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Should you go for traditional or modern styling?

It’s a never-ending style battle between the classic look of traditional kitchens and the sleek, modern design of contemporary spaces—and with our new laminate worktops, we’ve given you a choice of both. In this blog post, we’ll explore our new décors and take a closer look at how and when to use naturally inspired materials compared to modern styles.

Classic and Traditional – Nature-inspired Surfaces

Natural materials are a timeless aesthetic for worktops as they effortlessly add beauty and wonderment to a kitchen and fit into a variety of colour schemes, either as a centrepiece or a muted background tone. With our new range of laminate worktops, this nature–inspired style is more attainable than ever thanks to their stunning wood and stone décors.

Perfect for those looking to create a rugged, earthy look inspired by Scandinavian kitchens or an organic appearance accented with greenery, these laminates beautifully replicate the natural world.

Rab Oak

Featuring a weathered and characterful grain pattern, our Rab Oak décor features a cool brown and grey planked wood effect for a rugged and classic aesthetic with a 22mm square edge profile. Combined with a wooden heart texture, this surface looks and feels like real wood combined with the practicality of laminate.

Pokhara Marble

With thin light-brown veins trickling through the stone effect surface, our new Pokhara Marble laminate worktop features a mix of beige and white to beautifully replicate the intricacies of natural marble. Complete with a smooth matt finish, this surface serves as a statement addition to your kitchen by adding a touch of luxury.

Minos Stone

The Minos Stone décor has been designed to look like cut mineral deposits of real stone with nude–toned veining snaking across the surface. These smooth matt grey stone effect worktops are a luxurious addition to any kitchen, fitting well with homes that feature plenty of natural materials.

Sleek and Modern — Sparkling Glamour

On the flipside of traditional comes sleek and lustrous modern colours, reserved enough to remain in the background yet still able to make a statement. Sparkling laminates are incredibly popular and with our new collection of Andromeda laminate worktops, we’ve added even more luxury to these already opulent surfaces.

Luxe Andromeda

Available in three colours–an elegant White, a stylish Black and a muted Grey–our new slimline 22mm Luxe Andromeda collection come with a contemporary square edge profile and a smooth matt finish. Aimed at those striving for a modern aesthetic, these laminate worktops feature large iridescent metallic flakes and sprinkled glitter to catch the light and make your kitchen sparkle.

Pair these surfaces with colour-contrasting handleless cabinetry and minimalist accessories for a clean and sleek design. Try matching the Luxe Black Andromeda worktops with light and bright cabinets and Luxe White Andromeda can be done with the reverse, charcoal cabinets and a black sink. Luxe Grey Andromeda opens up the options for you to experiment with a large range of cabinets and perhaps even add a pop of colour elsewhere in your kitchen.

For more styling tips, check out our Top 3 Colour Schemes to Complement a Black Sparkle Kitchen Worktop and How to Style White Kitchen Worktops style guides.

Grey Haze Andromeda

These worktops feature a white and grey mottled décor, embellished with the same light-catching metallic flakes as the Luxe collection. With their high-gloss finish, square edge profile and neutral tones, these worktops make the perfect centrepiece for any modern kitchen, allowing you to add a burst of colour via your kitchen cupboards and accessories.

What’s your style of choice? Do you prefer the traditional natural look or are you more taken by the sleek, modern styling? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for even more style tips and subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information about new products, special offers and competitions.

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