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Smart materials are a growing part of what makes contemporary interior design stand out against its traditional counterpart and appeal to those looking to modernise their kitchen. With more and more technology being loaded into our kitchen spaces, it’s easy to think that the worktops have been left behind. That’s where FENIX® comes in, a technical and aesthetic solution to two prominent interior design trends: smart materials and matt surfaces.

FENIX® is designed for high performance, read on to find out more about our new range of innovative worktop solutions.

Bonded FENIX NTM® Worktops

With low light reflectivity resulting in breath-taking ultra-matt aesthetics, the Bonded FENIX NTM® range is made using smart materials and is an excellent way to bring all the benefits of FENIX NTM® surfaces into your home. Bonded FENIX NTM® is made using a proprietary technology that creates a surface which is luxuriously soft to the touch and anti-fingerprint meaning the surfaces will maintain their unique and premium look. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible. This repair can be done several times if the structure of the material is not damaged.

Bonded FENIX NTM® offers high scratch, impact and heat resistance and does not support bacterial growth, offering longevity and hard-wearing practicality to your kitchen. These exciting new surfaces are available in a variety of décors and you can choose from either 12mm or 39mm profile.

Solid FENIX® NTM Worktops

The absolute pinnacle of kitchen worktops, Solid FENIX NTM® worktops are an ultra-modern, slimline surface with a 12mm profile and a solid construction. Built with contemporary kitchens in mind, Solid FENIX NTM® worktops have been manufactured using next generation acrylic resins cured through an electron beam process to create an advanced and long-lasting surface.

Solid FENIX NTM® worktops offer durability with high resistance to heat, impact and moisture, and do not promote bacterial growth, making it both practical and long lasting. Additionally, the solid construction means that these innovative surfaces are customisable with advanced features like drainage grooves and are suitable to be used with undermount sinks. There’s no better way to redefine and modernise your kitchen than with a Solid FENIX NTM® worktop.


Our new range of Bonded FENIX NTM® and Solid FENIX NTM® worktops are available with complementing accessories, including splashbacks and upstands and are built from the same unique material. We offer upstands and splashbacks for all of the FENIX® decors, as well as unique drop-in sinks made from a special matt-composite material, blending innovative acrylic resins and ceramic particles.

Tell us what you think of our innovative new range of FENIX NTM® worktops in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for style tips and subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information about new products, special offers and competitions.

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