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Since their introduction, our large range of laminate worktops have proved a very popular choice for customers looking for a low-maintenance solution.

White Sparkle kitchen worktops are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after in our collection. These bright, contemporary surfaces have a high-gloss finish and feature real metallic flakes that sparkle under natural or artificial light.

The following three colour schemes are a perfect choice for combining with our white sparkle kitchen worktops:

Combine navy blue or deep plum paint on cabinets alongside white sparkle kitchen worktops for an on-trend look.

Navy blue or deep plum paints are a very on-trend look for kitchen units, and combine perfectly with white sparkle worktops.

Our white sparkle kitchen worktops look incredibly modern, and are an affordable alternative to real quartz.

White sparkle worktops give kitchens a very modern feel, and are a highly-affordable alternative to quartz.

This Rangemaster Chrome Bridge Tap is an ideal accessory in this colour scheme.

Consider chrome fixtures and fittings such as this Rangemaster Chrome Bridge Tap alongside white sparkle worktops in a dark blue kitchen.

Monochrome kitchens are an ideal setting for White Sparkle kitchen worktops.

A monochrome kitchen design is still very desirable. White Sparkle kitchen worktops are an ideal choice in high-contrast settings.

White Sparkle kitchen worktops are perfect for incorporating in high-contrast kitchens.

Our White Sparkle laminate worktops are ideal for use in a monochrome kitchen design.

Consider our black oak floating shelves to provide extra storage in a monochrome kitchen.

Black oak floating shelves are an ideal storage solution for a high-contrast kitchen, and are made from real solid oak.

Choose White Sparkle Kitchen worktops in a pastel kitchen.

Consider White Sparkle kitchen worktops alongside pastel greens or greys for a calming colour combination.

White Sparkle worktops add a modern twist to pastel kitchen designs.

White sparkle worktops feature metallic flakes that reflect a subtle spectrum of colours that brightens any kitchen.

Combine white gloss metro tiles alongside our White Sparkle kitchen worktops.

Metro tiles are a very popular finishing touch. Consider white metro tiles alongside White Sparkle kitchen worktops in a pastel kitchen.

Want to get more inspiration for using White Sparkle kitchen worktops in your home improvements? Take a look at our laminate worktops gallery. Alternatively, visit one of the Worktop Express showrooms to see these worktops – and much more besides – for yourself.

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