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We’ve spent all of March shouting about the excellent fabrication service we offer, and we’ve already reached the final day of the sale – this month has flown by! There’s only a few precious hours remaining to claim 25% off any fabrication work you might need doing to your solid worksurfaces.

If you missed it, we recently posted this month’s pick of fabulous fabrications to show off some of the beautiful bespoke creations that our in-house fabrication team have been tasked with.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a wealth of design experience; as long as you know the required measurements, our CAD experts can interpret the most basic of drawings in to something rather special. Once you’ve confirmed your drawing with us, a combination of incredible machinery – including our amazing CNC machine – and great skill will turn your wishes in to a reality.

Once cut to size, your bespoke worktops are sanded by hand, finished by an incredibly precise sanding machine, then oiled using the most advanced techniques and natural HABiol Oil. The finished product is second-to-none!

So if you’ve been deliberating over your kitchen’s worktop requirements, make your decision today for the last chance to 25% of every single cut or adjustment your new kitchen worktop involves. Please consult our bespoke cutting service page to learn what possibilities there are for your worktop.

Please note: this guide was updated on 27th October 2014 to reflect recent changes to the products utilised in our pre-oiling process. For more information on the changes, please visit our Improvements to our Pre-Oiling Service for Wooden Worktops blog post.

Have a Maple Weekend!

We may be a good 12 hour flight away from the state of New York, but that doesn’t stop us folk here at Worktop Express® revelling in anything related to our favourite wood block work tops – in this case, the glorious timber that is maple.

We’re often accused of getting a little giddy when presented with exciting events in the wondrous world of wood, and this weekend is no exception. There’s a sweet treat in store for those in the Northeastern states of America, as traditional producers of maple syrup unite for a couple of weekends of delicious appreciation of the tree’s succulent sap. Events take place all weekend (29th – 30th) from 10am – 4pm each day.

Experts will be on hand at a variety of the state’s maple manufacturing farms to demonstrate how the syrup is made, as well as showing off everything else that maple is good for, such as home furnishings and woodcrafts. For further information, take a look at the ‘Maple Weekend’ website or check it out on Facebook. You’re unlikely to come across any maple worktops during the event, but if you’re on our side of the pond then why not pop in to our Gloucester-based showroom instead – we’ll happily show off our own maple goods and help you understand why it’s such a wonderful worktop material. We’re open 9am – 5pm Monday-Friday and 10am – 2pm on weekends.

You never know, we might be munching down on some American pancakes and maple syrup to celebrate – not that we really need any excuse…!

Our fabrication team have been positively flat out whilst ‘Fabulous Fabrication’ sale has been ongoing. Clearly that 25% discount that we’ve had off all custom fabrications has inspired some amazing new wooden tops! This month is a bit of an oak-fest, with three bespoke worktops from March’s cream of the crop.


To begin with, we present one of our standard oak worktops that was intended for use as a central kitchen island. Oak has plenty of character and a mellow colour that will grow richer over time, giving any traditional country kitchen a natural feel. First, two pieces of oak worktop were joined together to produce a wide bespoke piece. 4 irregular cuts were made to each corner to create a stretched octagon with a pencil profile on all corners. To finish it off, apertures for an offset hotrod set were cut in to one of the worktop corners and the entire worktop was passed through our oiling machine, before being hand-finished and quality-checked to ensure it meets our rigorous high standards.

Bespoke Oak worktop with irregular cuts outs, hotrod grooves and pencil edge profile

Deluxe Oak

These worktops are called ‘Deluxe’ for a reason – they’re manufactured from luxurious 90mm staves that really help highlight oak’s beautiful colour variation and prominent grain pattern. This particular Deluxe Oak worktop was subject to some unique requirements, including two large internal radius cut outs on the front of the worktop, with two smaller semi-circular cut outs to allow the unit to nestle around pipework running up the customer’s kitchen wall. The worktop was finished with a pencil profile edge along the front edge for extra visual appeal.

Deluxe Oak wortop with radius cut outs and pencil edge profile

Full Stave Oak

Our last featured worktop this month is fortunate enough to have been constructed from not just one but two pieces of full stave oak. The ‘full stave’ construction means that each individual stave is 90mm and runs the entire length of the workshop for some stunning views of the timber’s figuring, uninterrupted and gloriously on show. The CNC machine was put to good use in the case of this full stave oak worktop, first cutting the sink hole to suit an under-mounted sink, followed by a single 35mm tap hole and some straight drainage grooves. A pencil profiled edge on two of the worktop’s sides completes the look.

Full stave Oak worktop with over mounted sink cut out, tap hole cut out and drainage grooves

So there you have it, another month passes and another set of beautiful solid oak worktops pass through our fabrication facility. It’s no surprise that full stave oak was our ‘Worktop of the Month’ in February, it’s a wonderfully lavish product that would add a touch of real class to any kitchen.

Don’t forget that there’s plenty of time to make some excellent savings through our fabrications sale: simply visit the bespoke worktops page to learn more. You can save 25% off the cost of any fabrication during the month of March, whether it’s a simple edge profile you require, or something more bespoke like some of the worktops we’ve featured this month.

If you’re a regular reader of the Worktop Express® Blog, you’ll know that we’re partial to a bit of sporting excitement, and rugby especially is close to our hearts, thanks to our sponsorship of Gloucester RFC and their player and up-and-coming England International Henry Trinder.

Despite having not yet made the England 1st XV, three other Gloucester players did the country proud, with Billy Twelvetrees, Ben Morgan and Jonny May all making invaluable contributions to England’s final match, which saw them triumph over the Italians.

The Six Nations tournament has now been and gone, and despite narrowly missing out on the top honours to Ireland, the young England team pulled out some fantastic performances against tough competition. Many would argue that having beaten Ireland initially, finishing second whilst tying with Ireland on 8 points was a bitter disappointment – though the tournament didn’t fail to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Fortunately here in the Worktop Express® offices we were able to take our minds of the results by delighting in the excellent worktops that have been passing through our factory. Our current ‘Fabulous Fabrication’ sale offers a 25% discount on any fabrications, whether that’s our essential pre-oiling service, an unusual cut-out or something a little more bespoke. Please view the bespoke cutting service page for full details of the options we provide.

Roll on 2015, when England will host the World Cup, and Gloucester’s very own Kingsholm stadium will be hosting some of the matches. Hopefully we’ll see Trinder joining the team and doing us proud!

If you’d like any further information about our partnership with Gloucester RFC, or are interested in finding out more about the fabulous bespoke kitchen worktops that we are creating during the sale, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Wacky Wood uses - Alestrukov wooden usb mouse

courtesy of alestrukov

Just when you thought that we’d shown you the weirdest and most wonderful things made of the fabulous natural material that is wood, we find another one! This week’s ‘wacky’ wood use will make an excellent addition to your desk (which, if you’re anything like us, has been beautifully fashioned from one of our solid wood worktops).

Enter the “AlestRukov” wooden mouse. Shunning the boring plastics of cheap computer mice the world over, this plug-and-play mouse comes in a range of luxurious woods that are individually hand-crafted by the Russian designer from single pieces of solid hardwood that can take up to a year (yes, you read that correctly) to create.

As well as performing the functions you’d expect from a mouse such as clicking, double-clicking and scrolling, it also doubles as a volume control just by holding down the right mouse button. The cord is specially designed to be both flexible and rigid enough to keep its shape, and is available in 3 types of braided finishes. It’s the first mouse we’ve ever heard of that comes with a 5 year warranty, but with prices ranging from €800 to €1200, you may never need another mouse again.

We’d like to think that some of our master carpenters on the fabrication team could rival Mr. Rukov’s handy-work, but they’re quite happy putting their expertise towards creating our beautifully-finished bespoke worktops. Since installing our sophisticated CNC machine in November, there’s virtually no limit to our facility: we can cut your kitchen worktops exactly to your requirements.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the service, then take a look at our bespoke worktops page – our fabrication sale will run until the end of March! – or peruse our fabrication gallery.

Spend Your Race Winnings on Wooden WorktopsAs worktop fans may know, our headquarters are located just off Junction 12 of the M5… an extremely convenient location for visits to Cheltenham, which has been celebrating the busiest race week in its calendar – The Festival – for the past few days! Sadly we’ve been too busy with our wooden worktops to have a ‘flutter’, but sincerely hope that some of our race-going readers might have been visited by Lady Luck…

But whether your pockets are full of Festival winnings or you are hoping to save the pennies, there is something for you at The ‘Fabulous Fabrication’ sale runs until the end of March, offering a fantastic 25% discount across all products, from the popular pre-oiling service to hob cut-outs to edge profiling – and more! Our Deluxe Oak worktops are also on sale, allowing you to enjoy this beautiful timber in a luxurious setting for an extremely affordable price. This product is exclusive to Worktop Express® and sale prices are available for a limited time only: don’t miss it!

And if you happen to be in Gloucestershire for the races – or if you can’t make up your mind which of our wonderful worktops to go for – we recommend popping into the Worktop Express® Gloucester showroom. A variety of worktops are on display within 9 full kitchen sets, providing a great overview of our range and the different looks that can be achieved. A member of our experienced and friendly team would be more than happy to give you a tour. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Since its introduction in 2011, Deluxe Walnut has been a consistently popular worktop choice. Not only are there plenty of wonderful things to say about this product but it’s also been a while since we gave it any attention, so please read on to learn why Deluxe Walnut worktops are our pick for March!

European walnut’s beautifully wavy grain and natural warmth make it a fantastic addition to any kitchen, in any form. But we wanted to find a way to showcase the qualities of the timber to an even great degree than that afforded by a 40mm stave worktop: unfortunately a ‘full stave’ variant was not possible to manufacture -typically walnut is a fairly small tree and therefore we can’t produce staves that run the whole length of the worktop – but there was no reason why a wider stave couldn’t be offered. As such, the ‘deluxe’ construction was born, combining the pleasingly chunky finish of varying stave lengths with the luxurious feel of extra wide, 90mm solid timber sections. The end aesthetic is truly unique and can only be achieved with this product, which is exclusive to Worktop Express®.

Choose the deluxe range from Worktop Express® and enjoy your favourite solid wood worktops in an opulent manner without breaking the bank. Our Deluxe Oak worktops are also on sale this month, allowing you to indulge yourself for a more affordable price than ever before. For more information on this fantastic collection, please browse our product pages or call our friendly sales team on 0845 22 22 644. We’re here to help!

Our sales team aren’t just experts at selling wood block tops; they’re creative little souls, too. Naturally, the Worktop Express® managers are always looking for ways to nurture such creativity (and, most importantly, have a bit of fun)! With this in mind, we recently set the whole team the task of participating in ‘The Great Kitchen Design Challenge’.

The aim of this ‘Challenge’ was to turn a simple kitchen plan and client brief into a fabulous kitchen for the imaginary customer: improving the way we approach and consider our customers, and reminding ourselves what can be achieved with our wonderful products! Challenges ranged from ‘your client has a large collection of Emma Bridgewater ceramics and would like a kitchen to complement and display these’ to ‘your client has purchased a Victorian property and would like to restore the kitchen to its former glory”. Staff were given a month to create a mood board, design and price list.

Each member of the team worked on this independently at home, employing a number of techniques to ensure that the design was well-considered and reflective of the customer’s needs. Research was a key factor; staff investigated interiors trends and appliances, utilising online resources, magazines and the Farrow & Ball ‘Inspiration’ Book, as well as considering the space and making careful selections from our products.

We were so impressed with the beautiful displays created as a result; indeed, we simply can’t agree with one modest staff member’s assertion that ‘overall, I am proud of my design however my drawing skills definitely need some work!’ – we think each and every design looks great! Well done, team.

Now it’s down to the judging panel to decide who will be crowned winner: a tough task! One member from each department will pick their favourite and the design that garners the most votes will win. We’re all awaiting the results with bated breath here at Worktop Express® HQ…

Keep up with us on Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll post updates of the results once we know! In the meantime, we welcome you to browse our great collection of products or bespoke cutting service options; no customisation request is too big or small for our team, and best of all, fabrication options are on sale until the end of March. Don’t miss it!

Worktop Express on YouTube

Since publishing our very first video back in January (more on that later!), we’ve been keen users of YouTube – a brilliant resource for just about anything, from how-to-videos to case studies to expert tips.

The videos published by property whiz Nicola Gohil soon caught our attention, and, to our delight, our worktops were featured in one of them!

This particular video documents the renovation of a property in Amersham, showing before and after shots of various rooms. Nicola guides the viewer through the premises and details exactly what has been done and which products have been chosen to update the interiors. In the case of the Amersham home, the kitchen had been transformed from a sparse space with fuchsia walls to a sleek room with plenty of character. The white cabinetry and pale walls complemented our oak worktops beautifully and the stainless steel appliances gave the kitchen a modern twist.

It was great to see the impact high-quality block wood worktop surfaces like those supplied by Worktop Express® can have on a room: the kitchen looked completely different, and much the better for it!

If you’re a keen video-viewer too and would like to learn more about our products – and witness another of our ‘transformed kitchens’ in action – please visit the Worktop Express® YouTube page. Our introductory video offers valuable insight into our collections and services, from samples to fabrication to the finished kitchen.

Speaking of samples, our online service is another fantastic and affordable way to get to know our worktops: we can provide samples of every timber in our range for just £5 including delivery and VAT. Simply visit our kitchen worktop samples page and order yours today.

After months of wet, dreary winter weather, March is here! The crocuses are already blooming in some areas and our fabrication department is also ‘blossoming’ (forgive us!)

Yes, that’s right, our fabrication sale is back by popular demand! For the month of March we’ll be offering a fabulous 25% off across all services, including the ever-useful pre-oiling option. Thanks to our recent investment in state-of-the-art machinery (such as a CNC machine and automatic oiler) our bespoke cutting service is bigger and better than ever before – and we can deliver even more accurate results with increased efficiency. Test us out this month and see for yourself!

We’ve also extended our Deluxe Oak sale so that more of you can enjoy this beautiful product, which is exclusive to Worktop Express®. With our ‘Deluxe’ range, you really get the best of both worlds: the unique appearance of varying stave lengths – as with our 40mm stave worktops – combined with the opulence of extra wide, 90mm staves. This worktop truly illuminates the glorious qualities of oak for a reasonable price.

We’re spoiling you for choice, this March; so if you can’t make up your mind which of our wood block countertops to go for- we wouldn’t blame you – do feel free to send us an email or give us a call. Our sales lines are open between 9am-5pm on weekdays and 10am-2pm at weekends.