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Upgrade your kitchen with a worktop that is stylish, sleek and durable. Our selection of Earthstone worktops replicate natural stone surfaces such as quartz and granite, but are much easier and less expensive to install. These countertops are created using a thick layer of hardwearing acrylic bonded to a chunky wooden particleboard core, in a process that ensures a water-resistant, low-maintenance surface. Our Earthstone collection offers many benefits – read on for our top five reasons why you should choose them.

1. Luxurious Feel

If you would like an authentic representation of real stone with a luxurious feel, these worktops are perfect. . Both the appearance and cold feel of Earthstone surfaces mimic the qualities of natural materials as closely as possible. These countertops will suit contemporary and traditional settings equally as well and can be bought for an affordable price.

2. Seamless Appearance

Solid surface worktops can be used to create a truly seamless aesthetic in your kitchen. The worktop joins are hidden underneath, so are not visible from the top or sides. This process allows your countertop to look like it has been hewn from a single piece of stone. Earthstone worktops can therefore be used to make complex shapes, as multiple worktops can be joined without the connections being seen.. A lack of visible joins means your new kitchen tops will also be incredibly hygienic as there are no gaps which cannot be easily accessed for cleaning – their non-porous surfaces prevent water ingress and bacteria growth too.

3. Incredibly Durable

These surfaces are fantastically long-lasting and hardwearing. The thick layer of acrylic means they can withstand sustained use for many years, so they are a brilliant choice for busy family lives. A moisture barrier is incorporated into every Earthstone worktop, helping to prevent water damage to the wooden particleboard core.

4. Can Be Repaired Easily

The kitchen is the heart of the home and is likely to be one of your most-used areas. This means that there is potential for accidents to occur, but our Earthstone worktops are wonderfully easy to repair if the worst is to happen. If your worktop sustains any damage, it can usually be remedied by simply sanding and buffing back to its original condition. We recommend always using a chopping board when preparing food. Exposure to hot pans will show burn marks, but you can prevent this by using a trivet or our integrated hot rods.

5. Easy Installation

As stone worktops are usually very heavy, they need expert installation and have high labour costs. Real stone will require expensive specialist cutting equipment to ensure a clean, accurate cut, whereas we cut our Earthstone worktops to your exact specifications using the same tooling and machinery as our solid wood and laminate work surfaces.

Treat your kitchen to our Earthstone worktops and enjoy their many benefits, including the accurate representation of real stone and a hygienic, water-resistant surface. If you would like more information about these fantastic countertops, read our nutshell guide. Thinking about choosing one of these Earthstone kitchen tops? Tell us why below, or start a conversation on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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