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Worktop Express Blog

Apr 14

We are very proud of the custom kitchen worktops created by our fabrication team, and this month we are delighted to bring you a small selection of the 750+ bespoke surfaces that have been made in our Gloucester facility in recent weeks.

Black oak kitchen worktops undergo a special treatment to darken the timber, whilst still exhibiting oak’s naturally beautiful grain.

Black Oak

If you like the look and feel of an oak worktop but are looking for a darker choice, do consider our black oak worktops. Black oak undergoes a special treatment that blackens the timber throughout, making it a great alternative to wenge or other dark hardwoods.

This particular black oak worktop has been cut to accommodate an undermounted kitchen sink, with a smooth pencil profile applied to the top edge, and corresponding drainage grooves to one side. Whilst black oak is not one of the more common timbers we see in our fabrication warehouse, it stands out as a luxurious surface whenever it passes through.

Our concrete-effect laminate worktops are perfect for recreating this trendy look at a fraction of the price.

Concrete Laminate Worktop

Since the introduction of our laminate worktop cutting service we have seen an increasing number of laminate worktops being customised for our customers.

This grey concrete laminate worktop had a bespoke aperture cut out to accommodate an overmounted sink, allowing it to be installed easily in the customer’s kitchen immediately after delivery.

Whilst beech kitchen worktops may not be the most unusual of choices, this small circular cut-out caught our eye.

Beech Worktop

Beech worktops are incredibly affordable and often picked for both classic and contemporary kitchen settings.

The beech worktop above caught our eye as it features an unusually small sink hole in the centre of the worktop. The customer informs us that this worktop is intended for use as a kitchen island, and the small sink will be used for drinking water or for washing and preparing fresh produce only.

As with all wood worktops that pass through our facility, this beech surface was oiled after customisation to ensure that it would be sealed and protected during transit and installation.

If you would like to see more examples of customised worktops, please take a look at our Bespoke Worktop Fabrication Gallery, which features hundreds of photos of worktops that have been created previously by our skilled team.

Mar 06

Every month a huge number of custom kitchen worktops pass through the hands of our incredibly skilled fabrication team. In February alone, over 750 bespoke wood and laminate worktops were created, and March is set to be even busier! Here on the blog we have chosen to highlight three of the most excellent custom kitchen worktops that we’ve seen this month.

Prime Beech

This extra-large Prime Beech worktop was created to accommodate a particularly spacious breakfast bar area.

Our Prime Beech worktops are made from staves that are chosen for their uniform colour and lack of natural imperfections. The result is a worktop that is light in colour and enduringly popular in both traditional and modern kitchen designs.

This bespoke Prime Beech worktop was created by biscuit jointing two worktops together. Our team then made a number of irregular cut-outs and an aperture to accommodate a Belfast sink. Two sets of drainage grooves were routed into the surface on either side of the sink to allow for natural water drainage. Once fabricated, the worktop was given a number of coats of oil to protect it prior to installation.

If you think Prime Beech worktops would be an ideal centrepiece in your kitchen, they start at £85 for a 2M x 620mm x 40mm worktop.

End Grain Butchers Block

This large maple and walnut endgrain butchers block measures 1M across and was pre-oiled for the customer.

Hundreds of kitchen worktops pass through our facility each month, but we’re always on the lookout for something really unusual. This extra-large endgrain butchers block worktop certainly caught our eye; measuring 1M in diameter, this beautiful piece was constructed from a mix of maple and walnut staves that had been assembled with their hard-wearing endgrain exposed.

The butcher block had a small pencil edge profile applied to the top edge and was pre-oiled to protect it during delivery (a treatment that also facilitates swift installation once on site).

Our endgrain butchers blocks come in oak, maple, walnut or maple and walnut timbers with prices starting at just £210 for a 620mm diameter x 100mm circular oak butchers block.


This custom iroko kitchen worktop features an undermounted sink cut-out and a variety of other customisations.

Our iroko worktops are made using resilient hardwood timber from central Africa. Although each piece starts off as a vibrant golden yellow timber, the wood matures quickly into a deep bronze hue.

This iroko surface was enhanced with an undermounted sink cut-out, a tap hole, and hotrod grooves. Worktop connector bolt recesses were routed into the underside to allow it to be attached to another piece of iroko, thus creating an L-shaped work surface. As with all the other worktops that pass through our facility, several coats of oil were applied to protect it during delivery and installation.

If you like the idea of having this exotic timber in your kitchen, our iroko worktops are available from just £125 for a 2M x 620mm x 40mm surface.

Did any of the worktops featured in this month’s Fabrication Top Picks pique your interest? If so, why not order one of our worktop samples? These samples are priced at just £5 including fast courier delivery, and are pre-oiled on one side to mimic the appearance of the finished product. If you go on to purchase one of our worktops, we’ll happily refund the cost of any samples on a one-for-one basis.

To order your own custom kitchen worktop, try out our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool, through which you can design, price and order worktops with a wide range of customisations.

Jan 23

After breezing through the busiest period of the year, our fabrication team continues to create hundreds of bespoke hardwood worktops every week here at Worktop Express.

Last year our facility expanded to accommodate a second high-tech CNC machine, and space for additional worktops to pass through our facility without increasing the lead time. With the recent introduction of our laminate worktop cutting service, the capacity has increased even further.

This month we have picked out three elegant bespoke wooden surfaces that recently passed through our fabrication facility:


A bespoke solid oak worktop with an end cap and smooth pencil profiles on the top and bottom edges.

Many of the worktops that are handled by our fabrication team undergo quite unusual and intricate bespoke amendments, though our craftsmen also produce worktops with less conspicuous customisations that are equally impressive.

Soft pencil edge profiles were applied to both the top and bottom edges of this particular oak worktop, which was also given an end cap. End caps are not only an aesthetically-pleasing addition to wooden worktops, but also help protect the end grain of the timber from the excess heat radiated by adjacent appliances.

After customisation, the worktop was sanded to an extremely smooth finish and a number of coats of oil were applied to protect it during transport and installation.


This bespoke wenge worktop has been customised with an aperture to accommodate a hob.

Wenge worktops are among the most luxurious choices in our collection. Wenge can appear almost black in parts, though lighter flecks also occur within the dark, distinctive grain.

This customised wenge worktop features an aperture which was cut to the hob specifications provided by the customer, allowing it to be installed immediately after delivery. Once our team had finished creating the hob aperture, the surface was sanded to a very smooth finish, before being oiled.

Black American Walnut

This pair of black American walnut shelves were ordered via our bespoke solid wood floating shelves calculator.

Since its introduction a couple of years ago, our range of solid wood floating shelves has proved to be one of our most successful additions, and now comprises a variety of standard sizes and timbers (including oak, walnut, ash, iroko and beech). We also offer a bespoke floating shelf calculator on our website that allows customers to order shelves in many of the other timbers in our collection, and in bespoke sizes.

This pair of black American walnut shelves were ordered via the shelf calculator, and are intended to fit perfectly in the customer’s home. Special holes were cut in the rear of each shelf to accommodate the invisible floating shelf brackets we supply. After customisation, the shelves were sanded and pre-oiled to ensure they would be ready to mount immediately after delivery.

If you would like to see more examples of the worktops our talented team has fabricated over the last few years, please visit our Bespoke Worktop Fabrication Gallery.

Nov 28

November is historically one of the busiest months here at Worktop Express, and this year has not disappointed. In fact, we have seen more than 600 fantastic fabricated wooden surfaces pass through the hands of our bespoke worktop team – an amazing effort by all involved.

Though it was difficult to keep up with so many worktops passing through, we have picked out three fine examples to feature here on the blog:

A solid oak worktop featuring hot rod groves and a hob cut-out.


It’s difficult to believe how many custom oak worktops we see in the fabrication department, but their timeless beauty never ceases to impress. This particular oak worktop is unusual in that it features an oven hob cut-out alongside smooth routed grooves to accommodate a set of diamond-shaped worktop hotrod set.

After our fabrication team cut the worktop to size and made the necessary customisations, it was given a further sanding to ensure it was incredibly smooth before passing through our oiling facility to receive a coating of oil to protect it during transit and installation.

An unusual iroko kitchen island worktop featuring a circular sink cut-out, drainage grooves and a chamfered edge.


Iroko is another timeless classic that is a popular choice with our customers. After allowing time to mature, the deep bronze tones and iridescent glow make iroko worktops an elegant choice for both classic and contemporary kitchen settings.

This piece will feature as the surface on one of our customer’s kitchen islands, and has an impressive circular cut-out to accommodate a sink, with corresponding drainage grooves and a tap hole, too. Finally, a large chamfered edge was applied on each of the four sides to give it a luxurious profile.

As with all the custom worktops that pass through our facility, the worktop was then sanded to an incredibly smooth finish and oiled to provide sufficient protection during transit and installation.

This full stave ash worktop features an undermounted sink cut-out and drainage grooves.

Full Stave Ash

If you are looking for a lighter alternative to oak or a more characterful substitute for maple, our full stave ash worktops might be your perfect pick. The light, linear grain pattern makes this bright wooden surface a firm favourite for classic kitchens that are lacking in natural light.

After being cut to size, this full stave ash surface had an aperture cut for an undermounted stainless steel sink and complementary drainage groove were applied alongside. The worktop was then passed over to our sanding team to ensure the finish was perfectly smooth, after which our oiling team passed it through our specialist coating machine and then finished the worktop by hand to ensure it would be well sealed during delivery and installation.

If you are feeling inspired by our custom-made wooden worktops, why not try our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool? This innovative online app allows you to design, price up and pay for bespoke worktops online. What’s more, we are currently offering a discount on all worktop customisations ordered via the tool; it’s now easier and cheaper than ever to create the worktop of your dreams!

Oct 24

Our talented team of craftsmen have had a busy month producing stunning hardwood work surfaces to match the precise specifications of our customers. Indeed, a range of characterful timber species and luxurious exotic variants have passed through our hands over the last few weeks: keep reading to learn more about our favourites!

Full Stave Zebrano

Bespoke full stave zebrano worktop with a circular sink cut-out.

One of our most strikingly exotic wood surfaces, our full stave zebrano worktops are truly stunning. With 90mm-wide staves that run the entire length of the work surface, the distinctive grain and golden colouration of these worktops are shown off to their best.

This bespoke zebrano worktop has been purchased for use in a bathroom. It has been cut to size and a circular cut-out was added to create space for a large drop-in sink.

European Walnut

Made to measure European walnut work surface with an irregular cut, undermounted sink cut-out, tap hole and drainage grooves.

European walnut worktops are well-known for their characterful grain pattern and beautifully contrasting colouration. The colours featured in these popular worktops range from honey to chocolate, making this the ideal surface for bringing warmth and cosiness to any kitchen.

This particular custom worktop has had a number of bespoke cuts made. First, an irregular cut was added to provide this diagonal edge. Then, a sink cut-out was created to make space for an undermounted kitchen sink. Around the sink cut-out, we have added a tap hole cut-out and six angled drainage grooves. As an elegant finishing touch, a pencil edge profile has been added to the front edge of the worktop.


Custom wood worktop made from solid wenge with a sink cut-out, a large hob cut-out and drainage grooves.

This impressive wenge worktop is our favourite piece from October. Measuring four metres long, the large swathe of dark and sumptuous timber is especially dramatic. Exotic wenge wood is 50% more dense than oak, earning itself the reputation of being ‘the timber equivalent of granite’; robust and luxurious, this really is a surface that you can prize for many, many years.

The stylish surface was made to measure by our experienced fabrication team, who tailored the worktop to feature an undermounted sink cut-out and a large hob cut-out. Drainage grooves were added to the surface, making it easy to wipe water off the surface and into the sink in future (thus ensuring that the wood will never be impaired by standing water).

If you are considering ordering kitchen worktops with bespoke features, we are pleased to offer a professional wood worktop cutting service and laminate cutting service. Wooden worktops can also be designed, priced-up and ordered online using our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool.

To get in touch and order with a member of our helpful sales team, please telephone us on 0345 22 22 644 or email .

Sep 26

Our team of solid wood experts have been busy fabricating a variety of made-to-measure wood worktops this month. Designed to meet each customer’s detailed specifications, each bespoke surface is made with its own unique template and cut with the ultimate precision and care.

From hob cut-outs to tap holes to decorative edge profiling, customers can take advantage of our broad range of services either by contacting us by telephone or email or by using our innovative Online Bespoke Worktop Tool. Shoppers who decided to order via this online tool will also benefit from a 10% discount on all our cutting services.

Find kitchen worktop inspiration with our three favourite custom worktops from September:

Black Andromeda

Bespoke Black Andromeda sparkle laminate worktop that is cut-to-size.

Thanks to our newly-introduced bespoke cutting service for laminate worktops, we are pleased to feature the first custom laminate surface in our ‘Fabrication Top Picks’ series. Our Black Andromeda worktops have an eye-catching sparkle surface with a high-gloss finish that is ideal for reflecting light in kitchens.

This Black Andromeda worktop has been cut to size using our high-quality CNC machine. Don’t forget, we can alter both the widths and lengths of our bespoke laminate worktops, as well as applying a number of other customisations. Visit our laminate worktop cutting servicepage to find out more.

Full Stave Oak

Made-to-measure full stave oak worktop for a kitchen island unit.

Full stave oak worktops are a luxurious choice. With 90mm-wide staves than run the entire length of the work surface, this configuration is perfect for flaunting the attractive natural figuring of oak. Oak worktops are blessed with a gorgeous golden colouration and a traditional grain; it’s no surprise, then, that they are amongst our best-selling surfaces.

This particular made-to-measure worktop has been specially produced to complete a kitchen island. The surface benefits from a small radius corner, which equips the worktop with a softer edge (a sensible choice in an area through which people frequently walk). To find out more about our complete range of services, please explore wood worktop cutting service page.


Bespoke Black Andromeda sparkle laminate worktop that is cut-to-size.

Bamboo worktops are a more popular choice for kitchens than ever before. We believe this is due to bamboo’s beautiful golden colouring, naturally water-resistant properties, and eco-friendly attributes. Bamboo is also a distinctive choice as – unlike our other worktops – these surfaces comprise slim, 20mm-wide staves that feature small markings where the nodes occur on the stem of the bamboo.

This custom worktop has been fabricated to incorporate a hob cut-out and an irregular cut-out to accommodate a pop-up extractor fan. By creating a unique template for every bespoke worktop, we can tailor your wooden work surface to your precise specifications. All custom wood worktops are treated with protective oil: this treatment preserves newly-cut edges and enhances the natural look of the grain.

If you would like to order a fantastic custom worktop of your own, why not try our innovative Online Bespoke Worktop Tool? This handy tool – which is unique to Worktop Express – allows customers to design, price-up and order bespoke worktops online, speeding up the ordering process whilst offering an additional 10% discount across all cutting services – it’s too good to miss!

Aug 22

Never the types to rest on their laurels, our fantastic fabrication team have been hard at work this month, producing all manner of beautiful bespoke solid wood worktops. From Belfast sink cut-outs to unusual, irregular cuts to breakfast bar worktops, our team carefully craft countertops to meet a wide range of customer requests.

Whilst some of the made-to-measure work surfaces that we have seen this week have been ordered by telephone, we have also received numerous bespoke worktop orders via our handy Online Bespoke Worktop Tool. Savvy shoppers have taken advantage of this easy-to-use tool in order to receive 10% off the cost of our cutting service. If you haven’t tried it out yet, why not give the Bespoke Tool a go today? In the meantime, here are three of our favourite custom worktops from August:

European Walnut

European walnut worktops are noted for their beautiful coloration.

Gorgeous European walnut worktops are highly distinctive. Noted for their eye-catching colour variation, the wooden staves are created using timber taken from the pale sapwood and darker heartwood of the walnut tree.

For this worktop, a large sink cut-out has been made to create space for one of our magnificent inset kitchen sinks from Rangemaster®. Our skilled fabrication team have also added a radius corner, which is a smart choice for high-traffic areas of the kitchen (softening square corners with a curved edge). All of our made-to-measure worktops are given three coats of protective wood oil, providing freshly-cut edges with added protection against changes in room temperature.


Solid beech worktops have a warm, pink hue and look fantastic in modern kitchens.

Beech countertops are a popular choice for modern kitchens. This warm-hued timber has a slightly pink tint, giving the surface a warm and appealing impression. Beech wood has a remarkable grain pattern: the fine speckles – for example – are highly celebrated, and imbue the timber with a charming sense of individuality. A robust surface that is both decorative and hard-wearing, beech is the worktop of choice for many of our customers.

This bespoke worktop comes with a Belfast sink cut-out that has been designed to accommodate the outstanding double-bowl Belfast sink from RAK. These made-to-measure worktop cuts are provided with a profiled top edge (unless otherwise requested), to allow surface water to drain easily into the basin. Due to being made individually from natural materials, ceramic sinks have a +/-5mm tolerance. As such, each template used to create a Belfast sink cut-out is made individually, so that we can guarantee a precise cut to suit the unique dimensions of your sink.

Deluxe Iroko

Purchase Deluxe Iroko work surfaces for a worktop that is hard-wearing, highly hygienic and incredibly impressive.

Deluxe Iroko is an impressive timber choice, incorporating rich coloration and magnificent 90mm-wide staves. A sought-after timber with warm chestnut coloration and a naturally-high oil content, iroko is an ideal choice for kitchen worktops: the wood is both hygienic and extremely attractive.

This Deluxe Iroko worktop has been designed for an island unit and is sure to make a beautiful kitchen centrepiece. Our skilled fabrication team have added an aperture for an electric hob; you will note the angular inside corners, which have be cut square to ensure the cut-out fits securely around the appliance. Many of our customers like to incorporate a hob or sink within their kitchen island so that they can create an efficient space in which to cook, an addition which adheres to the principles of the Kitchen Work Triangle (a concept which never ceases to be popular when it comes to kitchen design).

If you would like to discuss the unique requirements of your own bespoke worktop, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope that August’s ‘Fabrication Top Picks’ have proven inspirational; if you would like to see more photographs of made-to-measure worktops, do feel free to browse our Bespoke Worktops Gallery to discover more about the extensive range of services that we offer.

Jul 29

It may be hot and sunny outside but there’s no time for a break in the Worktop Express® workshop; indeed, our tireless fabrication team have been working hard all month to create a plethora of terrific, tailor-made wooden countertops.

As part of our bespoke worktop cutting service, our skilled team craft all manner of customisations – from sink cut-outs to hotrod grooves to edge profiles – to produce stunning custom work surfaces that are truly unique.

We have seen many species of timber pass through our fabrication department this July, and here are our top three:

Caramel Bamboo

A bespoke caramel bamboo worktop featuring a large aperture to accommodate an overmounted sink.

Our beautiful caramel bamboo worktops are a darker alternative to our standard bamboo surfaces, showcasing gorgeous caramel tones. This rich hue is derived from a caramelisation process, which deepens the bamboo’s colour to a golden brown. Bamboo has a very high silica content, which helps to make it a naturally water resistant and hygienic surface for kitchens.

In this example, a caramel bamboo countertop has been cut by our fabrication team to accommodate a glossy Reginox Overmounted Ceramic Sink. As with all custom worktops, the wood was given three coats of Danish wood oil before being wrapped and delivered (a treatment which serves to hydrate and protect the timber).


These worktop connector bolt cut-outs allow the oak worktop to be easily joined to another.

Traditional oak worktops are a popular choice – in fact, this is our best-selling timber species! With an attractive golden colouring, distinctive grain pattern and immensely hard-wearing surface, these countertops are a characterful addition to kitchens that will last for many, many years to come.

This particular section of oak worktop has been cut on the underside to accommodate grooves for dog bone connector bolts, in order to create a butt joint with the corresponding worktop. We recommend three bolts for this style of joint, and strongly advise inserting a silicone sealant between the two worktops to protect against water ingress. When we create these butt joints, the bolts are always included.

Deluxe Sapele

This Deluxe Sapele worktop had a number of customisations to create a beautiful kitchen island surface.

Sapele – sometimes also known as ‘sapelli’ – is a robust timber with magnificent colouring. With eye-catching chestnut hues, these sapele work surfaces are darker than iroko worktops and warmer than black American walnut tops. Though sapele originally boasts pale pink tones, the timber will darken to a rich red colour shortly after installation and oiling. This timber is available from Worktop Express in standard, Deluxe and full stave variants.

On this Deluxe Sapele worktop, a cut-out for an undermounted sink has been made by our knowledgeable fabrication team. A taphole cut-out has been added to complement this, as well as drainage grooves. Finally, a pencil edge profile has been applied, creating a softer look that is well-suited to both modern and traditional kitchens. All our fabricated worktops are pre-oiled to help protect any freshly-cut edges, though the surfaces and edges will require further coats of oil after installation. Adhering to a regular programme of oiling will ensure that the timber builds up sufficient resistance to water.

If you would like to order worktops that incorporate any of the customisations featured in July’s ‘Fabrication Top Picks’, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Custom worktops can be ordered by telephoning us on 0345 22 22 644, or by emailing . Alternatively, you can use our Online Bespoke Worktop Tool to receive a discount of 10% across all bespoke options.

Apr 11

There is just a day left in which to take advantage of our fantastic fabrication sale, which offers a 25% discount on the price of all bespoke worktop services when ordered before 23:59 on April 12th.

Since the sale began in March, we’ve been delighted to see so many customers testing the skills of our fabulous fabrication team by ordering beautiful bespoke solid wooden worksurfaces.

Here are our top three custom worktop picks for April:

Full stave zebrano solid wooden worksurfaces with a smooth pencil edge profile.

Full Stave Zebrano

Zebrano worktops are simply stunning surfaces, and in their full stave form show off the unique grain and golden colouration of the timber in a most opulent way. Featuring a number of 90mm wide staves that run the full length of the worktop, our full stave zebrano worktops are ideal choices for eye-catching kitchen islands in contemporary settings.

This particular full stave zebrano worktop was created for a kitchen island, and features a single large radius corner. A smooth pencil edge profile was added to the top edge, and multiple coats of oil were applied, preparing the worktop for immediate installation after delivery.

Bamboo solid wood worksurfaces with four radius corners, a smooth pencil edge profile and a large hole in the centre for a pop-up electrical sockets.


Bamboo may technically be a grass rather than a hardwood, but this resilient material is an ideal choice for creating a wooden worktop. As well offering unrivalled sustainability, bamboo worktops are naturally hygienic and water resistant – meaning that the surface is particularly well-suited to a kitchen environment.

This large bamboo worktop was customised to feature four small radius corners, a smooth pencil edge profile and a large hole in the centre to accommodate a set of pop-up electrical sockets. Obscured from view on the underside of the surface, our team cut a recess to accommodate one of our worktop wireless chargers.

Deluxe oak solid wood worksurfaces using two oak worktops biscuit-jointed together and a number of cut-outs.

Deluxe Oak

Our fabrication facility is never short of customised oak worktops, so they have to be rather unusual to catch our attention. Oak is by far the most popular timber choice, and with good reason – this highly regarded hardwood is perfectly suited to both contemporary and traditional settings.

Our final top pick this April is a rather unusual extra-wide Deluxe Oak worktop, which was manufactured by our fabrication team using two oak worktops biscuit-jointed together; after which a number of cut-outs were made to accommodate appliances and the irregular room shape.

Have you been inspired by any of the bespoke worktops in our collection? If so, you may want to take a look at our Bespoke Fabrication Gallery, which includes a wide variety of worktops created by our skilled team. Many of these worktop customisations can be ordered directly through our Online Bespoke Tool, but if you have a more unusual request, do not hesitate to get in touch with our fabrication experts to discuss your order in more detail.

Mar 07

March is already in full swing, and there’s no rest for the fabrication team here at Worktop Express®. Each day they create a number of incredible bespoke wooden worktops to be delivered to customers around the country via our 2Man delivery fleet.

This month our team have created more than 400 customised wooden worktops, and we’ve decided to share a selection of the finest with you here on the blog.


An ash worktop with a belfast sink cut-out which has a soft profiled edge and a tap hole cut out wooden worktops.

Our ash worktops are a beautiful alternative to light choices such as oak, maple or beech, but it is still less common to see this attractive timber passing through our fabrication warehouse.

This particular ash worktop features a Belfast sink cut-out with a soft profiled edge and a precisely cut tap hole. Once the worktop had been sanded to a perfectly smooth finish, multiple coats of oil were applied in order to accentuate the colour of the timber, and protect it during transit and installation.

Full Stave Oak

A full stave oak worktop that has a semi-circular cut out and an ogee edge profile wooden worktops.

Full stave surfaces are among the most lavish in our collection, and this full stave oak worktop is no exception. Constructed from a number of extra-wide 90mm staves that run the full length of the top, this worktop is the ideal choice for a kitchen island.

In this instance, a semi-circular cut out was made to accommodate a round end grain butchers block, and an ogee edge profile was applied – giving the surface a beautiful detail that would be perfect for a traditional kitchen design. After customisation, our team then applied a number of coats of oil to bring out the timber’s natural colouration, whilst protecting it during delivery and installation.

Black American Walnut

Black american walnut worktop with a belfast sink cut out two tap cut outs and twin drainage grooves wooden worktops.

Black American walnut worktops are one of our favourites, and tend to prove popular with customers looking for surfaces that are both dark and luxurious – no matter whether for a contemporary or traditional kitchen.

This black walnut surface was given a number of customisations in order to fit exactly into the customer’s kitchen. Firstly a hole with a soft pencil edge profile was cut to suit a Belfast sink, with holes for two taps and twin drainage grooves cut either side. Further along the worktop, a set of grooves were applied to accommodate stainless steel hot rods, which will provide a space to set down pots and pans next to the kitchen hob. Like the other two worktops featured in this month’s top picks, this surface was oiled after fabrication.

If you are looking for inspiration for your own customised worktop, why not visit our Bespoke Fabrication Gallery? In it you’ll find images of many of the bespoke worktops that our team have created for many happy Worktop Express customers.