore this topic in this blog post.


When they get very old, solid wood and laminate worktops can occasionally crack, especially if they have been heavily used throughout their lifetime. Small cracks can be easily repaired – read about this in our guide: Repairing Minor Kitchen Worktop Damage: A Worktop Express® Nutshell Guide. Large cracks are not only unsightly, they are also unhygienic. Dust, dirt and food particles can become lodged and bacteria can accumulate. If your worktop is, or will soon be, in this state, consider replacing it.

Burns and Stains

Spills are inevitable in kitchens and unfortunately stains can occur if not promptly cleaned up. Red wine, coffee, beetroot and other juicy vegetables and fruit can permanently stain worktops. Burns can happen accidentally by setting down a pan without protecting your surface from the excessive heat. Small stains and burns can often be fixed – see our guide on Removing Stains and Discoloration on Wooden Work Surfaces. However, if you have tried to remove stains with no avail, consider replacing your worktop.


Sometimes your worktop does not need to be physically damaged for it to be replaced. For example, you might be fed up of your current worktop’s style, it might be outdated or you might have moved into a new house and the worktop is not to your taste. These are all valid reasons to replace kitchen worktops.

Kitchen Update

If you want to update your kitchen but cannot afford to replace the cabinets and doors, buying a new worktop is a good choice. By replacing only your worktops you can rejuvenate your entire kitchen at a fraction of the cost. Replacing worktops is much quicker and easier than replacing a whole kitchen, and allows you to be back in and cooking in no time at all. If this is the option for you, we can create one to match the dimensions of your existing surface. Find out more in this information guide – How to Provide Correct Measurements for Bespoke Wooden Worktops.

Home Sale

You might want to consider replacing your kitchen countertops if you are selling your home, especially if they are dated. Many potential buyers prefer to move into a home with an updated kitchen, so by replacing kitchen worktops you could increase the chance of selling your home. It is a good idea to get the opinion of your estate agent first.

This information will help you to decide whether or not to replace kitchen worktops in your home. If you have any questions regarding any of our worktops, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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