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We are fans of all things timber here at Worktop Express®, from the commonplace to the downright weird. Though there is nothing conventional about the unique beauty of each and every one of our attractive wood worktops, our interest has certainly been piqued by the wacky wood uses in today’s blog: these wooden gadgets are the perfect worktop accessory, allowing you to listen to music whilst cooking up a storm in your kitchen!

Magno Wooden Radio

The Magno Wooden Radio truly is a thing of beauty. Dreamt up by Indonesian entrepreneur Singgih Kartono, this wood-clad radio is crafted by local carpenters from sustainably-sourced timber (we certainly approve!). As well as the usual AM and FM frequencies, it boasts two bands of shortwave radio – a feature to delight traditionalists and retro-radio enthusiasts alike. More impressive still, each one is made by hand in just 16 hours! Combined with MP3 compatibility, this gadget is one of a kind, and makes the perfect marriage of old, new… and wonderful wacky wood.

Wrapped in pine wood to give it a more appealing look than plastic or metal, the Magno Wooden Radio comes with smooth mahogany dials.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly countertop to complement this radio, you’ll be pleased to hear that all our wood worktops are sustainably sourced. Fast-growing bamboo is especially ‘green’, making our bamboo worktops a firm favourite for the environmentally conscious.

Audiowood Turntable

If radio is not your cup of tea, you may be more taken with the Audiowood Turntable! This custom turntable – affectionately known as ‘Barky’ – is made from solid ash and features quality components from Rega. To complete the look, the record player has a glossy finish and adjustable brass feet.

If you like the beautiful aesthetics of ash, you may also be interested in our solid ash worktops. Inherently bright and naturally hardwearing, ash provides a distinctive surface that combines a pale, near-white coloration with a warm caramel grain pattern.

Wooden Phone Amplifier

If all else fails to cater to your musical requirements, this wooden phone amplifier is here to save the day. Needing no cord, batteries or Bluetooth, this handy gadget actually requires no electricity at all, utilising clever design to amplify sound all on its own. Sound channels lead from the bottom of the phone stand through to two circular openings, through which the music is amplified naturally!

This inventive wooden phone amplifier is relatively simple to make at home, using just a few small pieces of wood. You could even repurpose worktop offcuts if you decide to take advantage of our fantastic wood worktop cutting service (we always send any substantial offcuts with the worktops, in case you fancy using them for something creative!).

If you know of any other brilliant wooden gadgets, we would love to hear from you! Why not share a photo with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

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