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Deluxe Iroko,

New and with beautiful hue,

Pride of staves so wide.

There’s not many worktops we’d write a haiku for, but this month we’re revisiting a new favourite of ours – Deluxe Iroko. It’s a beautiful timber with a distinctive toffee-brown hue, which complements modern kitchen settings, though equally doesn’t look out of place in more conventional kitchens.

With sumptuous staves measuring 90mm wide – more than double the width of the 40mm staves in our standard iroko worktops – we give you more of this African timber to admire. Deluxe Iroko worktops mature beautifully over time, transforming from a more yellow tone to a warm dark brown thanks to the naturally high oil content. The timber also has hygienic anti-bacterial qualities, and is naturally water resistant – two qualities that make it ideal for use as a kitchen worktop.

Iroko can be found throughout the central band of wet African rainforests and savannahs that range from Guinea in the west to Tanzania in the east. The largest concentrations of this timber are generally found in Cameroon and the Congo. Commonly referred to as African teak, this strong and dense hardwood has been used for a variety of construction and furnishings for many years, as well a many medicinal purposes that are used to this day by native populations without access to modern medicine.

All-in-all, iroko is a highly appealing and exotic timber, which in its deluxe form rightly deserves the crown of May’s Worktop of the Month. If you haven’t seen our deluxe worktops in person, we’d love to help get your hands on them. We recommend ordering one of our samples for just £5 including delivery, the cost of which can be refunded against your first worktop order. For further information, feel free to get in touch.

May’s Worktop of the Month: Deluxe Iroko

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