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Radius Corners: A Nutshell Guide

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  1. Sirs, Can you inform me that when cutting out a sink or hob cut out whether you keep the wood from the cutout? I’m interested in getting several worktops with that in mind and also a worktop cutting board which I have to pay £20 for. And yet there is enough wood in the cut out to make 3 or 4 chopping boards so effectively I would be charged twice. Depending on your answer I might have to rethink my plans on this.
    Martin Bartlett

  2. Hi Martin,

    If you are taking advantage of our bespoke cutting services to get a sink or hob cut out, we are happy to send all large offcuts to you, which can be turned in to chopping boards or anything else you might like. Any very small offcuts that may be deemed unusable will be recycled or used to fire our warehouse heater.

    This was answered in further detail in the following ‘Question of the Week':

    Do let us know if you need any further assistance regarding your worktops.

    Kind regards,

    Ben @ Worktop Express.

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