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In order to keep your kitchen countertops in the best possible condition, they need to be well cared for. Luckily, we have a range of products that have been tried and tested for oak worktop protection so that you can minimise the risk of damage from heat, moisture and scratches.

Heat protection

Kitchens and heat go hand in hand, which is why adequate heat protection is a necessity. It is easy to forget that a pan is hot and sometimes you can put it down on a worktop without thinking. Stainless steel hotrods are an elegant and practical solution to avoiding burn marks on your countertop. Essentially, they are a trivet that has been integrated into the surface of the worktop. Here you can see the linear formation however they can also be arranged in a diamond pattern.

Scratch Protection

Although durable, continuous chopping directly on an oak worktop can cause scratches and chips. Solid wood chopping boards offer valuable protection whilst you are preparing your meals – it is also more hygienic too. For something even more robust that is suitable for direct cutting and meat preparation, end grain butcher blocks are fantastic. Their construction and 100mm thickness make them ideal for demanding situations.

Stain Protection

Regular oiling should be an essential part of your kitchen worktop maintenance regime, regardless of the timber. We recommend using Danish oil, which has been specially formulated to protect your worktops and help them last longer. Without regular oiling, the surface is vulnerable to staining which looks unsightly and can lead to additional problems. In this image, you can see the benefits of oiling.

Cupping and Bowing Protection

One of the main reasons for cupping and bowing is through incorrect fitting causing restrictions to the natural contraction and expansion of timber. It is important to use a worktop installation kit and ensure your surface is fitted correctly. Each kit contains:

  • TCT router cutter
  • 3 x worktop connector bolts
  • 10 x slotted brackets
  • Worktop sealant
  • Woodscrews

Moisture Protection

Much like heat, moisture – which is the cause of a lot of damage to worktops – is found throughout a kitchen. Light spills that are cleaned up quickly will not cause an issue, especially if you regularly maintain your worktops with oil. However, moisture from appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers can prove more problematic – which is why it is important that your worktop is protected sufficiently. That is where moisture barriers come in useful – they prevent any excessive water build up directly affecting worktops.

Worktops fitted above washing machines, dishwashers and tumble driers need to be protected with a moisture barrier.

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Have you used any of these oak worktop protection methods in your kitchen? Did they avert an accident? Leave your comments below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for even more great inspiration or subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information about new products, special offers and competitions.

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