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Eco-friendly kitchens are one of this year’s most popular trends – Pinterest has reported seeing an increase in searches related to eco cook spaces by as much as 235%. There are many ways to reduce your environmental impact, including recycling, reusing and saving energy.

The worktops you choose can also make a difference. Not only do they look fantastic, but all of our worktops are carefully sourced by us from sustainable, legally managed forestry schemes across predominantly Europe and Africa. We visit each of the forest sites that produce our worktops at least every three months, and undertake detailed inspections to ensure the production remains up to our high standards. Our commitment to being as green as possible includes reusing all our waste timber, whether for offcuts and samples, or to power the biomass boiler that heats our warehouse. We also support worldwide forestry and conservation schemes – see what we achieved with COMAID in 2017 here.


The only time we source materials from China and the Far East is if they are natural to this region. This is the case with our bamboo and caramel bamboo worktops, which are sourced as sustainably as possible and do not deplete the food supply of local species.

Bamboo is technically grass, not wood, but it is still incredibly durable and naturally water resistant. This material is one of the best options for your eco-friendly kitchen – bamboo grows incredibly quickly and can be harvested and replanted much sooner than many other timbers. Some varieties grow up to a metre per day!

Caramel Bamboo

Caramel bamboo is identical to our bamboo worktops in terms of the wood and construction methods used. The only difference is that caramel bamboo surfaces have been treated in a special, completely natural way, which produces their gorgeous golden hue. Heat is applied to the worktop, and the natural sugars in bamboo caramelise and darken – a process completely different to merely staining the wood. This worktop is equally as sustainable as our lighter-coloured bamboo, and is the perfect choice for ecologically minded kitchen updates.


Oak is by far our most popular worktop material, and we supply solid oak in various ways to suit your requirements. We offer a range of finishes and stave sizes, Deluxe and Prime oak options, and even opulent Full Stave choices. All these worktops are created from sustainable, European-sourced oak. This reduces the carbon footprint and air miles. Other benefits of European oak are that it is generally more hardwearing and produces less sap than some varieties.

Our beech and ash worktops are also solely harvested in eastern Europe, and are great alternatives to oak – consider both of these surfaces before deciding which is for you.


The light tones of maple make it suitable for both traditional and modern kitchens, and it is incredibly dense and durable. Most maple wood comes from North America, but we only use European timber in all our maple and full stave maple worktops. This means we can closely monitor the sustainability of this product and reduce the distance it has travelled to get to your kitchen.

Would you choose one of these worktops, or one of our many other sustainable timbers? See our full range of wooden worktops for inspiration. You can also read more details about our environmental policy here.

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