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Here at Worktop Express® we are committed to going above and beyond what is required to minimise our impact on the planet. For every timber worksurface we produce, you can rest assured the wood has been sustainably sourced from suppliers with deep-rooted (pardon the pun) replanting programmes in place. Furthermore – since the formation of our partnership with the International Tree Foundation (ITF) in 2014 – we have dedicated ourselves to supporting replanting projects in both the UK and Africa.

Last year, we were actively involved in the restoration of Pit Wood at Ham Hill Country Park in Somerset and – as the first instalment in an upcoming series of blogs regarding our collaboration with the ITF – we wanted to shed some light on the project’s progress and successes.

The historic woodland was felled over a number of years during and after the Second World War and, whilst many sycamore trees have now regrown, the project sought to restore the diverse number of species that had previously existed there. We are happy to report that the target of planting 1,000 trees was met and indeed exceeded; and, better still, these new trees are now thriving in Pit Wood. A fantastic assortment of species were planted, including field maple, birch, hornbeam, hazel, hawthorn, chestnut, wayfaring tree, oak and rowan. More than 50 local residents came together to help the great endeavour – including a number of families – after surrounding communities were invited to “bring a spade” by Friends of Ham Hill (a local group of conservation volunteers).

Chair of Friends of Ham Hill, Mick Wooden, commented on the success of the scheme: “Many people there had never planted a tree […] It was fantastic to see how empowered they became and how the process increased their perception of the natural environment around them”.

Thanks to this successful project, Pit Wood will see increased diversification of fauna and flora, and many members of the community now share a renewed interest and personal investment in the restoration of the nature reserve. If you would like to learn more about our efforts to preserve the planet and minimise our carbon footprint, please visit our Environmental Policy page.

Visit our blog again soon to find out more about our projects with the ITF.

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