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Worktop Express Blog

Mar 13

At Worktop Express we now offer an enviable selection of laminate kitchen worktops including many stone, wood and quartz-effect surfaces. With such a large selection of colours, finishes and edge profiles, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pick a favourite. This month we have chosen a wood-effect laminate as our ‘Worktop of the Month’: Coco Bolo.

This attractive laminate surface is reminiscent of a lighter version of our solid wood zebrano worktops, and has an extra matt textured finish that makes it feel more realistic than some other wood-effect laminate worktops.

Coco Bolo laminate kitchen worktops are textured to recreate the feel of real timber

Like the other laminate kitchen worktops in our collection, these Coco Bolo worktops are made in the UK and have received the FIRA Gold Award for product excellence. This mark of quality recognises that these surfaces have been independently evaluated and tested by furniture industry experts.

Our laminate worktops are made using sustainable composite fibreboard, which is then wrapped in a decorative sheet and a clear laminate overlay. These layers are bonded together to create an extremely hardwearing surface that is also highly resistant to water and stains.

These affordable laminate worktops are a great fit for a variety of contemporary kitchen settings, but if you can’t decide whether they might be the right choice for your new kitchen, why not order our laminate worktop sample pack? This pack includes each of the laminate surfaces in our collection and is priced at just £5 with fast courier delivery. Furthermore, if you go on to purchase any of our worktops, we will happily refund the sample pack cost.

Mar 10

Following the launch of our new range of laminate worktops, we wanted to remind you that – alongside these superb new decors – there are many other 4 metre worktops in our collection.

Whether you are looking to create an extra-large kitchen countertop, breakfast bar or a desk for the home or office, these 4.1 metre laminate worktops create a vast, seamless surface that is both hardwearing and incredibly affordable.

There are many other 4 metre worktops in our collection, including our entire range of solid wood worktops. Whichever style of kitchen you possess – big or small, contemporary or traditional – Worktop Express has a surface to suit your needs.

If you’d like to take a closer look at any of the worktops in our collection, simply head to your local worktops showroom, or order one of our worktop samples.

Mar 03

Worktops are needed in many areas throughout the home – not just the kitchen! Our new collection of laminate bathroom worktops features a variety of surfaces that have been chosen specially to suit a range of bathroom themes.

These laminate bathroom worktops are manufactured to very high standards, and are hard-wearing, low maintenance, and resistant to both water and scratches.

All laminate bathroom countertops measure 2 metres in length and are 28mm thick, though these can be cut to size by our worktop fabrication team, who can also make tap hole cut-outs and much more besides.

Visit our laminate worktops page to see the great additions to our range

In addition to this comprehensive range, we offer an impressive collection of high-quality laminate kitchen worktops, which features a wide selection of colours and designs. Four new designs have just been introduced:

Our Black Quartz worktops are a highly-affordable alternative to real quartz worktops.
These Glacial Storm laminate kitchen worktops are perfect for brightening a modern kitchen
Ipanema Grey recreates the look of natural stone with a semi-gloss finish that’s easy to clean.”
These brushed steel laminate worktops replicate the look of stainless steel at an affordable price

Our expansive range of laminate worktops has been collated to provide options for any taste, budget and style of home. These surfaces are both highly durable and easy to clean, making them a particularly low-maintenance worktop choice for any setting.

Laminate worktops in a range of sizes are available with next-day 2Man delivery. If you’d like to take a closer look at the items in our range, we recommend you purchase a laminate worktop sample pack before placing your order. These are priced at just £5 – a cost that can be refunded if you go on to order a worktop from us.

Transform your home for less with laminate surfaces from Worktop Express®.

Feb 20

Over the last year we have introduced many laminate surfaces, including a variety of gloss worktops that are a superb choice for contemporary kitchens.

Today on the blog we have put together some perfect style sets for utilising high-gloss kitchen worktops in your home.

Black Sparkle Andromeda

Consider glossy black appliances against bright, white cabinets to create a high-contrast look.

Credit: LG

Our black sparkle laminate countertops are among the most popular gloss worktops in our collection. These deep black surfaces feature flecks of real metal that shimmer under bright lighting, and are a superb match for kitchens featuring ultra-modern stainless steel appliances. Mix this high-gloss contemporary worktop with a trendy shade of grey (such as Farrow & Ball’s Parma Gray) to create a truly modern kitchen theme.

Black Gloss – Constellation

Add a splash of colour to your contemporary white kitchen by including a range of red appliances and accessories.

Credit: Bosch

Consider our black gloss laminate worktops in a high-contrast, ultra-modern kitchen design. These gloss worktops have a contemporary square edge profile, are highly reflective, and are a perfect choice alongside brilliant white cabinet frontals, black appliances and walls painted in a clean shade like Farrow & Ball’s All White.

White Sparkle Andromeda

Add a splash of colour to your contemporary white kitchen by including a range of red appliances and accessories.

Credit: KitchenAid

Combine shiny black and white subway tiles on your kitchen walls to complement white gloss worktops.

Credit: Pinterest

Want to achieve the high-contrast look whilst retaining a light and bright feel in your kitchen? Consider our white sparkle laminate worktops. These surfaces feature real metallic flakes that sparkle in bright lighting or natural daylight, and look superb alongside splashes of colour and other gloss kitchen décor such as black and white subway tiling.

Have you used laminate gloss worktops in your kitchen? We’d love to see the results. Share the photos with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we’ll display the very best to our followers.

To take a closer look at these gloss worktops – or any of the other surfaces in our collection – head to one of our worktop showrooms or order one of our worktop samples today!

Nov 21

Since their introduction, our range of laminate worktops have been positively flying out of our warehouse; and with such a wide selection of colours, finishes and edge profiles on offer, it’s certainly difficult to pick a favourite. This month – for the first time ever – we have chosen one of these laminates as our ‘Worktop of the Month’: black gloss laminate worktops.

Constellation black gloss laminate worktops novembers worktop of the month

These attractive laminate worktops have a subtle, mottled appearance known as ‘Constellation’, which is covered in a glossy laminate overlay: a finish that is incredibly easy to clean with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

Like the other laminate kitchen countertops in our collection, Constellation worktops have received the FIRA Gold Award for product excellence. This recognised mark of quality shows that these black gloss worktops have been independently tested and evaluated by furniture industry experts.

Our laminate worktops are made in the UK from sustainable composite fibreboard, which is wrapped in a decorative sheet before being covered in a clear laminate overlay. These layers are bonded together under high heat and pressure to create an incredibly robust and hard-wearing surface that is highly resistant to water and stains.

If you think these affordable laminate worktops might be the right choice for your new kitchen, why not order our laminate worktop sample pack? This pack includes a sample of each laminate surface in our collection and costs just £5 with next-day courier delivery. Furthermore, if you go on to order one of our laminate worktops, we will happily refund the cost – an unmissable bargain!

Oct 10

You may already know that a few months ago we launched a brand new range of laminate worktops; what you may not know is that this new collection of low-maintenance kitchen worktops has proven to be extremely popular – so much so that we’re now delighted to announce its expansion to include a variety of attractive new styles and finishes!

This exciting new product launch includes laminate worktops with wood-effect, granite-effect and marble-effect designs. You will also find cutting-edge AEON™ worktops in our latest offering: this is a brand new way of making laminate worktops, using enhanced-performance technology to produce surfaces that have three to five times the resistance to wear, scuffs, and scratches when compared to the industry standard. These premium surfaces are extra resilient, and are designed to look new for longer.

Marble-effect surfaces have rocketed to the top of the list when it comes to current interior trends, and we are delighted to now offer a beautiful selection of Calcutta Marble laminate worktops, which are part of our hard-wearing AEON range.

Colmar Oak - oak effect laminate worktops.
Calcutta Marble – marble effect, AEON laminate worktops.
Winter Carnival – Brazilian granite effect, AEON laminate worktops.

Other styles – such as our Winter Carnival granite-effect worktops, which features a large-scale Brazilian granite design – have a high-definition ‘mirage’ finish that combines matt and gloss finishes for an even more realistic effect.

If you fancy updating your kitchen with a wood-effect work surface, our beautiful Colmar Oak worktops and Coco Bolo worktops leave nothing to be desired – they are very durable, and feature a high-definition wood-grain design.

Like our existing collection of laminate surfaces, all new styles are available with a 900mm-wide breakfast bar option and are supplied with two coordinating edging strips. We have also launched a laminate worktop cutting service, allowing our customers to order their laminate kitchen surfaces with customisations such as cut to size, hob cut-outs, sink cut-outs and tap holes.

Don’t forget, this fresh collection of quality laminate surfaces are all made with FSC-certified chipboard and have been awarded FIRA Gold certification for product excellence.

If you simply can’t decide which style is your favourite, why not order our laminate worktop sample pack?

Sep 09

If you are looking for eco-friendly solid wood worktops, rubberwood countertops are an excellent choice.

Looking for great savings on high-quality solid wood worktops? Our hard-wearing rubberwood worktops are discounted for one month only, making this the perfect time to invest in your new real wood work surfaces.

This environmentally-friendly countertop is a great addition to any kitchen, instilled with warm hues similar to those of our solid beech and cherry wood worktops. It may not come as a surprise that rubberwood is sourced from the rubber tree, a species which is grown en masse in order to be tapped for latex. Once trees are exhausted of all their latex, they are felled and given a second lease of life in these characterful solid wood surfaces. With slightly larger pores than other timbers in our collection, rubberwood showcases a charming speckled appearance, which helps ensure that every single 40mm-wide stave is absolutely unique.

From the 1st – 30th September, rubberwood worktops can be purchased at a discount when ordering online or by telephone or email. No promotion code is necessary – the reduction will be applied to all pricing automatically – but orders must be placed by 23:59 on Friday 30th September to qualify for this excellent deal, so be sure to purchase your worktops without delay!

To create a sophisticated and well-coordinated kitchen aesthetic, why not purchase coordinating rubberwood upstands and plinths too?

Before making your purchase, you may like to take advantage of our sample service, which offers speedy delivery of a representative 200 x 150 x 40mm section of rubberwood worktop.

If you wish to place an order with a member of our sales team, please feel free to telephone us on 0345 22 22 644 or send an email to .

Aug 29

We have recently introduced an impressive selection of laminate countertops to our website: from the warm look of oak-effect worktops to the stylish modern vibes of our high-shine sparkle surfaces, all are proving to be extremely popular. The white sparkle kitchen worktops from our Andromeda range are perfect for creating a fresh, bright look in modern homes. Keep reading to find out more about these white gloss work surfaces…

Our dazzling white worktops are proof that a kitchen makeover doesn’t have to cost the earth. Starting at just £80 for a 3050mm x 600mm x 38mm worktop, these affordable work surfaces are wonderfully budget-friendly.

Finished with an impressive, sparkly sheen, this work surface is created with a chipboard centre; made with up to 70% recycled materials, chipboard is an environmentally-friendly option. The core is then wrapped with a crisp white sheet of laminate and covered in a special overlay, thus producing a remarkable twinkling effect.

If you are yearning for the look and multi-functionality of a kitchen breakfast bar or island unit, we also supply a white Andromeda breakfast bar worktop measuring 3050mm x 900mm x 38mm. This is easy to install, and comes with a post-formed edge along the two longer sides.

All laminate worktops are supplied with two matching edging strips enclosed within their packaging. If you plan to cut your worktop and require additional edging strips, these are also available to purchase separately.

As part of our eye-catching Andromeda range, these glittering worktops are also available in black. Should you wide to take a closer look at this work surface – or any other laminate surface in our range – why not order a complete laminate sample pack?