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It is important to select the right worktop for your kitchen. Choosing between solid wood worktops and wood effect laminate worktops is a challenging decision because there are many differences between the two – price and maintenance requirements for example. Although wood effect worktops are a near perfect replication of timber, solid wood will go through changes so, ultimately, there will be differences in the style and colour. In this blog post, we compare the visual differences between wooden and wood effect worktops to help you make an informed choice.

Solid Oak and Oak Block Laminate Worktop

Worktops made from oak are enduringly popular. This classically charming wood is ideal for a traditional design scheme, but also looks great in contemporary kitchens. Solid oak worktops darken as they mature. Oak block laminate worktops do not share this quality and maintain their lightness throughout their life. Both have exquisite grain patterns that add beautiful character to any kitchen.

Solid Walnut or Walnut Block Laminate Worktop

Solid walnut worktops perfectly blend beautiful colour variation with a unique grain pattern for a naturally decorative, yet robust work surface. Walnut block laminate worktops combine affordability with durability and low maintenance whilst still retaining the beautiful character that people admire. With a slightly more noticeable grain pattern, the laminate option has plenty of its own charm.

Solid Black American Walnut or Black Walnut Laminate Worktop

Naturally striking, black American walnut is luxurious, rich and exquisite. Like the majority of timbers, the deep colour darkens as it matures. This rich colouration makes it suitable for a contemporary and sophisticated kitchen. Black walnut laminate worktops are similar in colour to the authentic wood and therefore make an equally eye-catching feature. The stunning grain pattern in particular provides a timeless beauty.

Solid Cherry or Cherry Block Laminate Worktop

Solid cherry wood has a unique colouration. The slight red tinge gives worktops made from this timber a beautiful golden hue, making them ideal for adding a warm and welcoming feel to your kitchen. Cherry block laminate worktops share the characterful tone of the real wood but are slightly darker. The grain pattern is a little more distinct too, adding yet further interest to your kitchen.

Solid Beech or Beech Block Laminate Worktop

Beech worktops, both authentic wooden and wood effect laminate work surfaces, are ideal for adding a light and airy touch to your kitchen. The solid timber surfaces are slightly darker and exhibit a delicate grain pattern, whereas the grain in the laminate counterpart is more prevalent. Beech is a wonderful wood to use in either traditional or contemporary kitchens and is a great alternative to oak.

There you have it – wooden and wood effect worktop styles compared. Which would you choose and why? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for more inspiration.

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