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It’s holiday season but our fabrication team have been working harder than ever! Please keep reading for a selection of our favourite bespoke worktops from August…

1. Deluxe walnut

This stunning deluxe walnut worktop contains several bespoke elements but the natural beauty of the timber still shines through. We’re particularly proud of the drainer grooves; we recently expanded our range to offer even more choice to our valued customers, and are pleased to report that these have proved very successful. Drainer grooves are simple little things – they prevent water settling on the worktop and staining it – but this small investment can prevent any moisture-related issues. We have a number of patterns (straight, fan or fountain grooves) offering you freedom of choice when it comes to style.

You’ll also notice an irregular cut out at the bottom corner; which has been created to accommodate the customer’s kitchen needs (an extruding wall or similar). There are also two conveniently placed hob and sink cut outs, allowing easy transfer of pans from one to the other.

2. Full stave oak

This full stave oak worktop certainly catches the eye. It is a superb example of a tapered worktop – notice how the top left width is larger than the bottom right, creating an attractive ‘teardrop’-like surface. Our fabrication team use the angles and measurements given by the customer to cut the worktop with precision. And whether the worktop will be used for a table top, breakfast bar or preparation surface, opting for a tapered alteration creates a quirky, unique finish to your work surface… without breaking the bank!

3. Full stave zebrano

Next up: a full stave zebrano worktop complete with a double-ended ellipse, hob cut out and handy hot rods in close proximity. The ellipse end is a very popular fabrication option as it offers both an attractive finish and flexibility – a convenient breakfast bar or additional preparation area can be created with little fuss.

We’re also particularly fond of hot rods. These slender, attractive additions prevent any accidental burns or damage to the worktop which can be caused by hot cooking utensils (such as saucepans). Our hot rods are available in a number of aesthetically-pleasing formations, with diamond (pictured), linear or bespoke options. The metal rods can be removed from the grooves to make for easy cleaning and maintenance or alternatively fixed with an adhesive.

We’re certainly feeling inspired by these pictures and we hope you are too; so if you fancy taking advantage of our affordable fabrication service, please don’t hesitate to contact us and our experienced team will be happy to assist.

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