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With the help of many volunteers, Jamie’s Farm transformed this farmhouse in the heart of South Downs National Park. Credit : Anna Yanovski

One of the biggest problems affecting young people in the UK today is social and academic exclusion. Jamie’s Farm is a charity that was set up to help disadvantaged young people flourish. In this blog post, discover how interior design guru, Sophie Robinson, transformed a seven-bedroom farmhouse into a hub for children to stay, receive guidance and to socialise.

About Jamie’s Farm

Jamie’s Farm offers young people a residential stay and follow-up programme which utilises farming, family and therapy in order to help them succeed academically, socially and emotionally. To do this they build partnerships with schools and charities. Children visiting Jamie’s Farm are given support that is focused on improving self-esteem, relationships and behaviour.

The Facts

  • In the UK, 35 children are excluded from school a day.
  • Only 1% of those children go on to get 5 good GCSEs.
  • 50% of excluded children have a recognised mental health problem.
  • The majority of the prison population is made up of those who were excluded from school as children.
  • Today there are 43,000 young people who would benefit from Jamie’s Farm.

Sophie Robinson and the Project

This kitchen, with its white walls and cabinets, has been designed to be light, airy and welcoming. Credit : Anna Yanovski

Sophie Robinson is an interior design guru who has worked across media and retail for the past 20 years. Over four days and with the help of over 20 design professionals, Sophie transformed a farmhouse on a 200-acre plot on the South Downs National Park. Members of the local community also pulled together and contributed items for the house. Jamie’s Farm had this to say:

“The impact this has had on the charity is huge. Designing the space has been done with the children’s wellbeing in mind and a positive atmosphere exudes throughout the property. This ambience is empowering and aims to uplift the children as soon as they set foot inside.”

How Worktop Express Helped

In total over 40 brands, of which Worktop Express was included, donated furniture, furnishings and accessories. We gave our oak floating shelves which are well suited to a farmhouse setting. Positioned between two windows, these shelves establish symmetry along the wall. Here, they have been used to display a range of colourful cups and bowls and we think you’ll agree, they look fantastic.

Our floating oak shelves have been installed to house a range of colourful cups and bowls. Credit : Anna Yanovski

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