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There are a variety of natural countertops available, including solid wood. Although wooden surfaces can offer a quaint look, they are ideally suited to contemporary style kitchens too. Continue reading this blog post to learn more about our choices of natural worktops.

Light-Coloured Natural Countertops

Our light-coloured solid wood countertops are perfect for adding an airy feel to a room. Maple is the lightest of all of our timbers and with pale golden hues and superior density, is a popular choice for a busy contemporary kitchen.

As one of the world’s most sustainable timbers, Bamboo is not only ideal for a modern kitchen, it’s great for those who are environmentally conscious too. The 20mm wide staves are narrower than the other timbers in our range for a unique look.

Birch and ash are two species which are native to the British Isles and feature paler colourings. Combining any of these surfaces with dark cabinets and colour palette for a striking contrast.

Intermediate Hue Natural Countertops

For something warmer, we have a range of countertops which are slightly darker. Oak and Prime Oak are two worktops that work particularly well in contemporary kitchens, especially if they have a square edge. Both have a beautiful colour and interesting grain pattern. With an unmistakable caramel colouration, cherry worktops can be used to a splash of colour and warmth to any kitchen.

Caramel bamboo is an exotic timber with a beautiful amber surface that delivers warmth and character to a kitchen. Like the standard bamboo, this caramel version is ideal for a contemporary setting, especially one with a darker colour scheme.

Rubberwood and zebrano are also exotic woods. Rubberwood is another environmentally friendly timber which has a very tight grain and slightly red tinge. Zebrano is an exceptional timber which has golden colour inlaid with a dark, almost black grain pattern. This striking contrast makes it perfect for a unique kitchen.

The advantage of these intermediate colour natural countertops is that they can be paired equally well with both light and dark colour schemes.

Dark-Coloured Natural Countertops

Of all of our solid wood countertops, our dark timbers offer the most sophistication and luxury. For example, both our walnut and black American walnut worktops have dark brown colouration – the latter has the darkest shade. Like traditional oak, black oak worktops also have beautiful charm and sturdiness but with an added richness which allows it to fit seamlessly into a contemporary kitchen setting.

No other timber can compare to wenge. With an almost black shade, it is the darkest of all of our timbers and most suitable for lavish kitchens. Another two of our deep hued exotic timbers are iroko and sapele, which although not as dark as wenge, offer lots of charm.

Dark-coloured natural countertops can be paired with a light colour scheme for an intense monochromatic contrast or paired with other dark colours for a moody, sophisticated contemporary kitchen.

Which of these natural countertops would suit your kitchen the best? Let us know in the comments below. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for even more stories like this or subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information about new products, special offers and competitions.

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