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As experts in our field, it is incredibly important that we provide our customers with the support they need – from offering guidance on obtaining measurements to giving advice on the best aftercare methods to ensure our products are enjoyed as thoroughly as possible.

One of our sales managers, Jade, has kindly completed a diary to show us a typical day in her life at work to show us more about the work that goes into delivering the best service to our customers.


I have just arrived at work – I’m on the morning shift today so I’ll need to be available on the phone for 8am when our sales lines open. I have a little while to make sure my computer is logged on and grab a drink before I need to start doing any work. I have a lot to do, including highlighting the task list to the sales team so everybody knows what to do, picking up voicemails to ensure customers that called outside our office hours are contacted, updating the call wall board, sorting out the rota and phones to make sure we have people available when we need them!


A busy morning! I am trying to work through some of the emails in the sales team inbox now whilst there is a short lull in the phone lines – calls usually pick up again when people break for lunch so it will be best if I can get ahead now. We have an internal messaging system to make sure everybody has access to the information they need, so I will also take the opportunity to answer some messages here.


Lunchtime already – where has the morning gone? We stagger our lunches so that we have as many people free as possible to answer calls, and the afternoon shift have also arrived to provide some backup too which is great. I have managed to go on lunch on time today, I have made some time this afternoon to assist the fabrication team respond to some emails and get CAD drawings of bespoke worktops sent out to customers.


Our sales team is based in Gloucestershire, which is also the location of one of our showrooms. Lauren, the showroom manager, has some work to catch up on so I go over to the showroom so that I can be available when we have customers. I am always happy to help as she often takes calls when the sales team are under pressure and it means we are offering the best service we can to our customers. Our Gloucestershire showroom has a raised breakfast bar on display which is hugely popular.


Back at my desk and I am logging into our live chat now – we get such a variety of queries, no two days are ever the same which is something I love about my job.


That is me done for the day and I am off home – ready to spend the evening relaxing before coming back tomorrow to start over and do it all again! Bye!

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