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Jul 14, 2017

Spend £500 on Kitchen Worktops by 17th July for 10% Off

It’s your last chance to make the most of our fantastic discount – until 23:59 on Monday 17th July we are offering any customers who spend over £500 a 10% discount on their order!

No matter whether you require solid wood worktops, laminate worktops, earthstone worktops, or worktop accessories to update your kitchen, all orders totalling over £500 (excluding delivery costs) will be discounted by 10%.

It’s easy to save: simply enter the discount code UP500 at the online checkout or mention the promotion to one of our sales advisors if placing your order in one of our worktop showrooms, via telephone or email.

If you are planning a kitchen transformation or are planning a new one, don’t hesitate to place your order soon to avoid missing out on this great deal – you only have until Monday 17th July to benefit from this offer!

Can’t make your mind up? Why not try one of these superb surfaces:

Jul 11, 2017

Since their introduction, our large range of laminate worktops have proved a very popular choice for customers looking for a low-maintenance solution.

White Sparkle kitchen worktops are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after in our collection. These bright, contemporary surfaces have a high-gloss finish and feature real metallic flakes that sparkle under natural or artificial light.

The following three colour schemes are a perfect choice for combining with our white sparkle kitchen worktops:

Combine navy blue or deep plum paint on cabinets alongside white sparkle kitchen worktops for an on-trend look.

Navy blue or deep plum paints are a very on-trend look for kitchen units, and combine perfectly with white sparkle worktops.

Our white sparkle kitchen worktops look incredibly modern, and are an affordable alternative to real quartz.

White sparkle worktops give kitchens a very modern feel, and are a highly-affordable alternative to quartz.

This Rangemaster Chrome Bridge Tap is an ideal accessory in this colour scheme.

Consider chrome fixtures and fittings such as this Rangemaster Chrome Bridge Tap alongside white sparkle worktops in a dark blue kitchen.

Monochrome kitchens are an ideal setting for White Sparkle kitchen worktops.

A monochrome kitchen design is still very desirable. White Sparkle kitchen worktops are an ideal choice in high-contrast settings.

White Sparkle kitchen worktops are perfect for incorporating in high-contrast kitchens.

Our White Sparkle laminate worktops are ideal for use in a monochrome kitchen design.

Consider our black oak floating shelves to provide extra storage in a monochrome kitchen.

Black oak floating shelves are an ideal storage solution for a high-contrast kitchen, and are made from real solid oak.

Choose White Sparkle Kitchen worktops in a pastel kitchen.

Consider White Sparkle kitchen worktops alongside pastel greens or greys for a calming colour combination.

White Sparkle worktops add a modern twist to pastel kitchen designs.

White sparkle worktops feature metallic flakes that reflect a subtle spectrum of colours that brightens any kitchen.

Combine white gloss metro tiles alongside our White Sparkle kitchen worktops.

Metro tiles are a very popular finishing touch. Consider white metro tiles alongside White Sparkle kitchen worktops in a pastel kitchen.

Want to get more inspiration for using White Sparkle kitchen worktops in your home improvements? Take a look at our laminate worktops gallery. Alternatively, visit one of the Worktop Express showrooms to see these worktops – and much more besides – for yourself.

Jun 22, 2017

Children with Pawpaws at Butale Mixed Primary School

We work hard to ensure the materials we use are sustainably and responsibly sourced, as it is important to us to minimise our environmental footprint. As part of our commitment, Worktop Express supports the International Tree Foundation and have provided funding for a number of projects throughout the UK and Africa over the last few years. We recently posted updates for COMAID and VEFO projects, and this month we will be looking at how the support we have provided is being used in the Masaka District of South West Uganda.

This project started with ITF and the Masaka District Landcare Chapter (MADLACC) in August 2016, and involves 500 families, two primary schools and a farming group, ensuring that a large number of people in the local community will be positively impacted. The key aims of the MADLACC project are:

  • Increase farmers’ income from agroforestry practices
  • Increase the productivity of farmlands
  • Empower communities and teach the people in them how to plant trees

These aims will be achieved though the plan to plant 25,500 trees.

A local farmer with avocado and coffee

The ‘Landcare’ approach is an international movement started in Australia and focuses on combining production and conservation with local planning and ownership, so that all within the communities can benefit from their efforts. Education plays an important part in this, as it has allowed farmers to adopt agroforestry practices, which previously would not have been widely known in the local area. By planting fodder and fruit trees alongside crops, they have been able to develop ‘multi-storey’ farming which increases the surface mulch to improve soil quality, as well as the health of dairy cows and goats.

ITF have been working alongside MADLACC since 2014 and are pleased to report that

during a visit in April 2016 positive improvements were already seen to have been made in terms of engaging and empowering local people.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with the progress of the projects we are supporting in communities within the UK and Africa.

Feb 24, 2017

Over the last few years some of Britain’s most famous trees have been crowned ‘Tree of the Year’ following a public vote run by the Woodland Trust.

This year, a particularly well-documented tree in Northumberland won this prestigious accolade by securing over 2,500 votes (nearly 12,000 were cast in total): the Sycamore Gap tree. The tree sits in a dip created many thousands of years ago by meltwater flowing beneath an ice age glacier, and can be found on the southern side of Hadrian’s Wall.

The Sycamore Gap tree is regularly photographed by passing hikers along the Hadrian’s Wall Path, and is also occasionally referred to as the “Robin Hood” tree, following its appearance in Kevin Costner’s 1991 film, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

The Sycamore Gap tree is England’s entry for the European Tree of the Year 2017

Credit: John Millar/National Trust

After winning the UK ‘Tree of the Year’ competition, it has now become England’s candidate in the European competition which highlights the tree’s history and connection to the local community. The Woodland Trust is hoping that the Sycamore Gap tree fares better than previous entries, which have failed to impress when measured against their European counterparts.

Voting for the ‘Tree of the Year 2017’ is open until the 28th February, with the award ceremony taking place in Brussels on the 21st of March. To give the Sycamore Gap tree a chance of winning, head over to and select it alongside another of your favourites on the shortlist.

Whilst we may be known as specialists in kitchen worktops, we are keen supporters of trees, too; indeed, we use only the finest, sustainably-sourced European timbers for our products, and are also proud to fund replanting programmes in both the UK and Africa in conjunction with the International Tree Foundation. You can find out more about our commitment to the environment on our Environment Policy page.

Nov 22, 2013

It’s always great when customers let us know how our worktops are making a difference to their homes. We were delighted to hear from customer Dave Wring just this week; not only is Mr Wring very pleased with his worktops, but also his newly refurbished property is due to appear in ‘Selfbuild & Design’ (a magazine containing advice for those hoping to build their dream homes).

In June this year, we supplied two worktops for Mr Wring who was in the middle of an ambitious redevelopment project. The family own a 200-year old cowshed which was formerly used to hold the largest dairy herd in St Columb until 1950. After a string of unreliable tenants, they decided to convert it into their dream home. The build took over 7 years to complete and makes a brilliant article for the magazine. Due to appear in January’s edition, we’ve had a sneak preview and think our solid counters complemented the overall design scheme beautifully. The project was a risky move, but it certainly paid off.

The Cowshed interior design

The Wring’s choice of oak worktops was ideal: oak’s strong grain pattern and natural features add character, making them a perfect fit in their traditional kitchen. The timber was not only used for countertops, but created a stunning, rustic dining table too, which takes centre stage in the open plan living room/kitchen – a truly atmospheric place to dine.

Hearing from the Wring family really made our day, and we were also very impressed with their worktop choice – oak was a perfect fit within the refurbished house, which has bags of character! We will soon be updating our customer reviews page with personal testimonials from customers like Mr Wring, so if you’ve recently purchased anything from us please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d be thrilled to receive your feedback.

Jul 18, 2011

Ideal Home Feature

Our solid prime oak worktops were chosen to feature in the August 2011 edition of Ideal Home magazine. Lucy and Simon Mutch used our solid prime oak worktops to compliment the look they wanted for their new kitchen – a pretty, coastal style kitchen.

“Soft blue hand glazed tiles give the kitchen its coastal colour theme, while the warm-toned oak worktop complements them perfectly.”

View the full article on our Press & media page.

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